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ROW BETA v1.15 Update Posted

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Jun 2, 2003
German, French, Italian, & Spanish BETA 1.15 Update
This will update your version of Conquests to match the English v1.15 that was posted last week.

These files will be moving to the Firaxis FTP site on Wednesday the 21st.

An official-nonBeta patch isn't going to be released until the end of February.

File Locations:

NOTE: Thank you Thunderfall@ Civfanatics for temporarily hosting the files!

Thank you for your patience,

Jesse Smith
Producer, Firaxis Games
Thanks for these updates, Tavis / Jesse.

To a moderator / Thunderfall: instead of adding another sticky message to this forum, perhaps the contents of this message can be merged in with the 1.15 beta announcement already stickied?
Or just close this thread and make it sticky, so that Tavis initial posting (btw, thanks to Tavis and thanks to Thunderfall!) will be easily found.
Moderator Action: Stickied temporarily. I copied the first post into the 1.15 BETA thread, but I'll keep this one up for a few days so everyone can see it. In the meanwhile, you can post here
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