Two New Succession GOTMs Have Started


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Jan 9, 2003
Lights! ... Cameras! ... Action!

Warlords SGOTM 06 - a Gyathaar-created Always War, Prince level adventure as Churchill - has started today. 12 teams are competing, (a) to survive, (b) to win the game in fewer turns than the others.

Conquests SGOTM 13 has also started. Designed by Rik Meleet shortly before he took his plunge into matrimony, it features Tokugawa on a Huge Demigod map, with an isolated start and 29 rivals. Six teams are planning to build a Spaceship, the only enabled victory option.

Follow the teams and cheer them on as they analyse and play the games. Here are some links to take you to the action -

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Civ4 Warlords SGOTM 06 Performance Graphs in the Civ4 SGOTM Progress and Results Page

Civ3 Conquests SGOTM 13 Team Threads in the C3C SGOTM Forum

Civ3 Conquests SGOTM 13 Performance Graphs in the Civ3 SGOTM Progress and Results Page
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