The Wonder of Plastic

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May 14, 2002
The Empire State of the South
I have an essay to write and I thought I'd scape our community for ideas. My topic is "the Wonders of Plastic" (annoying Literature teacher :mad: ).

Any one have a notion of how plastic is a wonderful invention?
You can mention plastic bags, plastic wrapping, plastic as a substitute for wood or metal in some products.

You could also do a passage or two on the more unfortunate effects of the "wonders of plastic" - pollution, etc - that would show that you at least try to put the theme (although boring) into a perspective, rather than just doing a text about how wonderful it is

if you have some anecdotes or stories about how wonderful it is to have plastic things around, that would perhaps make for a good introduction.

my 2NOK of course
(fortunately, we did not have such topics when I learned English ;) )
With a bit of lateral thinking you could write on such diverse topics as economics and neural science. Teach won't know what hit him /her.
Plastic is a molecule. That is, one plastic object like a pen cap is one single molecule. Big molecule.
This must be a hard topic, when talking about plastics, all I can think of is the environmental problems, not that plastic is all bad, but ...
If you don't have to reference your work - just make stuff up. Your literature tutor isn't going to know much about the subject.
To demonstrate the toughness of plastic state that-

The Abrahms Tank is 95% plastic. Then wax lyrical about why this gives it such a clear advantage over the challenger - fuel economy and so forth.

To demonstrate the versatility of plastic state that-

98 % of all surgical equipment in use in first world hospitals such as scalpels and the like are now made of a biodegradable plastic composite so that when a a forgetfull surgeon leaves some doohdad in you after a procedure - no problemo.

To demonstrate the ubiquitousness of plastic state that-

The average adult has almost 20 Kg of plastic in his body which has accumulated over time through eating packaged processed food products and that we are none the worse for it - refer to plastic as our silent friend. You can site the British Medical Journal as a reference for this one as without a shadow of a doubt some idiot contributor will have written something along these lines and no one reads the BMJ anyways, not even medics.
Here is the finished essay:

Plastic, for better or for worse, is the critical building block of our modern world. From autiomobiles, to space and beyond, almost all current human activity involves plastic on some level. To use a practical example, the pen which was used to write this would not be possible without plastic.

Plastic has a very large role in production of manufactured goods. Twenty years agim the majority of a car's shell was made of steel. Tiday, plastic has risen to the spot of the top building component. Fifty years ago, milk was delivered in metal canisters. Today, milk is sold at the corner store in plastic jugs. Simlar changes have taken place in computer, house, and household goods production.

Plastic has made possible the modern "disposal society". Paper plates, plastic cups, and short-erm use appliances are all part of the modern notion to replace instead of conserve. Plastic holds a unique status in this revolution. Plastic was the catalysis that started the trend, yey plastic is also the cure to many of its ails. Plastic is the most recyclable resource on the earth. Plastic makes up close to 60% of the recycled goods in the United States.

Plastic also contributes a fair share to pollution due to the way in which it is produced and what it is made of. Plastics are made of hydrocarbons, which are in effect, petrol. The same thing which we sit in is used to fuel our cars. Plastic, once again, shows its versatility to the world by leading the way in the next generation of energy. Plastic is a critical building component in hydrogne fuel cells.

For all of its shortcomings, plastic is an interdependent part of our society. Although being a part of the problems of today, plastics are leading the way to a cleaner, more efficent toworrow.
Very good but I am dissappointed as regards to the factual content of your essay. Which is far too high in my opinion.
And also the facts you have chosen to include are extremely "nice" - for instance you talk of tupperware and plastic nick-nacks when you should be expounding on the joys of plasticised explosives. You could for instance talk about the versatility plastique offers the modern day terrorist, from its utility in taking down key structural elements of buildings to the convenient way it can be shaped round ones body - ideal for the suicide bomber who does not want to attract undue attention.
On second thoughts -maybe not-I see your location is the U.S.A. we don't want young Archer finishing his education in Guantanamo Bay :)
cleuloid, the first plastice, is still used only in pimg-pong balls. it was once used in billard balls, but it was flamable. sometimes, if you hit the ball hard, it would start to smoke!
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