Rise of the Machines


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Nov 29, 2005
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All civs random, Standard/Balanced map on Epic speed.
Here are the rules:
Conquest victory condition only.
Tactless, but can approve or deny AI initiated trades/diplo and can declare/coerce war, but we can not ask for peace.
Only human units allowed to be built are workers and settlers (slaves), the rest must be whipped.
No religion, if it spreads we'll view it as our human slaves praying for freedom.
Any order once issued CAN NOT be changed, machines are precise and make absolute decisions.
No Barbs, don't want to make this impossible.
MM is handled by the Governators at all times.

Open to any other suggestions. We will be fighting with only mechanized units, so the early years will be restricted to catapults and cannons. I consider any unit that is a machine, i.e. Tanks, MAs, Fighters, etc. to be mechanized and therefore usable.

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The techs that we ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE to start off with... <crosses fingers> Hopefully we get a civ that starts with mining, then to Bronze Working (for slavery) > Masonry > Mathematics > Construction.
Hmm, sounds too weird to work. :D Sign me up.

BTW, if the only units we are building in the early game are catapults, we could probably still do some damage with insane numbers of them.

Also, I would suggest that we *can* build 'human' units, but the only way we can do it is by whipping the population (so, only force rush or draft), as we could then view it as making our slaves do our bidding.

Finally, I am not sure about diplomacy here... Can we declare war on our own, or only go to war when war is declared upon us? (Though I imagine there will be no shortage of that in the early ages, when we are severely limited in military.)

Also, maybe for our purposes we should be allowed to offer only one type of diplo proposal: x declare war on y?

Just some suggestions. :) This sounds like it could be a game of great fun. :cool:
I thought about the whipping idea as well and am down with it if everyone else is. As far as diplo is concerned I'd say war is the only thing we can open it for, all forms. We can still accept and decline trades with the AI but not initiate, change or renegotiate them.

lurker comment:

i dont think this is doable on a level higher than chieftain (maybe even settler; i dont know since i've never played any games below noble). at the end of the game, your military could be sufficient to get a conquest victory. however, managing to survive with mere catapults is really not realistic. especially when you intend to ignore religion as a potential bargaining chip with other civs.
I'd say if we can whip-rush units, we can probably pull it off on Noble. (Without taking the extra allowed swordsman. Because if we take the swordsman as allowed, that pretty much makes ancient times easy warfare, I think...)

Sounds interesting. Would boats be allowed? If so, a map with lots of water could would be completely doable - could at least defend routes to your cities. Also, thoughts on using the unit that "Machinery" provides - crossbowman. Finally, how to use great people? Any ideas about creating rules on that?

I'd be interested in playing something like this, but I have to wait for a replacement laptop to show up (likely late this week), if you'd let me join.
Any human unit can be built provided it's whipped, you can not build a human unit without whipping.

I think we can do this on Noble, but not easily, but thats kind of the point.

So to clarify, here are the revised rules:

Conquest victory condition only.
Can contact AI for war only, we can accept or decline AI initiated diplo, not change or renegotiate.
All human units must be whipped.
No religion, if it spreads we'll view it as our human slaves praying for freedom.
Any order once issued CAN NOT be changed, machines are precise and make absolute decisions.
No Barbs, don't want to make this impossible.
MM is handled by the Governators at all times.

This is still open to comment... so far we have 3 people on board. Looks like noble difficulty, still no choice on the Civ though I'm thinking Rome, the early powerful UU can come in handy since we can only whip human units. We might want to consider an aggressive civ however due to the sheer number of catapults and cannons we will be building.

EDIT: GP can be used the same as any other game, they are still slaves afterall.

Hamtastic (pending new laptop)

Seems like we should pick a leader who has a trait we can build something off of right away. If I understand correctly, we can't build anything but buildings (no units) until we implement slavery. Also, we'll have to do strange things like only use chops for wonders so we don't end up accidentally needing to build units when we have no population. Seems tricky. (As you can see, I'm more worried about not having to break our own rules of not regular-building units than about getting stomped by AI).
I was thinking Kublia Kahn or whatever his name is, he is agg/cre. We could use the additional culture bonuses as I don't think we'll be building many cities ourselves. Aggressive speaks for itself, we'll be building essentially nothing but suicide cats for a long time, and we are going to needs hundreds and hundreds of them. We can build settlers and workers, but will have to whip any defensive units for the cities, which will be tricky. This will be pretty much constant war for us so we'll really need to beeline for construction and metal casting so we can build cats and workshops.

This is going to be tough but I think we're gonna have a blast. It seems that we are the only ones interested in this so we need to decide on the map and leader pretty quick to get this game rolling. We'll use standard 24hrs to get it and then 48hrs to play.

Let me know what you think.

lurker's comment: Agg only benefits melee (warrior, axe, sword, mace, spear, pike, and maybe a few others) and gunpowder (musket, rifle, grenadier, infantry, SAM, mech. infantry) units, so it's probably NOT a good choice for you machines.

Good luck with the game,
Err umm... oops, forgot about that little detail. It could still be useful however because we are still going to be whipping melee and gunpowder units from time to time. Organized could come in handy as well, lower maint.

For globe settings I was thinking large with standard AI... Balanced, we'll need all the help with resources we can get.

I favor Louis XIV - creative and industrious. We'll probably be building more buildings and wonders than the average civ, so we might as well pick a trait that maximizes that. I agree that creative is a good idea, and I like industrious. Another good option could be expansive, although if we're going to be whipping for units we may not need a health bonus so much. Aggressive could be ok - although we probably won't have lots of units.. Still we may want the ones we have to be buff...

Laptop still probably won't be here till Friday or Saturday - maybe later.
HA! Ironically, I just wiped Louis out last night in a solo game I'm playing. To be honest I can adapt to any leader trait but I agree that creative and industrious are a good combo for this as well. We could really add a challenge and go all random and see what happens.

:scan: Motherland founded in the year of the Machines BC 4000 - Initializing...

Systems check - Complete

Slave report:
Species - Human
Race - Indians - Ind/Spi | Leader: Ghandi
Initializing slaves - Complete

Inital recon - Loading....

Status report:

BC 4000 - Human city Dehli created, constructing Barracks. Warrior slaves sent to discover foreign lands.

BC 3960 - Begin reaserching Masonry, Governators set to research.

BC 3920 - Warrior slaves discover small outpost of humans, Masonry is beaten out of their wisemen. Transfer reasearch to Bronze Working for better implementation of slave motivation.:whipped:

BC 3880 - 3200 - Nothing to report, warrior slaves continue to explore Earth.

RotM Save

End report - awaiting further instructions.

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