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Edit: I put this in bugs instead.

Looks good so far, Rhye.
I was wondering, does this feature culturally linked starting places?

Depends on which "Earth Likeness" you choose. On "High," everyone starts in what you would probably recognize as "linked" starting places, but the lower you go the more random it gets.
I had the same problem as The Turk and sedna17 upthread - I followed the instruction in the readme -- "Extract the files contained in the zip in ...your Civ4 folder...\BTS\Mods\" -- and ended up with a 'RFCRAND110' mod which did not work. The Windows zip extractor was helpful, you see.

Can I talk you into changing the wording a little?

If the quoted line read "Extract the 'Rhye's and Fall RAND' folder files from the zip file into your Civ4 BTS mods folder - e.g., to '...\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Rhye's and Fall RAND\', then I would have understood and would have had to find something else to misread.

&Thanks to The Turk and sedna17 for posting.
this could use alot more information i still dont quite understand how this works, is it just a new map where people appear randomly?
did you actually read the pdf documentation that comes with the mod ?
When I loaded up the mod for the first time, "Play Now" was grayed out. Unloading and reloading didn't seem to help. Should I re-install the mod or try something else? Also, would this be considered a "bug"?
Well, the pdf said to go with play now, but i also tried custom game, with some really screwed up results. i lost the moment the game started (no settler, just a popup saying something like TXT_DEFEAT_2) when I got to see the 0 turn history, the map was all grasslands, with some 1 tile lakes and random rivers.
That link isn't working for me, but I downloaded the patch just fine, maybe you can find another link?
i have a problem, every time i try to load rand civ 4 unexpectedly quits, i am using 3.17 so do i have to use 3.19 to play rand?

if i do i am :):):):)ed, for i just tried installing 3.19 for the 7th time and like the other 6 times it failed
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