Saints and Sinners Mini-Expansion


Jan 15, 2007

NOTE: Unfortunately, this project has been cancelled. The current version is built for Civ BTS v3.13. Saints and Sinners DOES NOT function with BTS v3.17, and iwll crash the game.

Some people have asked for the source code for SNS. I will be posting that in the next few days, and a link will be provided here.

Thanks to everyone who play tested SNS.


Jan 15, 2007
Known Issues

Thanks to everyone who is trying out the Alpha version of Saints and Sinners. Below is a list of confirmed bugs and issues.

Fixes and Upgrades in Latest Patch
  • Increasing Stash slider now correctly decrements Gold
  • Spreading a secret society now immediately updates the city info billboard
  • Blaming a civic correctly updates maintenance costs
  • 'No Negative Leader Traits' option correctly turns off special buildings associated with a vice
  • Fixes to prevent crashing for players without shader support (waiting on confirmation of fix)
  • Amount of free food granted by Expansive trait reduced
  • Added +25% copycat research bonus to Resourceful Virtue. Also increased number of free units for a newly discovered from 1 to 2.
  • Pedia text for Bonuses, Leaders, Buildings
  • Game now notifies you when a building goes obsolete
  • Added Monastery as a cheap building for Philosophical
  • Added Cathedral as a cheap building for Creative
  • New logo and splash screen

Bugs / Broken Stuff
  • Fatalistic trait triggers panic in wrong years on Marathon speed
  • Zealous leaders can fulfill Missionary requirement with missionaries of any religion, not just state religion
  • Blaming a civic on the Civics screen when no previous civic was blamed doesn't trigger the Revolution button until you roll over another button
  • Font missing characters for Fast Food, Plating, Cola, DNA, and Nanofibers resources

Typos and Missing Text
  • Executive of Equitax called 'Standard Ethanol' executive instead of Equitax Lawyer (sorry, missed this one AGAIN :p)
  • Missing pedia and advise entries for corporations
  • Espionage mission claims to lower cost of stealing techs, but actually lowers research in the targeted city instead
  • Espionage mission claims to increase inflation, but actually increases city maintenance
  • Some leaders missing diplomacy text

Possible Future Improvements
  • Add more info about why a espionage mission is unavailable
  • Add ability to stop blaming a civic
  • Show Blamed Civics on Active Civics screen
  • Better explanation of when spy will flee after a mission
  • Divine and Corporate secret societies should shut off flow of money

Future AI Fixes
  • Teach AI to pursue Espionage victory
  • Teach Zealous AIs to properly use missionaries
  • Teach AIs to blame civics


Jan 15, 2007
Mod Features

Spoiler :
Vices are negative leader traits. Part of the challenge of Saints and Sinners is overcoming your leader's Vices, and exploiting those of your rivals.

Excuse me? Did you say something? I didn't think so. Your attitude has alienated you from the rest of the world, resulting in -50% political influence and -1 commerce per trade route. Not only are you vulnerable to the UN and the Apostolic Palace, rivals can use the Blamed Civic feature to drive up your maintenance costs.

Your idea of empathy is free salt to go with those wounds. Invading a city leaves a trail of messy bodies behind. Where better to put them than in a Mass Grave (-2 Production, -1 Happiness)? Luckily, you can build Atrocity Museums to rewrite history with yourself as the victim of those vicious currs. Also, your populace never celebrates your rule with a 'We Love the King' day.

Why just one gold mine when you can have two? It takes 2 copies of any luxury resource for your greed to be satisfied. More than any other civilization this leaves you vulnerable to opportunistic pillaging and trade embargos designed to cut off your supply of fine goods.

The sky is falling down! Your belief in everything paranormal leads your people to panic in 1 AD, 1000 AD, and 2000 AD. You also lose your cool if one of your cities falls to the enemy, or a nuclear strike lands on your head. Rival civilizations can exploit these weaknesses to great effect, so watch out when the nukes start flying!

The best things in life are edible. Your uncontrolled eating depletes all cities of 1 food, taxing your start-up cities to find a good source of sustenance nearby or face starvation. Also, your flabby workers can only run half as far as your rivals.

For freedom! Or something. You've maintained power by promising to punish your rivals. Now your population requires you to make demands or go to war to avoid masses of unhappy mobs. You must also appease the populace by maintaining 1 military unit in a city for every 4 population points there.

Most people wouldn't walk into a hail of gunfire just to prove a point. But then, most people are not you. Anytime you are attacked by a unit with limited damage capacity your units take an extra 10% max damage before bothering to retreat. Be very wary of bombers and siege units, because they are coming after YOU!

Whoever said Idealism was a virtue wasn't a politician. Your moral reservations--whether real or feigned--prevent you from selecting any civic below tier 2 (though you are strangely willing to hold onto early civics until your grand ideas come to fruition.) In addition, you are unable to raze cities.

Lead me not into temptation, unless of course you're hot. Your libidinous nature has led Hedonism to become rampant throughout your empire. It prevents religion from flowing naturally into your borders and results in -2 Espionage, -1 Gold per city. It also makes your rivals that much less likely to want to share Open Borders with you, as your lechery can spread.

You've figured out the answer to the world's problems. Too bad the rest of the world doesn't agree. As soon as you or any rival has the technology to use your favorite civic, you are forced to switch to it. The populace rewards your cowboy shenanigans by rallying -25% less defense to protect your cities. You are thus vulnerable on two levels--inflexible in your policies, and an easy target for overrunning militarily, especially in newly founded or conquered cities.

There's nothing you can think of that wouldn't look better without your face on it. Your narcissism means that any city without a statue of yours truly suffers -100 culture. And as the years press on, and you encounter bigger and more efficient ways to construct likenesses of yourself, expect your older statues to no longer satisfy your vanity. To make life the easiest for you, it's a good idea to track down marble, silver, gold, and other materials befitting of your statues. Just keep in mind the materials required become more exclusive as your ego grows.

The world is a wonderful place as long as you view it through sculptured windows on a comfy couch with servants to attend to your every need. You suffer +25% war weariness and must gradually increase your spending on Culture, to the tune of 10% during the classical age and 20% during the Renaissance.

They're all out to get you! Your paranoia means you spend more and more on your espionage efforts, possibly at the expense of research or gold. You can not spend less than 10% on espionage during the Classical era, and not less than 20% after the Renaissance. In addition, any time a rival succeeds at a spy mission against you, your suspicions may lead you to eliminate one of your own spies.

Onward Christian (or whatever) soldiers! Your appetite for the divine means your soldiers heal 10% slower when there's no missionaries around to validate their purpose in life. Also, once you choose a state religion, you're stuck with it forever. Be especially wary of multi-front attacks, because your clerics can't be everywhere at once.

Spoiler :
Units can fortify for 6 extra turns. Also, can perform 'Spring Attacks'--lose only 5% fortification bonus per move as long as they stay within borders. Walls are free in any city founded. Double production speed of Fortress, Bunker.

-15% Unit Upgrade Costs, +25% Build Speed of Settler, ICBM

+2 Health per city. Extra food for all cities every time a new city is acquired. Double speed Harbor, Granary.

+100% Golden Age duration. +2 Culture / City. Double production speed of Arena, Theater, Library.

All land, sea, and air units start with Combat I. Double speed Barracks, Drydock.

Resourceful (NEW)
On acquiring a technology that unlocks a unit, receive 1 copy of that unit free, even if you don't have access to the resources required. +50% hammers from chopping.

Tactical (NEW)
All land units start with Amphibious, Guerrilla promotions. Units can upgrade outside borders.

Patriotic (NEW)
+10% military build speed. No tech pre-reqs to build national wonders (but other kinds of pre-reqs still apply.)

Organized, Financial, Spiritual, and Philosophical are unchanged.

Conspiracy Victory
Spoiler :
The Conspiracy Victory is a new victory type. It involves out spying and ultimately outsmarting your rivals while appearing on the surface to be harmless.

The first step in winning a Conspiracy Victory is obtaining a Secret Society. The society must be founded by one of your spies in a city that has any of the following kinds of buildings:
- An obsolete World Wonder.
- A holy shrine
- A corporate headquarters

Found the society costs 2000 gold and deducts 1000 culture from the city. Guilds is a pre-requisite tech.

Once the society is formed, your spies are able to perform the "Spread Secret Society" mission in rival territory. When you perform the mission, you select the building in which to hide a branch of the society. You can only place the society in a building that grants a commerce bonus. The type you pick (Culture, Gold, Research, Espionage, or a new commerce called Stash) determines the benefits the society grants.

  • Gold - Rival's empire experiences increased inflation.
  • Culture - Increases odds of culture flipping the city and enables culture flips on cities that are conquested.
  • Research - To be determined.
  • Espionage - Spies performing missions warp back to this city instead of the capital if it is closer.
  • Stash - At this time no buildings provide this commerce. It is linked to the "Screw the People Victory." Details forthcoming.

Only 1 secret society can exist in a city at a time, but rival secret societies can disengage you from a city if they spend 50% more spy points to place a society branch of their own. Each time a branch is "flipped" out, the cost of putting a new one there increases.

You win a Conspiracy victory when you control at least 76% of the world population.

Spying Changes
Spoiler :
Play testing has resulted in some changes to the overall way spies work in order to make Conspiracy Victories more manageable.
  • Spies now earn experience points for missions. Most missions grant 1 XP for a success.
  • Some missions require XP to perform.
  • If a spy mission fails, the spy is not always killed. Spy loses experience points first. If points are reduced below zero, spy is caught and eliminated, and the rival is notified. If the spy has XP left over, spy aborts mission and flees to capital (or nearest espionage-friendly secret society branch).
  • The amount of XP a spy loses when caught is equal to the number of buildings in the city that produce espionage (regardless of how much Espionage that building produces.)

New Civics
Spoiler :

+25% XP within borders, +100% Great General points

Nanny State
+20% production per city, -1 gold from winery, +2 health from hospital

-50% worker build speed, +25% Stash, Can build improvements on tiles with no natural yield

+50% gold from pillaging, +25% espionage in capital

+50% Political Influence, -2 Happy per City with State Religion

Corporation List
Spoiler :

Yum! Burger
Big Cola
Friends of Psychics
Pharmatech Labs

Included Leaders
Spoiler :

in current patch:
  • Hirohito (by Chugginator)
  • Dido
  • Kim Jong-il (by Bernie14)
  • Mahmoud (by Bernie 14)
  • Harald Fairhair

next patch:
  • Caligula (by Ehkmek)
  • Nebuchadnezzar (originally designed as Hiram of Phoenicia, by Amra)

Other Changes
Spoiler :

Numerous Changes to Early Game Tech Tree
Cost of Missionaries, Scouts, Explorers Decreased
Cost of Spies Increased
Incidence of Marble, Stone, Horses on Map Increased
Changes to Pre-Reqs for Building Most National Wonders
Goody Huts Never Pop Technologies
Monasteries No Longer Go Obsolete
Certain World Wonders Now Obsolete
Fortresses (formerly Castles) Obsolete Later (w/ Steel)
Fortress (formerly Castle) and Bunker both provide +5% heal rate

The Future
Spoiler :
Screw the People Victory Details
A new Commerce, called 'Stash', has been introduced. Spending on Stash is unlocked by Banking. The stash represents money stolen from your empire (sort of the 'Swiss Bank Account' of the Civ world.) Spending on Stash is like spending on Gold, except that only 5% of the money spent on stash actually makes it into your coffers. The rest is used to secure payoffs, etc, and is wasted, to the detriment of your empire.

Spending on stash is risky, and there is a chance of exposure. This chance is larger if your stealing is blatant. It's much safer to steal small amounts of Stash at a time than to try to rip off your people all at once. Rival empires can also use the U.N. to call you out on your stealing. You will want ample courthouses, jails, and banks to cover your tracks.

Once you have secured a sufficient Stash nest egg (the exact amount is not yet determined but will probably end up around 2500-5000 Stash), you have the option of abandoning your empire. When you do this it is sort of like creating a colony, except that ALL cities are lost. You (and any other players on your team) become rogue leaders on the run. Any Stash your empire had is converted to Gold.

An avatar representing your leader appears on the map. The leader is invisible to other nations, but like a spy, can be exposed and brought to justice.

The leader is able to perform the following tasks (additional ones may appear later):
Purchase boats (from cities with at least one coastal building)
Escape by plane (from cities with an airport)
Sit back and relax (on tiles that contain a Cottage/Town)
Hide (on tiles that contain a Mine, Forest, or Jungle)

Relaxing leads the rogue leader closer to victory. The better the tile the cottage/town is located, the more Enjoyment points the rogue leader receives. Some things cause Enjoyment points to accrue faster:
Near a lake or ocean
Close to the equator
Wine accessible nearby

Hiding causes the leader to lose Relaxation points, but makes the leader more difficult to catch.

If a Rogue leader hits a certain Relaxation score, his/her team wins. If he is caught, that player is eliminated from the game.


Retired Moderator
Jun 12, 2003
Negative traits have always sounded like a good idea. Looks like a good start.


May 6, 2002
Great work! I love the flavor and the implementation of your negative traits.


Jun 27, 2006
lol at Celebontology
but anyways, I will get to downloading when the regular version comes out.


Great Builder of Civs !
Mar 27, 2002
European Union
Yeah an original mod !


May 6, 2002
Just an idea you may want to use. In FfH we assign genders to all the leaders and we have the ability to apply diplomacy modifiers based on the gender. Pretty simple code compared ot what you've done, I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems implmenting it yourself.

I thought it could be used as one of the effects of the Lecherous, a negative diplomacy modifier from all female leaders.


Asian Xwedodah
Aug 10, 2006
The Universe
Wonderful "expansion"... now my mod has competition! :D


In FfH we assign genders to all the leaders and we have the ability to apply diplomacy modifiers based on the gender. Pretty simple code compared ot what you've done, I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems implmenting it yourself.

That sounds interesting. I may think of using that in my mod. How does it exactly work?


May 6, 2002


Jan 26, 2006
isau , I've had no time to play so far. but when I loaded up a game it was hard to pick between negative things !! good though.

The best part for me is the new victory conditions. IMO this is the thing that is lacking and needed most in Civ 4. Different ways to win.


C2C Supreme Commander
Mar 13, 2006
I guess i am not getting this MOD, i have now played 200 turns, and have NOT seen any difference in a normal game of BtS? HUH? Except way out of balance? i had a score of 500 and the leader had 1800??
Again the blue star got to go!!


Jan 15, 2007
Thanks for the feedback everyone. As I'm sure you guys who do modding know, it's invaluable after a few months sitting in the dark staring at pages of C++ code to get a response. Thank you for your time and encouragement.

OK first thing, you need to get rid of that stupid blue star flag in the America's and replace it with the R/W/B, thx.

I think this is a matter of taste. In any case, it's unlikely I will be altering any visual resources from the core game. It's not that I don't think some visuals could be improved. It's more an issue of:
  • Limited time
  • Excellent resources already being available to the community
  • Quality control -- if the mod crashes I need to know it's something I did and not a bad art file

Just an idea you may want to use. In FfH we assign genders to all the leaders and we have the ability to apply diplomacy modifiers based on the gender. Pretty simple code compared ot what you've done, I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems implmenting it yourself.

That sounds cool Kael. I haven't had a chance to look at your code yet (just getting Internet access back today after a 2 day hiatus). I may not end up using it, but I will definitely take a look.

isau , I've had no time to play so far. but when I loaded up a game it was hard to pick between negative things !! good though.

In the final version I hope to add an option that allows you to turn off negative traits. That way you can play with just the new victory types if you like.

I guess i am not getting this MOD, i have now played 200 turns, and have NOT seen any difference in a normal game of BtS? HUH? Except way out of balance? i had a score of 500 and the leader had 1800??
Again the blue star got to go!!

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the game so far, but if you're seeing someone with a score that high that early, I'd say you're seeing some difference, bug or not. ;) I need more details: which civ are you playing, what game speed, who is the player with the high score, etc.

Remember that Saints and Sinners is still in a pre-alpha stage. This means I'm not even comfortable enough with it to call it an alpha release. The game is not finished; there is likely a very high incidence of bugs and gameplay imbalance. As the mod gets closer to final release, hopefully most of that will go away.

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