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's and Fall creator
May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany
Rhye's and Fall RAND is a project that tries to offer something halfway between RFC and standard Civ. All the great additions of RFC, such as stability, historical spawn dates, congresses, victory conditions and the UPs are in!




• Extract the files contained in the zip in ...your Civ4 folder...\BTS\Mods\
• Start Civilization, go to ADVANCED, then LOAD A MOD, select Rhye’s and Fall RAND
• After the mod loads, choose PLAY NOW!, Rhyes_Terra, and then you can set your preferences
WARNING: if you want to use CUSTOM GAME, please read carefully the “Custom Game” paragraph at the bottom of the readme.
Whew, just barely back in America.

...except wait, I don't have a computer of my own yet.

CRAP! Contact the city governor, get him to whip me out a new computer, stat!
i'll be waiting! Great Job Rhye!
4 days before we screw our summer holidays (if we live in the northern emisphere).
if I may: how could I miss that for so long. this is in fact what I have wished for since I first played RFC. looks like a great job rhye!

a question: is it possible to play it on other map types for replayability? like the great plains setting, borelian or pangea maps? I take it the earth likeness factor will make sure we get plenty of different maps, but if it were possible, then it means all the more game varieties.

second question: any idea of what size the download might be?
1- no, all the maps generated have some hardcoded old/new world division which affect things like plague, conquerors, etc.

I can see this now, on Low Earth Likeness.

Your terrified little Mayan Civ is the runt and whipping-boy of The Old World. You're behind in almost every way, your military is tiny, you have no natural resources, and your only advantage? You somehow managed to beat everyone to Optics. Your one caravel is out there, desperately seeking something to explore, someone to trade with, anyone, and then you sight land! And it's Spain! And they're loaded with resources! And OHMYGOD you just popped Conquerors! You flood them with plague, shatter their capital, seize their wonders, scoop up their resources and proceed to rock out all the way back across the ocean to show your snotty Khmerian overlords who's really boss.

Payback's a b***h :D
Let me explain.
The Rhyes_Terra map type does check that continents are enough distant, and assign the label "new world" to one or two continents.
Plague, conquerors and everything apply to any civ that spawns in the new world. In low likeliness, there's usually some other civ other than mesoamericans. Instead, barbarians spawn in the old world.
Any other map type wouldn't mark continents that way.
Hooray! (later)
Rhye any eta on RAND?
It's the final countdown !!
IS IT OUT YET??:eek:
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