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Feb 22, 2006
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"Wake up carmen510... Civ4 has you..."

"HEY! I said wake up!"

"Wha? Who're you?"

"I'm the Messenger from Firaxis, the great spirit Sid Meier!"

"Yeah... So..."

"I have a quest for you!"

"Ummm... Okay... What is it?"

"You must play Civ4, with these variant rules!"

"From Sid Meier,

Welcome player! We have been monitoring you, and have seen your extremely n00bish ways on both Civ3 and Civ4, you have lost over 10 games on Chieftain, and 3 games on Settler, out of the 17 and 7 games respectively. We have a quest, to test your overall n00bishness. You must found at least one religion, and spread it to all civilizations, and spread it to each landmass you find. Lucky for you, you will play on Pangaea, but remember islands do exist on this map. You must also destroy any civilization who accepts Free Religion. You may not form any Permanent Alliances. You may only trade, have Open Borders, and have Defensive Pacts with those of your religion. Once they have changed their religion, you must cancel all deals immediately. I will be benevolent and allow you to switch religions, once per age. Once you advance in an age however, you will lose the chance for changing religion from the previous age. You are allowed to win on the victory condition you want. Finally, you must spread your religion to all your cities. You may not choose any leaders with Spiritual traits. Good luck"

"What kind of stupid quest is that? I'm athiest!"

"Ah, but then you will not be able to tell an interesting story of your Civ4 exploits!"

"That's true. I'll take on your quest."

"Good. And now, I must think up of ideas for Civ5 and Civ: Revolution. Farewell."

NOTE: No pics, will be in Pax Romana style.
Game Settings:

Settler, because I'm very n00bish.
Civ: France
Leader: Louis XIV

"What do you see Warriors?"

"Ah! Settlers! We thought we lost you. Well, we got this small lake, and zis forest. We'll go to that hill to the northwest"

"Louis, where should we settle?"

"Why, right 'ere! I see some nice plants to harvest, and I see whitish rocks to our southwest. That could be used for lots of good!"

"Yes, yes, I suppose so. Alright settlers! Let's build zis city!"

"We shall name this city, Paris."

And so, the beginning of the French Empire begins...
Is it really on Settler? If it is, why bother to write the story, there's no difficulty in that.

To Eikka: The difficulty is different to each player. I play on warlords, and yet you can't say that I would be better off moving to prince because its too easy to win on warlords. It may be more difficult, but it would drive me away from civ IV. Also, if there's no difficulty on settler, why did sid meier create it?

To Carmen510: Good story. Go for the oracle seeing as you're going the religious way anyway and you have marble (is that correct? That's what the whitish rocks are, right?), industrious and forests. Great Library is also another good possibility.
That's OK, I've only just started Warlord myself.
if there's no difficulty on settler, why did sid meier create it?

For testing strategys, OR for the players, who are NEW to the CIVILIZATION (IV).
But if he's played 17 games, i think he should try Noble, if it not going well, take one step backward. (lower difficulty.)

you have lost over 10 games on Chieftain, and 3 games on Settler, out of the 17

Err... ok, tell HOW did you lose those games, or did you just quit when you got city captured etc?
Go easy on him... Not everyone is a good planner or strategic thinker and playing Civ IV is a good way to develop those skills, at least a little bit.
Eikka-- please, if you can't be bothered to read it then go away. Carmen510 already explained it 3 times.
So I'm guessing with your playing style you should wonderspam but train a decent army. The AI isn't aggressive on lower difficulty unless you're below them in power and close, so going for the lead in the tech race to help secure wonders is a good idea. The Great library is IMHO a good one to get techs, and if you can't get anything else you should at least be able to get Philosophy/DR first with the GL.
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