Toth used again Psychic!
Now I guess Nostradamus feint!
Nostradamus is hit by Psychic, making him unconscious, although you do take 10 damage from being hit. Will you spare him or kill him?
Nostradamus is hit by Psychic, making him unconscious, although you do take 10 damage from being hit. Will you spare him or kill him?
Toth wrote down the name of Nostradamus in his book of death and put Nostradamus at the judgment of Maat father.
Will the beast Amit eat the Nostradamus heart?
Chapter III: Weighing of the Soul
Part I: Conference With Maat
The Underworld, before round 1. Thoth finds his wife Ma’at down in the underworld. He asks, “Ma’at, what is the chance that I may win?” Ma’at says, “I do not know. But if you call me, I shall answer.”
Part II: Awakening
Michel woke up to see Thoth 30 feet away. Michel shouted, “Go to hell, birdface!” and used Midnight Bells of Notre Dame. Marie cheered on for Michel as he had hit Thoth with a shockwave. Thoth dodged the next one and used Judgement of Ma’at. Suddenly, Michel fell to the floor. It was as if he had drowned before opening his eyes. Above him was Thoth, Anubis, and Ma’at, weighing his soul.
Part III: Weighing of the Soul
The scales were being weighed as Ammit joined the group. The large crocodile beast opened her mouth. Michel de Nostradamus prayed a bit. Thoth said, “That is all. We concur that Michel de Nostradamus will die.”
Michel did not look scared, but had a serene face, like the one of one sentenced to death. Ammit swallowed Nostradamus whole and ravenously. The crowd was shocked and upset. But one wasn’t.
That one person was…
Part IV: The Two Kinds of Punks
“Odamon, I tell you, Odamon! The so called ‘Demon King of the Sixth Heaven’! The punk!” Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess yelled at Hades, chief of the underworld. “I’ve fought that punk before and that freak is strong! You can’t fight them and win!” Hades asked, “What kind of punk, the kind that listens to The Clash, The Dead Kennedys, I mean those guys are cool. But the ones who actively rebel and give you the finger while riding their motorcycle during a rush hour, those punks are annoying. Which one is she?” “Both, I’m afraid.”
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Chapter IV: The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven
Spoiler Tracks of the End Times #2 :
Chapter IV, Part I: The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven
The waves rushed faster as Susanoo-no-Mikoto, Shinto god of the sea and storms, walked onto the beach of the island. On the beach was the fabled Odamon, Demon King of the Sixth Heaven. Susanoo drew out his sword, and Odamon drew out their Demonpowder Tanegashima. Susanoo used his move, Raging Tsunami, sending a wave of water at Odamon. The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven dodged, and used a move of theirs, blitzing Susanoo. “Who are you?” asked Susanoo, scared. It was not his brother Tsukoyomi nor his sister Amaterasu. It had to be that one. The Greatest Rebel.
Chapter IV, Part II: For Michel
Thoth walked out of the stadium as Ammit had finished her gluttonous behavior. Ma’at asked to Thoth, “Why are you crying?” Thoth answered, “Because, maybe we did something wrong.”
Brunhilde and Göll wept until someone laughed in the background. “I knew you’d be here, Odamon.” Odamon chuckled. “Sup, Brun. So, I’m fighting him. The “king of the underworld.” Ha! What a loser. I ain’t fighting him. Brunhilde glared. Odamon, scared, asked, “So, could you please stop glaring at me?” “Help us, you’re our only hope.” Brunhilde told Odamon.
Sobbing was heard in the hallway. Odamon rushed. “Alright, what is it?” The girl quietly said, “I am Marie de Nostradamus, Michel’s wife. My dear husband was murdered by the gods! Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, can you fight in the next round? For Michel? For humanity?” Odamon thought for a bit, then answered, “Alright. Fine.”
Chapter IV, Part III: Persephone
Persephone ran down the Valhalla hallways to Hades’ room, shocked. “You’re…fighting in the next round?” Hades nodded his head as he continued reading his book. Persephone jumped onto the bed as Hades contend reading on the armchair. “Just don’t die, okay? You’re the best husband I could have. Hades gave Persephone his book, and told her, “I love you, Perse. I promise that I’ll see you again.”
Hades left.
“And now, the fighters for Round 2!” The stage was set as if it was the fields of Asphodel. “For the gods is the King of the Underworld himself, Hades! And for the humans…Odamon!”
The two fighters drew out their weapons. Odamon got out the Demonpowder Tanegashima and pointed it at Hades.
“Time to die, you son of a b*tch!”
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I’ll be replacing Odin with either another chief god or a human
Chapter V: To Challenge the Heavens
Spoiler Tracks of the End Times #3 :

Chapter V, Part 1: Unity Through Force Of Arms
Hades answered them, “That’s not nice, friend. I might as well have to treat you with some punishment. Titanomachy: Spear of Iapetus, Titan of the West!” Hades jabbed at Odamon, who was struck in the shoulder. “Ow, you damn stupid freak! Marie, this is for you!” Odamon used Unity Through Force Of Arms at Hades. That was the moment when the King of the Underworld felt true fear.
Chapter V, Part 2: The Army of the Shadows
Hades was shocked to see this array of figures, ghastly figures. All these souls from Tartarus were ready to attack him. Hades cut through them, but the army seemed to grow. At times did he feel blood coming out. “Quit it, Odamon!” Hades attacked the amassing army, but there was no sight of Odamon. They had joined the fighters.
A gunshot rang through. Odamon’s army had vanished, and the 1v1 had truly begun.
Chapter V, Part 3: To Challenge the Heavens
Hades asked, “Odamon, what is that weapon you have?” Odamon answered, ”The Demonpowder Tanegashima.” Hades was frightened. “It…can’t be! The weapon that could kill a god!” Odamon nodded their head. “Indeed. You know, supposedly it was crafted by ancient spirits who knew this would happen. And with this weapon, I will win my victory against the gods!”
Japan, some time ago.
Odamon was born through wedlock, through the sins of a local priest with a brothel maiden, who had thrown them onto the streets. Odamon was called ‘weak, useless, trash’ by society. “Help?” They echoed around desolate alleys in the moonless night. But then one night, there was no need for a “help”. As the flame, the flame of revenge and rebellion, rebellion against the gods, had sparked.
Replacing Odin is…
Marie Curie!
From 19th century Poland/France
Uses the Half-Life Gloves (give double the strength to powers, but sets a timer for the body once Marie Curie puts them on)
Marie Curie always loved science. She wanted to progress humanity forward, but no school in Poland would let her in. So, she stole books from the library. She set up experiments in her backyard. Finally, when she was older, she told everyone she was going to school whether they would like it or not.
So, she led humanity forward, discovering new elements. But sadly, she died due to the radiation that she found.

Polonium: The Instability of the Earth - Sends out a strike composing of polonium which does 15 damage.
Radon: Light of the Angel of Death - Sends out an attack composing of radon which does 20 damage.
Uranium: The Dragon’s Tail - Sends out a whip composing of uranium that does 35 damage.
Half-Life: Nuclear Chain - Sets the timer to 2 minutes left as she releases a barrage of attacks.
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Chapter VI: To Destroy The Gods
Spoiler Tracks of the End Times #4 :

Chapter VI, Part 1: To Destroy The Gods
“Why would we want to make a pact with you?” said the ancient spirits, “The Demonpowder Tanegashima is not a toy, Odamon.” They responded with, “To destroy the gods.” Odamon made a pact with the spirits, and went down to the village. They were 15 at that time. “Today, you all will be free!” Her gun echoed through the air.
An oni, a fabled demon, had entered the town Odamon was in. A gunshot was its answer. The oni was turned to dust, by Odamon. They had won, and they were going to create an army to destroy the gods. A shrine still stands on the mountain overlooking that village, to the hero who would defy the gods.
Chapter VI, Part 2: Bayonet and Bident
Hades retrieved his bident, and went for the stab, Odamon shot at Hades, who was knocked back by the shot. Hades took more shots, this time nullifying them through Asphodel: Lull. Hades went in again, and the two dueled, bayonet against spear. The Governor of the Underworld looked back, and saw the arena change into the village Odamon was from.
Hemidall shouted, “The village, it’s… changing!”
Chapter VI, Part 3: For The Meek!
Hades knew that if a human wanted to, they could change the setting of the fight. Hades looked at Persephone, shivering, and then at Odamon. They were grinning with a passion as strong as the raging storm. Hades calmly asked, “What is it you are fighting for?” Odamon chuckled. “Hey dipsh*t! It’s for the people I protect the most.” They looked at Marie de Nostradamus, then Brunhilde and Göll. “It is for the meek!”
“Impossible, they are going for the kill! To fight and beat Hades! Odamon can’t do that.” Tonatiuh, Aztec sun god, laughed in the booth designated for the god fighters. “Calm down”, answered a voice in the back. It was Shango, chief Orisha. “Odamon may try, but they can’t face the Most Feared God.”
Chapter VI, Part 4: The Disco
The Heavens, some time ago.
Hades grabbed a beer at the disco. It was one of the few times he’d go up to Asgard, the times where he was off from staying in the Underworld, before what happened to Zeus and Poseidon. He was the oldest brother, and a good brother he was. And then, he saw her. A girl who he knew was the match. Her name was Persephone.
Chapter VII - I

Spoiler Tracks of the End Times #5 :

Hades went up to Persephone, a bit nervous. “Hey, I’m Hades.” The goddess looked at him. “Alright, Hades, what are you going to do? Oh, you’re probably one of those guys.” “Those guys? As in my brothers? Those jocky weirdos can go do whatever. I’m more of a relaxed person.” Persephone asked, “So…you’re…Hades?” Hades laughed. “Indeed.” Persephone giggled. “Why would I go with such an emo guy? Oh whatever! I’ll just try it out.”
The two went down to the Underworld. “You live here?” Persephone questioned Hades. “Yeah, it’s not that bad.” Suddenly, a breach occured. Hades grabbed his bident and went down to Tartarus as fast as he could.
Some of the beasts locked in Tartarus had escaped. Hades pulled out his bident. “It’s time I end you all!” Hades slashed down at the beasts, and butchered them. Persephone watched as the Governor of the Underworld showed his true power. There was one beast left, a small puppy with three heads. Hades lowered his bident onto the puppy’s head, but then…
“Don’t!” Persephone shouted. “We can keep the puppy, as a pet!” Hades looked at her. “Well, you’re staying here then?” Persephone agreed. Hades smiled. “Alright! I can’t wait to have two more people with me.”
The town was dirty and abandoned. Odamon was ready to fight. Hades grinned. “Judgement of Tartarus!
Odamon remembered their youth. They felt the Judgement of Tartarus glaring down at them from out of their past. But when they looked up, all they saw was the clattering paper lanterns of Market Street - their home, when they were very young.

Their feet were moving, bare. The cold stone slapped against their heels rhythmically, one after the other, the pace quick but unsteady. "Stop!" A chorus of voices, general commotion, followed them. Chaos lingered in their wake. Panting, they turned and stared down the dark alley they had escaped down. Nobody there. Looking down, they regarded the battered and misshapen leaf parcel they were holding, had clutched tight close to their chest. Inside, three fresh hot dumplings. Score.

Odamon scurried into a corner, only rats and spiders as company. Neither broached their personal space. They said no prayer, grabbed the dumplings two at a time, and bit into one ferociously.

A yelp. Just around the corner, down this alley. Odamon froze, still as a statue. They bolted up and fixed their eyes on the corner where it came from. The light was dim, lit only by distant lanterns. Slowly, silently, Odamon crept forward and craned their neck around the corner.

A young boy, and a younger girl - his sister, maybe. A tall, brusque-looking man in an apron. "See if I catch you stealing my noodles again!" he barked. The two children cowered.

The man left, leaving the children sniveling in the dark. Odamon realized they, too, were hungry and probably sick. A sinking feeling settled in their stomach. Slowly they emerged from the darkness and extended the satchel to the two. They jumped, startled by Odamon's sudden appearance - this was apparent. But Odamon insisted. Slowly, the elder boy crept forward and accepted the satchel suddenly, taking it back to his sister. The two's eyes grew wide and they looked up to thank Odamon.

But Odamon was already gone.


Judgment of Tartarus.

Odamon's reaction was instantaneous. "Three Thousand Weapons!"
The next thing Hades felt was blood, blood rushing down him. What? Odamon also asked the same question. Their side had been damaged after the attack Hades sent. The two spurted out blood.“You…you can’t do this. As the last of the Brothers of Olympus, I will avenge my brothers, no matter the cost!” Hades yelled. “You, all of you! You gods keep on oppressing us. The arrogant glares in your eyes, the hate, the spite. Hades, I’ll make you know this. HUMANITY WILL NEVER DIE!” The two yelled, coughing out blood. Hades transformed the blood from the attack to the Serapis Bident, turning it on Desmos mode, and took off his eye cover. Odamon reloaded each gun in an instant, ready for the next attack. The fight wasn’t going to end yet.
(End Chapter 7/Chapter 8)
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