Succession LK 14 - Russia, anybody plays.


Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
Worker automate is not fair is sucession games - please do not use it
Civ = Russia (I have almost started every civ now, the 2 left I am currently player in other games!)
World = Standard, Wet, Warm, 5 Billion, medium continents.
Difficulty = Regent
Barbarians = Roaming
Civs = 8
No sign ups, simply play
4000 BC - Moscow is formed.
3800 BC - We get Ceromonial Burial from a goody hut.
3100 BC - First contact already with the Chinesse. Can't trade a thing right now :(
3150 BC - St. Petersburg is formed next to 2 games with forrest, and a third when the borders expand.
Post your intention to play, and complete your turn with 24 hours.
Up to 20 turns. At least once person between your turns.
Summary - Not much of interest yet, just keep expanding.
Step on up -
This is an anyone places game.
Og the Great takes command of the Russian Stone-age Despotism.

3000 BC
Og oversees the movement of workers near Moscow.

2950 BC:
Moscow completes a Scout. Starts a Settler.
Our scout spots a goody hut.

2900 BC:
The Goth tribe teaches us Warrior Code.

2850 BC:
Og takes a nap.

2800 BC:
Our #2 scout spots a strange orange line to the south-west.

2750 BC:
A Strange blue line suddenly appears next to the orange one. Og is intrigued. The orange line belongs to an empty city called York. Too bad we only have a scouot down there!

2710 BC:
A Strange lady names Elizabeth doesn't like our defenceless scout in her territory! We agree to move.
We offer to trade Warrior Code for Alphabet but she laughs in our faces!

2670 AD:
We get a warrior from a goody hut.

We meet a fellow named Bismark of the Germans. Og introduces himself as Catherine of the Russians, just to confuse him. It works.

We have more tech than him, he has nothing to trade.

2630 BC:

2590 BC:

2550 BC:
A settler starts out from Moscow towards the incence and Germans.

2510 BC:

2470 BC:
A barbarian follows our scout away from Russia..

2430 BC:

(15)2390 BC:
Kiev founded.

2350 BC:

2310 BC:

2270 BC:
A scout spots a barb camp far to the south. Lots of unclaimed land down there.. And the Engl;ish and Germans are building towards us.. figures!

2230 BC:

2190 BC:
Og slips in his cave and cracks his skull. A new leader is sought!

The settler is on automove towards the river. You can stop him and redirect, but I thought it looked like a good spot. Maybe the coast by the furs is better?

A warrior is dispatched to take out the barb camp.. Lots more exploration needed.
I would play but I don't think I am experienced enough....I am still working on beating a Warlord game :(

Maybe next time

I will try to play some turns but I can only post in about 18 hours. If anyone want to give it a try then go ahead. I can always play later. ;)
Isma'il takes control of Russia in a bloody, yet unnoticible revolution.

1-2150 Our warior attacks, and is killed by a barbarian.
2-2110 Masonary discovered. Moscow builds spearman.
3-2070 Moscow - Keiv road built.
4-2030 Isma'il goes exploring.
5-1990 Chinese and barbarian warriors get close to Russian territory. Moscow-St. Petersburg road started.
6-1950 Minsk founded up north near China. Claimed three cows. Barbarian enters Russia. Barbarian nears Russia.
7-1910 Barbarian fights warrior at Keiv. Warrior wins and becomes a veteran. People build more on palace.
8-1870 Barbarian attacks Keiv, we win. Keiv builds spearman. Trade China Warrior Code and 20 gold for the wheel.
9-1830 Moscow builds settler.
10-1790 St. Petersburg builds spearman.
11-1750 Worker builds part one of moscow-st petersburg road.
12-1725 China enters russian territory. Russia warns China.
13-1700 China leaves Russia. Germany complains about scout in germany. Scout removed. Barbarian chases scout #2.
14-1675 Barbarian keeps chasing scout. Minsk builds warrior.
15-1650 English build Cantebury waaaay to the south. Nowhere near any other english stuff. Barbarian chases scout onto a mountain. Scout sees green border. Smolensk founded by river, closing gap between St. Petersburg and Minsk.
16-1625 Two barbarians now chase scout. Contact made with Aztecs.
17-1600 Scout enters aztec territory to get away from barbarians.
18-1575 Monetzuma complains about scout. Mysticism discovered. Trade mysticism+20 gold to china for alphebet. Trade mysticism+masonary to england for iron working. St. Petersburg-Moscow road done.
19-1550 St. Petersburg-Smolensk road started.
20-1525 Suprise Seijuk raiding party kills a scout.

Overall, I founded two citys and discovered quite a bit of land. You can build settlers in moscow and st. petersburg or go for temples if you want.
preturn: ouch. Minsk way to close to Beijing, it will flip to them. Moscow hasn't started the pyramids? :confused: 60 turns to the pyramids, at 1525 bc, is umm, roughly 170 bc. :aargh: Smolensk switched to barracks. Moscow switched to the pyramids. Minsk switched to temple.

Chinese found Tsingtao right next to the horses.

1) 1500
2) 1475
3) 1450
4) 1425 St petersburg finishes temple, begins barracks.
5) 1400
6) 1375
7) 1350 Kiev finishes temple, begins barracks.
The English are building the pyramids.
The Aztecs are building the Oracle.
8) 1325 England declares war on us? :( Writing learned, lit ordered.
9) 1300 pop rush temple in minsk. Beijing border already out 3 spaces, minsk 3 spaces away from Beijing.
10) 1275
11) 1250 rush barracks in minsk. Hopefully the temple will keep it in our hands long enough to get some vet units from here before it flips.
12) 1225
13) 1200
14) 1175
15) 1150
16) 1125 road to iron complete
English get the chinese to go to war with us.
17) 1100 Minsk rushes the spearman it was working on as 2 warriors step next to it, and it only has a warrior for defence.
China captures minsk with the first warrior.
18) 1175
19) 1150
20) 1125 Smolensk finishes barracks, starts spearman.

Literature is 15 turns away, if we keep running without a treasury. Pyramids are still 23 turns away, moscow grows in 6 turns, that will cut it down some. That is still 450 BC until the growth, very iffy. hopefully we will get lit in time to switch if we do lose the pyramids. England wants keiv for peace. China wont talk to us yet.
1-1000 English warrior enters russia.
2-975 Many chinese troops enter russia
3-950 4 Chinese warriors attack smolensk. Our spearman dies, our warrior becomes a veteran and wins.
4-925 Backup veteran spearman reaches smolensk.
6-875 Chineses archers attack. Smolensk lost. Swordsman rushed.
7-850 English attack, kill spearman. Swordsman rushed. Scout spies Aztec army.
8-825 New swordsman attacks, kills english warrior. Other swordsman attacks, kills chinese archer.
9-800 Chinese swordsman destoys iron road. Two swordsmen rushed. Swordsman liberates Smolensk.
10-775 China builds Hangchow in north. 2 Spearmen rushed.
11-750 Trade world maps with Germany. Swordsman attacks kills chinese warrior. Spearman rushed.
12-730 Swordsman attacks Hangchow and destroys it.
13-710 Swordsmen attack chinese spearman, archer and Tsingtao. All destroyed.
14-690 --
15-670 Chinese warrior attacks our swordsman, warrior dies. Chinese Spearman/Settler combo attacked, settler captured, converted into two workers.
16-650 Chinese archer attacks spearman, dies. Literature discovered. Trade Literature to Germans and Aztecs for Philosophy, Horseback Riding and 17 gold.
17-630 Chinese archer attacks swordsman and is killed. Germans found city near where tsingtao used to be.
18-610 --
19-590 Swordsman attacks Canton. Spearman killed.
20-570 Swordman near Canton dies in archer attack. English attack, english die. Swordsman attacks archer. Now in Great spot to attack Minsk. Archer built.

The pyramids will be built next turn. England just occasionlly launches raiding parties. The next person will have a great opporitunity to attack china some more. China is the biggest problem here. It's amazing the swordsmen have survived so long...
I am taking some turns!
As expected Pyramids finish before I move a piece.

550 BC - The Great Library is begun, needing 34 turns. I kill Moscows growth to save 6 turns, but until there is an aquaduct, who cares?
510 BC - Our nearly upgraded swordsman kills that English warrior sitting by Kiev. I can tell I am desperate for cash, selling world maps for $1. Every buck gets us closing to another warrior --> swordsman upgrade.
490 BC - We kill 2 more English units losing a conscript warrior, and the still insist on Kiev?
470 BC - Odessa is formed, the last city to be built for a while. A spearman kills one of our swordsman, but dies and gives our two workers from the dead settler. This is sad, spending time to get $2 from German / Aztecs for world map, to try and upgrade a warrior to swordsman.
450 BC - China makes a mistake, splitting there forces. Our Archer picks our a lone warrior and becomes elite. Our swordsman kills a lone archer. China kills a lone swordsman, but waste 2 archers trying to take Smolensk.
430 BC - :eek: The Aztecs have a warrior army already. Our scout is not happy with what he sees. I kill science to get the cash to upgrade that warrior. England now wants us to give Literature. What a bozo.
370 BC - 2 dead Chinesse archers, at no cost.
330 BC - :( Odessa falls. A bad day in Russian history.
310 BC - Our swordsman kills the Archer who defiled Russia soil.
290 BC - I am getting sick of England demanding Kiev. I start research on Polytheism, it has the highest price. Maybe it will have some trade value?
270 BC - I am forced to crack the whip in Kiev. The city is going to be stuck at size 2 for a while. :(
Minsk is ours again.
250 BC - I cost us an archer, but 2 more free workers from China.
210 BC - A lone China archer lands by St. Pete.
170 BC - Peace with China. If it holds, who cares? I want to concentrate on England.
We get - Worker, $24, World Map, Code of Laws, Math, and Poly. Germany demands $17 / territory map - I give it to him, as we can risk a fight with civ that has horses. England completes the Oracle.
UNREAL - I kill 2 more English archers, and they still want Kiev.
110 BC - Odessa is formed, near Germany. If Heidelburg will flip, we get horses.

Summary -
Minsk is intenionally frozen at size one to reduce the risk of a flip - don't change it This could be our base for a future war with China.

Goals - Once the big stack of units arrive, kill England.
AVOID WHIPPING - Our towns can't take much more
90 BC out of the rugged Ural moutains comes a new leader for the sorely pressed Russian empire. Do to what some say was a bloody coup the people of Smolensk are prepared to riot but are convinced to watch cheap play instead.

70 BC Army marches toward Kiev. Monty demands Territory map and 19 gold. Not wanting fight on two fronts we agree (but vow to get 100 times back in revenge).

50 BC Army arrives at Kiev. Two English spearmen are spotted trying to sneak into our beautiful lands, probably set on pillaging the wonder improvements made by past leaders. Two swordsmen nearby are dispatched to give them a pointed lesson.

30 BC Noting that Russian Scientist can't possible come up with anything other than better way to pick nose before Meldor gains access to the fabled Great Library (believed to be buried in rubble somewhere near Moscow), He elects to set science down to 10% to get income of 12gpt. He prays that the last ruler was wise enough to start the search early or he maybe turned into an instrument of vile design by unhappy scientists. First sword attacks spearman and dies a horrible death (not a good start to Meldor's first militery action. Army is sent towards York as Meldor prizes those shiny things in the hills around the city.

10 BC Elite swordsman steps up and kills the first spearman. Army still moving.

10 AD Elite sword kills second spearman. English no longer foul the our glorious lands.

30 AD Army still heading for York

40 AD Army still headed for York, Meldor grows restless and asks " Are we there yet?". Generals look on with distain.

50 AD Army still headed for York. Meldor whines about long trips and no entertainment saying "I'm bored".

70 AD Army still moving to York, Generals gag poor Meldor.

90 AD Army arrives outside of York, Meldor can talk now but only quitely.

110 AD Veteran Swordsman attacks defending spearman and kills him, gets promoted to elite! Second vet sword attacks spearman killing him and getting promoted to elite! Vet Archer attacks archer and wins capturing York and getting promoted to elite! Meldor is very happy as he can now play with shiny babbles in hills but complains that without a road he can't get them back to Moscow. A road is started to please him. A temple is started to expand borders and keep it from flipping to Germany.

130 AD The Great Library is discovered outside of Moscow in old ruins. The scientist grumble that Meldor got lucky guess and still wnat to pick noses.

150 AD The secrets to Currency, Republic, Moarchy, Construction, and Monotheism are all in ruins of Great Library. Scientists claim they pretty much knew that stuff anyway but where just waiting for the right tiem to tell Meldor. Sights set on Sistine. But it will take 40 turns for the tech no matter what. Aztecs cascade unto finishing the Hanging Gardens.

170 AD The Grand Elite Army of the Battle of York starts its march on Warwick having healed its wounds in York. Unfortunately, the last vet swordsman is left behind to defend the shiny babbles.

190 AD China cascades into finish of the Great Wall. This will make it really hard to attack them as Meldor desires to without having lots o' bombardment. He will leave this to future rulers and will countinue on the path of Englis conquest that was set by his former comrades. Several Chinese settlers/spearman pairs pass through on the way to English lands.

210 AD Chinese start city south of Kiev on coast that should soon relize the groly of the Russian culture and depose the spiteful Mao.

230 AD More movements. Road work continuing towrds gems.

250 AD Meldor is pulled from bed at wee hours with news that Canton has revolted against Mao and wisely chosen to join the wondrful leadership found in the Russian empire. Meldor immediately dispatchs a close friend as governer and sets them to build a temple to keep them from flipping back as they also are directly next to the hated Chinese capital. Hieldeburg is now surrounded on three sides by the glories of Russia and hopefully will soon follow the wise people of Canton in jioning the correct side. The people now demand a foridden palace and Meldor starts it in Smolinsk to be a place holder for the Sistine. It will finish one turn before the tech so a future leader will have to be wise enough to adjust the production to slow it by two turns. English archer spotted by elite army marching towards Warwick. Elite archer attacks and kills pitiful English wantabes. News reaches Meldor that from that simple battle comes a great leader of thepeople "Ivan". He is immediately recalled (some say Meldor was jealous, but he denies this). Ivan is dispatched with escourt towards York, to be sent were needed for future good.

260 AD After much excitement last turn, Meldor gets to catch up on much needed sleep.

270 AD Two english archers are spotted south of Kiev by swordsman forming second army. Unfortunately he con not attack and therefore will probably die defending wonderful soil, however news filters back that he successfully repelled the sorry English archers and though blooied will live to fight another day. Elite army arrive outside Warwick.

280 AD Warwick captured by elite Swordsman, Army moves in and waits for further orders while healing up. One more elite sword is almost to Warwick to join then after passing off the duty of escorting Ivan to a lower unit. Meldor slips quitely out of town having maxed out his retirement fund. Rumor has it he went to build a fishing village southwest of Moscow on the coast but only time will tell.

Things left to do - I have added culture improvemnts to several cities especially Odessa and Kiev to get Heidleburg to flip. If we can keep York we may get it to flip sooner and also the Germany city to York's south (Munich, I believe). Remember the forbiden palace and don't let it finish before the Sistine can be built as we don't want the forbidden palace there. I added furs to our growing list of luxes and the road (with German assistance) is about finished to bring in the gems. That will give us three and will hold us until our cities get a whole lot bigger. I did not switch out of despot (I was waiting for war to end as we had almost no military at all and could not afford to lose production. There is an army in Warwick and a second army forming up south of Kiev (keeping English raiders out for now). We probably will have enough units shortly to finish the English war and still protect ourselves so we can move towards getting rid of china, or maybe taking Heidleburg by force and then nailing China with knights. Ivan is almost to York and will be able to take the new road quickly into more friendly territory. I was thinking that he could snag at least on more good wonder for us after the Sistine.
This is an anyone plays game.

Post you want to play a few rounds, then play.
I like to give it a go but I can only play on Saturday. So if anyone want to go ahead first please do so. I will check again on Saturday and get the latest game to play. :)
This game is on HOLD until the attachment feature is working again.

Any one plays just don't work with passing games via e-mail.
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