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I have a problem. Cannot I expand to quickly with regime civics, or need to settle more more cities in core area to boost economy ?? Or what?
Playing Rome on easy, I achieved UHV. Conquered Carth, FR, SP, Gre, EG. Vassalised UK, Germ, RUS, VIK. I collapsed in medieval times, but managed to recover quickly, abut now I collapsed second time while conquering Turkey Arabia, US and portugal. I was doing it sloooowly, checking stability every turn. I just switched from free market after I was striken by depression. I had Representation, Caste, Free Speech, FreeMarket and Pacifism with Viceroyality. Then before last US-POrt-Arabia conquest i switched to regime civics including Occupation with emmanc and Free religion. I conquered few cities but my expansion was getting to -100 or sth, economy =, rest = and pffffffffff So.... how to launch a fakin rocket when my tanks are now in Washington dc and Lisboa under their command and I have no army at all. Hopefully vassals are happy. I wannna restart from one turn before civic switch save.


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Have you built enough Courthouses/Jails/Security Bureaus/Intelligence Agencies?

A plenty of them.

I think that my conquest city/ turn was too high. Despite of occupation there might be something else destabilising my civilisation.
Well, the important thing to know about Occupation is that it only gives a temporary boost, it doesn't really help you sustain an overexpanded empire.
OK, I managed to replay peacefully with free market. But I don;t know how to shorten market depression time.

Should I stop city growth and switch from production tiles to crop/wealth (takes a lot of micro) tiles or is it only necessary to start producing wealth/science/culture in cities?
From my experience you can easily ruin your economy (stability) in few decades / centuries if you are switching between building of research/wealth and production; you have to do this carefully; first build everything you need, then if you have some cities with not really good production you can use them as support cities - building only wealth or research permanently - combine with stock exchange (for wealth) and channel tunnel and academy (for research). (Also this is checked only in each 3rd round, so you can avoid the economy ruining switch only for not 3rd round (just use calculator), but for the other two, then switch for one turn back to production.)
Avoiding depression is hard, sometimes even harder :) you have to manage steadily growing in both production and wealth (proportionally if possible). Once you get on rid of it, it's not so hard.
If you have Cristo Redentor you can switch economy civics without anarchy, so you can switch to let's say mercantilism to disable depression (correct me if i'm wrong), and after few turns back - hower i usually go with one or two depressions (let's say until 2000).
So I decided to play as the Russians, and I'm doing pretty good for the first time playing as them. Until I saw the 2nd goal: Colonize Siberia (7 cities) by 1700. Where should I place those Siberian cities, and should I give the cities away after 1700 ('cause I think they will drain my economy). Any suggestions?
The best sites in Siberia are amongst the large group of forested grassland hills, located roughly NW of the Mongolia capital. If you can get windmills on all of those hills, a city or two in this part of Siberia can be really productive.

But basically 7 extra cities in Siberia will be a drain on your economy, for every city beyond your 10th overall. For this reason, I usually gift most of the cities in Siberia to Mongolia or anyone else who will accept them.
In my game I had built my 7 cities in 1695 and the second requirement for the UHV was completed. After that I gave all those cities to other civs in 1700. I thought it would't harm my economy much since I only had the cities for 1 turn. But it made my stability went down and I collapsed around 1730. I managed to get all my cities back but one, but they had lost all their buildings and the population was 97% independent :( Can anyone give me some advice how to avoid a bad stability and have a good economy while playing as Russia?
Build cottages on every grassland tile and windmills on every hill, never farms or mines. Mines should only be build on resources.

You don't need to hold the cities in 1700AD, you just have to build them before 1700AD. So build them and instantly give them away. All of them, at the same time. There will be a temporary dip in your stability when you give them away. But your golden age should balance this out.

After your golden age finishes is the tougher situation. You need to do something else to improve your stability at this time. Such as settle another city somewhere in European Russia (your core area) or build some wonders or win some battles.
I presume Zaanzie is playing on viceroy (his first time), and if so, I don't think giving them away are necessary. I managed my Russia VC game with all of those cities, since they become powerhouses with SP and watermills. Although I had to spam cottages like hell.
Guys this is a random place to post but a very useful tip if you haven't realized it yet. It's for arabia.

To not get gimped, you need to switch civics/religion carefully the first turns. First switch 2 civics, like get slavery and hereditary rule. Now switch to islam on the second turn. Now on the third turn when Sana, Jerusalem etc flip, they will get islam with temples and mosques! This doesn't work if islam isn't your state religion on turn 3, so you can't switch to all civics on the first turn as usual.

Also another general important piece of strategy is to know that ANY civ will open borders if you are at war with a common foe. This means Arabia and the Vikings will be your prime diplomatic war targets, as most of Europe usually starts out at war with them, lets say you are confucianist china and all the europeans hate you, this way you can still open borders. Useful to keep in mind the whole game because it can let you open borders even with arabia, turkey, japan etc if you just declare proxy wars on khmer or babylon when it benefits you.
since it appears we're talking RFC and DoC, @Leoreth...what exactly does Westminster palace do?
The same thing the Kremlin does in RFC vanilla: -33% hurry costs.
ahhh, ok, just curious
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