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What is the world's bravest nation

Discussion in 'World History' started by Fox Mccloud, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. mastertyguy

    mastertyguy I'm tired!

    Mar 31, 2005
    In the garage
    Gilles and Jacques Villeneuve ;) But Jean Coutu's initials are JC!!!! He must be God!!!!
    And Quebec is to brave to go down enough to fight Canada1!
  2. Alex83msk

    Alex83msk Chieftain

    Dec 16, 2018
    I'd say russians.

    Jeff Egan:

    300 is not necessary, enough for one

    This famous photo. Georgia, 08.08.08, after the defeat of the Georgian army, its indented part of regrouped and decided to return to Gori, but ran into a Russian checkpoint.

    Everyone saw this picture ?! Who thought about the essence of what happened?
    The picture shows a soldier Russian Armed Forces, with a machine gun at the ready, motorized infantry confronted the Georgian Armed Forces, officers threatened column Gunners, that he walked off the road and let them pass on what they have heard in response, "Come on ...!". Then with the machine gunner tried to talk the media, who moved to the column, and got the same answer. As a result, the column turned around and walked back to where they came from. Foreign journalists then published an article titled "300 is not necessary, enough for one."

    What thought this soldier? What he felt at that moment? Unless he was not scared? Surely, it was. Or does he not have wanted children and grandchildren, and live a long and happy life? Of course, like.

    You represent NATO soldier standing like this, with a machine gun in front of a column of the enemy? I - no. They value their lives too. Then what is wrong with you? Why are you, Russian, other?

    And why do you think foreigners insane and unpredictable people? It's not in fearlessness and disregard for the most precious thing we have - his own life. Then what? I began to look for an answer. Is there still people who so desperately would love life and everything connected with it?

    You live with an open mind, with hussar scale. Did you invite Roma and bears the wedding. Are you able to arrange a holiday last money, generously feed the guests, and in the morning to wake up without a penny in his pocket. You know how to live as if every day of your life - the last. And there is no tomorrow, no. There is only now.

    All of your songs and poems literally permeated through the love of life, but only you know how to listen to them and weep bitterly. Only your people have a saying: "To love - so the queen, steal - so a million," "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." It is the desire to enjoy life to the bottom of this, to experience it all that we can manage.
    Then why are you, Russian, standing and looking into the eyes of the enemy, can easily part with this life?

    It is in your genetic code, and dates back to the very time when the first aggressor stepped foot on our Russian land. It always has been. At all times.
    Change only the chain mail and helmets, spears were replaced by machines. Have you got tanks, and you learned how to fly. But the code remains the same. He works in you whenever your house is going to destroy or capture. And he does not give you peace of mind if hurt the weak.

    How it works? As you start to sound alarm music that you hear only. This code sounds you peal as long as the petition will not be thrown away with your land.

    And here comes the most important thing. Each of you wakes warrior. Each, from small to large. It connects you to an invisible thread. And foreigners do not understand. It needs to be Russian. BORN them.

    When your land in danger, or somewhere on the ground hurt someone, whether in Abkhazia or Ossetia, or Donbass, your snipers become the most well-aimed, tankers - fireproof. The pilots turned into aces and remember these incredible things, like a corkscrew and a ram. Your scouts work wonders, sailors are unsinkable, and the infantry reminds Steadfast Tin Soldier.

    Therefore, those who are going to attack the Russian, and expects to see the Russian land kneeling Russians with loaves and flowers will be very disappointed. They will see a completely different picture. And I do not think they liked it.

    They are destined to see the Russian man who became a Warrior, next to which will be fearless brothers - a war of all peoples and nationalities living in Russia!
  3. Ajidica

    Ajidica High Quality Person

    Nov 29, 2006
    Holy Necro Batman!
  4. red_elk

    red_elk Deity

    Mar 6, 2006
    What's really disappointing, is that quality of google translate is still abysmal.
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  5. Arakhor

    Arakhor Dremora Courtier Moderator

    Mar 27, 2009
    Moderator Action: Do not revive ancient threads please. Thread closed.
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