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hopefully rhye can take note of this bug, it has now happened 6 times, and fix, what i am doing now is saving every turn and when it crashes, which it has 2 in my current game, i am just reloading
hopefully rhye can take note of this bug, it has now happened 6 times

If there is one thing for sure, it's that even if Rhye sees this he will not be able to fix anything unless he knows what to deal with.

You say "there is a bug" without actually giving any bit of information. At least post a save, otherwise it is useless. And it will give other people the possibility to check that this is indeed a bug by trying to reproduce it.
Is this supposed to happen? I haven't even built a city yet.


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For this event to trigger you probably don't need a city. BTS random events just don't mix well with RFC and I don't include them in the game anymore. I have disabled them through XML (not custom game).
I don't know what happened, I don't have a save or replay or anything. I started the game, it loaded, but then it just starts off "You were defeated." Happened with the Americans once, and that's the only time it happened. Any ideas?
Maybe someone else won a UHV or other kind of victory. So you automatically got defeated.
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