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The Rise of the Dinosaur Empire


Sep 23, 2006
Here, it is, RODE, The Rise of the Dinosaur Empire.
You can either choose to play as the Dinosaur Empire, Daikaiju, Northern Humans, Southern Humans, and Western Humans. The Dino Empire, can use all of the dinosaur units, and some of the human units.
Here are two screen shots:
Spoiler :

Spoiler :

Moderator Action: Broken download updated - Blake00
And here is the file.

I plan on releasing an improved map, with more detail, and better names for the tribes, and also a better unit system.
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very interesthing scenario...human vs dinosaur ... just like Jurassic Park :)
nice map and the units you choose...i wonder who is Daikaiju?
At a boy sport! Way to put those lil' dinos to good use. I'll try er out some day. Thanks!
, the Daikaiju are "Giant Monsters" they are a bonus civ, with the godzilla and monster units.
i plan to release a better version, as soon as i can, but i have a prob, the dino empire always has a scout and worker appear near the western humans city (you can see the exposed area on the map in the large screenshot) and i havent been able to fix it yet.
The game seems to crash, sans crash message, around ~7770 B.C. (as the daikaiju [the coolest civilization ever made]). Any advice SG?
i dont know that never happened to me, were you veiwing the civilopedia?
put both items in the download into the conquest folder
my comp > program files > Firaxis Games(or Atari) > Conquest > Conquest
Sadly the old 3D download for @SG-17 's old The Rise of the Dinosaur Empire scenario has long been down (& takes you to some dodgy squatter page you don't want to be visiting unprotected) however thankfully I was donated a copy of it a while back! :)

I've tested it with my disc install of Civ3 (steam users will be fine too as there's no label files) and it worked! Looks awesome!!! I loved the Civ2 Dinosaurs scenario this gorgeous Civ3 version is super cool.

I've repacked with 7zip (down to 46MB) and uploaded a copy of the mod to CivFanatics servers to preserve your work. As part of the dead mod link rescue/replacement project I'm working on with Quintilius I've also edited the original thread post's download link for this mod to link to here instead of the long gone 3D one that was taking people to a dodgy page.

Nice animating Dinosaur leader

Love the tropical prehistoric feel to it
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