Should I deactivate all the mods I use prior to Gathering Storm?


Mar 7, 2006
Probably a silly question. I did not use mods a lot until recently. I have a bunch installed. So I am wondering if I should toggle them all "off" before the expansion drops. I know there will be issues until they are all updated. I don't want to play with any for a while. My concern is that I don't want to break the installation of the expansion if I remove them after.

What does one typically do?
At the very least I would disable all your mods the day before. It's almost a guarantee that most of them will be broken with the update.

I've always completely unsubscribed from all Steam mods, removed all my manual mods, & for good measure verified the integrity of the game files. Perhaps overkill, but better safe than sorry.

Once the game has updated and I've played several games, I then start adding mods back into the game that I feel are still necessary and have been updated to be compatible with the update.
You can keep certain cosmetic mods but the main ones must all go! This is a completely new rewrite of the base game to add in the world disaster events. I normally remove all and add back in a few non game play effecting mods after I have new update installed. Expect most mods will not work at all or they will seriously screw up the new things in the game possibly making it annoying. I recommend playing the game as I feel most of the new things that the expansion offers is finally a great addition to this new offering for us long time civ players. This update is much like the old civ 4 I loved so very much due to the fantastic modding abilities!! :D Enjoy above all else.. the best strategy game just got a face lift making it a great game again.. IMO.. Civ 5 was not very good for old vets like myself since 1996-1998 :p
I unsubscribed them all and verified the integrity of the game files as you recommended. I played about 100 turns and no issues. So I am ready for the expansion. Thanks for your advice.
GS It deactivates all mods that don't expressly tell the game that they're compatible now. You can override it though.
do you know how to flag one's own mod as GS-compatible?
FXS said:
Mods can be tagged as compatible by either adding "<CompatibleVersions>2.0</CompatibleVersions>" to the properties section of the modinfo or by marking compatible versions in the project page of ModBuddy.
GS It deactivates all mods that don't expressly tell the game that they're compatible now. You can override it though.
Following this info, I activated Civitas City States and Resources mods and have had no issues with the game because of that.
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