From Norse myth.
Wields his spear, Gungir.
Background info: The chief of the gods, Odin is the most powerful of the lot. He rules Asgard with a mighty fist.

Sleipnir - Sends a sharp stab through his spear, giving 10 damage.
Asgard’s Arm - Turns his right arm into gold, blocking all attacks on it.
The Raven King - Sends out his two ravens as suicide bombs, which deal 20 damage when hitting opponent.
All Father Odin - Taps the spear twice, sending a shockwave that deals 50 damage.

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Number 2:

Michel De Nostradamus, the Prophet of Things To Come.
From 16th century France.
Wields a staff as his Volund, (the Staff of Lazarus)
Background info: Born a peasant in the region of Provence, people saw gift in Michel. They saw that Michel De Nostradamus was different, in a sense that his aura was stranger than others. When a group of older kids tried to beat up scrawny Michel, Nostradamus was able to overpower all of them.
Michel later went on to college in Avignon and got married. For his honeymoon, Michel and his newlywed went to the Italian city states. In Italy, Michel De Nostradamus learned something, the hard way. He was beaten up by a bandit gang in Florence, and left for dead on the street. When waking up, he noticed something different: he could see the future.
Michel De Nostradamus was immediately sent to Paris, where he would be in the court of Catherine De Medici for the rest of his life, forseeing the outcomes of many events, some he wish he could prevent.

Les Prophecies - Can redirect moves using his staff.
Midnight Bells of Notre Dame - sends out 2 loud bell noises (which transform into waves - dealing 10 damage when hitting an opponent)
Keys of Avignon - Sends out a beam of light, which deals 15 damage when an opponent is hit.
Thy Kingdom Come - Turns the end of the staff into a blade. When the blade hits an opponent, the enemy deals 25 damage.
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I might change Michel and do either a scientist, musician, poet, or warrior instead. I don’t know though.
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Prologue #1 - The Council Of The Gods:
A large silence hit the audience as Odin lowered the gavel. A quiet murmur from Tonatiuh, the Aztec god of the sun, slowly questioned, “So it has begun…Ragnarok?”
Odin, having released his fingers from the gavel, calmly opened his lips. “The council has decided the fate of humanity - death.” Thoth, the Egyptian moon god nodded his head. Shango the Orisha calmly sat back. Hades, the Greek underworld god, was alarmed.

“Hold on!” Odin turned around to see the leader of the Valkyries, Brunhilde. She was carrying a sword in her hand. “Humanity needs some gods to ally with them… that means that the Valkyries must support humanity in their ferocious battle against you all!” Odin, surprised by what Brunhilde had just said, replied “So be it. You Valkyries may try against us.”
Prologue #2 - Preparation:
Spoiler Tracks Of The End Times, Song #1. :

“Michel!” Brunhilde shouted as she saw the prophet slowly walk down a hall. “Yes? You called?” Nostradamus responded. “Well, we need you for the first round.” Michel was shocked. “Against Thoth? Sure. I am ready to fight for humanity. Besides, I know what it will look like, the short term and long term consequences of fighting in this round.” Brunhilde was excited. “So, you’re ready?” Nostradamus agreed, and pulled out his weapon: THE STAFF OF LAZARUS.

Thoth, the Egyptian moon god, had prepared his greatest spells for this moment. The one where he would fight for the gods in Ragnarok. The moon was scheduled to be a full moon this entire week, at least Thoth put it that way for Ragnarok. Of course! The great battle between the deities and humanity over the fate of the latter. “You ready?” asked Tonatiuh, the sun god, behind him. Thoth answered positively, and walked down an endless flight of stairs where he would exit and find the arena.

Michel De Nostradamus had (of course) kissed his wife on the cheek and left running towards the stage. The war was going to begin, of course. He must win. For Marie, of course. For Marie.

Brunhilde and her assistant, Goll, had entered the audience, which was shaped in a ring around the circular arena. The moon was fully up in the sky.

Odin had entered his seat alongside Hades and Shango, ready to watch the fight that was going to occur.

Ragnarok had begun.
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Turn 1 between Thoth and Michel De Nostradamus has begun.
Keys of Avignon.

Roll a D20 (20 sided dice)
Chapter I: The Two Mages

Heimdall, the Norse header and announcer of Ragnarok, had blown the Gjallerhorn. Heimdall then said, “For the representative of the gods, we have the god of the moon, the prophetic one — Thoth! And for the humans, a French seer greater than even St. John. His name? Nostradamus! Let the round begin!”

Nostradamus uses Keys of Avignon on Thoth, who is unable to dodge it. Thoth is hit by the beam of light, taking 15 damage. Michel decides on going again, but is unable to. “What kind of spell did you put on me?” Nostradamus asks. Thoth replies, “This spell is called Moon-Bow Of Amnesia. A really great work of mine, truly.” Nostradamus grins, then frowns.
How about 2/3. Recover is very op.
Actually recover just recover half of the life, but since you took less then half, just 15, that's the why it heals all life.

Ahhh Toth used again Amnesia, now it's special is 4x
Actually recover just recover half of the life, but since you took less then half, just 15, that's the why it heals all life.

Ahhh Toth used again Amnesia, now it's special is 4x
Roll a D20 to hit Nostradamus.
Actually recover just recover half of the life, but since you took less then half, just 15, that's the why it heals all life.

Ahhh Toth used again Amnesia, now it's special is 4x
As in 2/3 of damage dealt
I roll a d20 to hit Nostradamus with Psychic
Psychic have 90 of base power, X4 because I used amnesia 4 times, it goes to 360!!!!
Will Nostradamus survive?
Is it ok if I divide Psychic by 10? Seems really OP considering the other characters.

Also what did the dice roll to (what number is on top)
Is it ok if I divide Psychic by 10? Seems really OP considering the other characters.

Also what did the dice roll to (what number is on top)
Okay, if we divided it per 10, Psychic will have just 9 power.
X4 because amnesia it goes to 36.
Chapter II: The Mage Of Provence

Chapter II, Part 1: The Lion’s Lance
In 1559, King Henry II of France was murdered when jousting. Surprisingly, Nostradamus wrote something similar to Henry II at least a year before the event happened. Two blows in the chest? Happened. Younger lion overtaking the older lion? Happened. One thing to note about Michel De Nostradamus? He can see the future.
Chapter II, Part 2: The God Of The Moon
Michel De Nostradamus was shocked. “So I have to deal with this curse for my next four moves? Damn. You’re tough, Thoth. Nothing less from a mage!”
Thoth laughed. “Now, let me show you the strength of the Egyptian gods!” Thoth used his Psychic spell.
Nostradamus was shocked. Not even Les Prophecies could redirect this spell. Surely a wise one would have crafted it in the greatest cauldrons - one worthy of the description “god of the moon”.
Michel De Nostradamus was sent flying back (taking 36 damage). A voice in the audience shouted, ‘Michel! Don’t die!”
Chapter II, Part 3: The Mage Of Provence
“Hey, nerd!” A boy, looking about 17, with freckles on his face, shouted at Michel, who was not even 15. Michel was the smartest in the town he lived in, even at the scrawny age of 14. But that meant that young Nostradamus was alone. He had no friends, he would go to his house and only study.
Sometimes Nostradamus would look up at the stars and see the constellations. He could name half of them without a guide. At church, he knew everything to do, whether it be a Calvinist or Catholic Church. But never was he with someone.
The boy and his friends circled around Michel. “Try us! We beat you up last week, pipsqueak, and you came running, saying ‘I want a rematch!’ You were crying your little butt off.”
Michel got up, and knocked the bully back. He then pushed the others away. “Never talk to me that way again, you ignorant villains.”
“Hey! You better make sure of that, Michel!” a girl, a year older than the kid, shouted. She was exactly who Michel was looking for. Her name? Marie.
Chapter II, Part 4: Florence
Marie and Michel later studied together in Avignon and married 2 years after their studies ended. They decided on going to the Italian states for a honeymoon. Little did they know that the Italian states were…messy to say the least.
When in Florence, Michel and Marie were attacked by a gang. “Michel!” Marie said as Mr. Nostradamus fell off a bridge into the water. Marie escaped to the hotel, away from the gang, and decided on waiting for Michel De Nostradamus. Michel got up, and laid onto the street.
Visions plagued him.
He could see the future, of course, and when waking up, he knew exactly what would happen. He would find Marie, they would go to Paris, he would work for Catherine De Medici until his death, and sometime later on, he would fight in Ragnarök, the battle between men and gods.

He knew that for sure.

A voice cried, “Michel!”
Michel uses Midnight Bells of Notre Dame
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