RESORYE 18 nations tiny world


Prime Swatter
Dec 29, 2003
18 nations 18 island and lots of pirates
There are pirates all over the map (suggested preferences turn off animate enemy movements) which won´t let you travel safe to other islands before they´re extinct.
You got only one small island which can take only two cities.

Works only in [ptw]

Note: Anyone makes this for [civ3] or [c3c] :thanx:


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This is a scenario, not a modpack. Therefore it belongs under Scenarios forum, not Completed Modpacks.
No a modpack, usally contains new graphics can be played as a Random Map, and has rule changes. A scenario usally has rule changes and a set map, and if no rule changes have been made, but a new map, it goes in completed maps... Most of the time anyways...Sometimes it crosses into multiple feilds
well Ive aleready said it but I made a mistake I thougth... ahh it stands on my first reply
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