Turn 143 - 270AD

Gingerbread Man

Dark Magus
Jun 9, 2002
Word has it GWT is in a golden age, that's about all that has happened. I walked into the Apolyton embassy, to find the people of 'poly, and mongoose, having mongoose talk to GCA about the exploits they used to get to GWT land, and that if they are going to stay in the game for the sole purpose of annoying us with WW, they might as well leave.

As for the home front - Iceland (The big green one) is ready for two cities to be built next turn. The Shen Ling settler factory is firing (again). We're finally expanding, guys.

The emporer had seen many days where he thought he wouldn't make it. Fanatikou could have been over-run at the will of the Gamecatchers. Yet the Gamecatchers gave up. They could have won, but no.

As the glorious armies of Shen Ling marched forward, the Gamecatchers destroyed themselves. Being attacked from both sides, they simply ran away, to distant lands, where a more treacherous rival stood.

Now a time of relative calm came across the nation. No longer was the talk of extermination, but of expansion and exploition. Fanatikou now had a clear path in front of them, and no obstacles in sight. The emporer looked upon the open land and said, "Our greatest enemy gave this all to us."


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The big green one is called GREENLAND! Please remember that from now on. ;)

Other than that everything looks good. Lets expand and enjoy this peacefull time. :D
No, cheetah, the big green one is Iceland. You can't change that, no matter how hard you try.

Green island = iceland.
Icy island = greenland.

Those are the names. Gah!!! :lol:

And yes, peaceful expansion. The best part of the game ;)
GBM, thank you for moving the South "Iceland" settler to its proper location.

Now, can you please tell me why our north "Iceland" settler has been dropped in the wrong location? Its current spot will seriously crowd our projected third city. Once again, for your perusal:


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Originally posted by Gingerbread Man
No, cheetah, the big green one is Iceland. You can't change that, no matter how hard you try.

Green island = iceland.
Icy island = greenland.

Those are the names. Gah!!! :lol:

No it's not! I was the first to name them, and I clearly said that the big green one is Greenland, and the small icy one is Iceland!

THOSE are the names. :p
Yeah, I was also looking at the settler landing and wondering why it is there...

Other than that, looks great! :goodjob:
Another thing: we have no defense on the island, save for one Pikeman! If GCA is pass thru en route to GWT, then there is a good chance they will pass by one of our new cities. And don't think for a minute that they wouldn't take the opportunity to mess with our plans.

Also, let us not rush into peacetime prosperity too quickly. If GCA has Galleys, they can show up just about anywhere. We should be ready.

Actually, with GCA gone, has anyone considered peace talks again?
Wouldn't they have to send units over on suicide galleys to bring them over before Navigation or Magnetism, and have about a 75% chance of them sinking (assuming they would have to stop for two turns on the ocean)?
Yes, Boots, that is correct. However, that still wouldn't stop them from causing a disruption on our mainland or our islands.

Actually, does anyone know what happened to CGN's galley? I wonder if they may have been accosted by GCA. Is there any way we can find out?

With this in mind, diplomacy should rule the day here. I would like to see us go for peace with GCA, iron out our positions with CGN and Poly, and try to reason with GWT about their new ally. It would be helpful if Zarn could give us an update on all relations. :)
Relations with CGN are IMHO quite good. After the holiday they are ready to discuss a trade for Chivalry.

I'll contact them ASAP about their galley and any possible GCA galleys. I doubt there are any though...
Good point on the CGN galley. Cheetah should contact miccofl and ask IMHO.
Poly reports that GCA still has a galley in the large lake, but they are unsure as to whether it has any units onboard.
Maybe they don't have anymore... That's one reason why we should be careful still, and not rush into peacetime.
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