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Rise of Rome - request


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Oct 21, 2005
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So.. we have the glorious RFRE.. its probably known to all CFC members. The reason I started this thread is cos I have a small problem - I can go and eat my dinner, and the PC still hasn`t finished its turn.. Why is the thread titled only the "Rise of Rome"?

Well, I kinda like my Rome and don`t want it to fall ;) The RoR is the the only original Conquests scenario that I really really liked (I`m not even that good at it.). Then I found this little gem just the other day:


Its a simple, quick and fun scenario with an, IMHO, awesome inovation. - cities are actually regions, i.e Panonia with a small wonder representing the city called Sisak (should be Siscia tho, Sisak is the modern name). Every city/region has this small wonder to prevent razing (which is really great, by the time I reach Asia Minor in original RoR, its all razed...). The scenario adds more then a few civs too, and units cost population (perfectly reasonable).

I have a few issues with it tho, since you guys spoiled me with all your great work ;) It has no eye-candy whatsoever, it has a messed up tech tree, and its to fast (smaller map), I`ve finished it in less then 3 hours.

This thread is a mere suggestion for some of you who don`t have anything better on your hands - Why not make an improved, all out, polished, CFC, smackin`, bling version of Rise of Rome? I was really looking forward to that Gaul Conquests scen thingy John Deer & co. were working on, but it died. Plotinus was it?, started that Brittish vs. Rome scen but it died (I think? :blush:).. Perhaps we should wait for AD to be fully finished so a scen could be made with the mod as a basis, like ed & yoda are doing with MEM (wonderfull job, guys!).? I want you to add some comments to this post, as uncle Cam Sam would say it..
It might not be an original, but definetly great idea you have there Stormage.

I won't help you much, but I can atleast give some structural advice. Since I've been modding civ for ten years and been active in this community the last half of them, I feel somewhat like a grumpy veteran. (;))

If you want to see a project with such a great scale complete then you need some leadership. A dedicated leader is twenty times more effective than a direct democracy. It's always good to have people giving advice, but too many minds makes the mod go banana.

Pointline, do it yourself, or hope that someone who is a workaholic (read ED) takes up your request. Sadly the last rarely happens. :)
The region idea reminds me of a classic game I played on the Amiga - Centurion: Defender of Rome.

But, I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for. You say you like this idea but not the quick game but surely it is going to be quick on a small map?!? But we could look at other ways of spinning the game out for longer by making city capture more difficult.

Or would you suggest using the Conquest's map with the same idea of regions and lots of empty space between cities?

The latter idea might work since you'd have to march your legions a long way (many turns) with the opportunity for the AI to attack you along the way. Might make roads more important too and it might also give the feeling of controlling a overstretched empire where legions will take many turns to get back to Rome.
I doesn`t have to be a small map if the Regions system is possible on a, say, standard map. But I fear it would be to few cities? :hmm: I have a question for those who know their stuff. - did those regions have sub-regions, and if so, did they use the name of the sub-region`s capital, or something else? Take the Illyria civ for example. In the scenario I played, its consisted of two "cities/regions", Panonia and Dalmatia, with small wonders Siscia and Spalato (I think) - the Roman colonies, todays cities of Sisak and Split. Did they have sub-regions of Dalmatia or did they just call the whole of it Dalmatia with city/colony names to pinpoint some exact location? Like today we have Istria, Northern, Central and Southern Dalmatia, the Dubrovnik Region, the Montenegrian Coast etc.

AFAIK all cities are connected by a road in the scenario, and you can`t build settlers (you can build citizens to join other cities, but no to settle new ones).
Hi Stormy,

What about other exisiting scenario, including the one from the_monarch (Wars of the Mediterranean)?

If you still want to really develop your own scenario, do some digging for maps in Google. Roman provinces as organized in the late republic are usually small enough to stand one city/1 province on a average sized map in Civ. Of course some provinces (italia, aegyptus, etc) deserve further division. There were sub-divisions (see map attached) you could use.

Good luck with the modding!
Wow.. that map is a bit overwhelming.. :D

I remember the Wars of the Med., there were some freakish resources that turned me down from it, before I knew how to change them. I kinda forgot about it later. But I really think this scen should use Anno Domini as the engine, cos it covers all that stuff in it :) I`m having my WH frenzy again, but when it releases its grip a bit I`ll play some AD again :)

Thanks, pink.

(To those who subscribed and are being notified by e-mail - I kinda thought I was talking to Rob, we see Pink so rarely out of the Mods section ;), its edited now)
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