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Which G&K Civ is your favorite?

Which Civ do you enjoy playing the most?

  • Austria

    Votes: 11 10.5%
  • Byzantium

    Votes: 16 15.2%
  • Carthage

    Votes: 13 12.4%
  • Celts

    Votes: 7 6.7%
  • Ethiopia

    Votes: 13 12.4%
  • The Huns

    Votes: 7 6.7%
  • The Mayans

    Votes: 17 16.2%
  • Netherlands

    Votes: 11 10.5%
  • Sweden

    Votes: 10 9.5%

  • Total voters


Jan 23, 2008
Now that the game has been out a few weeks, which new Civ do you enjoy playing the most?

I like Austria. If you have bountiful resources and lots of cash, marrying city states turns you into a total monster. Carthage is also a favorite of mine.
The Mayans, because of their super-powerful UB, UU that allows me to focus on other tech paths, and the ease at which they can found a religion (and thus experiment with the most important new feature of the game).
I voted for Maya. Well my vote made the difference (2 Maya Vs 1 everybody else). :p
Maya are the most well-rounded. My favorite is Byzantium for the super-religion.
Have finished 3 G&K Games on Marathon level.

#1 Byzantium - Won a cultural victory (Emperor). Their UA can be awesome, and getting it can quickly springboard you light years ahead of your competition. I chose cultural and defensive traits, since my random map type threw me on a panagea. Fought back numerous attacks, allied with a few strong Civs, and coasted to victory.

#2 Carthage - Won a science victory (Immortal). Was thrown in the middle of a huge mountain range on large islands. Which had numerous civs on it. An early war with Genghis but I had a stack of Quins' ready and ended up taking Beshbalik and Karakorum, largely using them. I built my empire rapidly, and didn't have to defend my base cities much as they couldn't get to me without being picked off by a single archer. I didn't found a religion, but my Pantheon belief was 2+ science for each trade route, which I had very early, with harbors etc. Carthage is a beast on an islands map.

#3 Celtics - My first game was with the Celtics (Emperor), I ended up on a continents map. I won a diplomatic victory. I was largely just playing around and enjoying the religion aspect and learning new features of the game. I would have been able to win a cultural or science if I had wanted, but wanted to try diplomatic to fully explore the new city states features.

All were enjoyable. I would probably enjoy the Celts more if I had a semi-set plan right out of the gate. Next up is Ethiopia on Deity. Looks like I am on a Large Islands Map, or possibly a continents map. I plan on just rolling with 1 city the entire game and trying that, though I see the Dutch (who are the only other civ on my island) heading my way with an army, Guess I better buy an archer now. can't wait to get home.
Its The Celts. Right now they are my favorite. But the only other one I have played so far is Dutch.
Byzantium is my favorite, but Carthage is a close second. The free harbors from the start is way more powerful than I expected, even on continent maps.
Sweden is something funny.

"Oh, CS is angry at you for warmongering antics? No problem - have one of my great prophets or generals, and instantly be a thorn on my nemesis' side!"
Voted for Netherlands, the only one I played so far.
Gave a free great admiral I got from commerce tree to Singapore. A couple barb camps and some trade missions later, we were permanent allies.:king:
I love the Neatherlands so much that i have to force myself to play other civs in order to not get used to their traits.
I adore Carthage, their UA plus Messenger of the Gods is amazing. I have found uses for Carthage in really every map type. Honourable mention to the Huns, who allowed me to finally pull my Civ IV style rushes in Civ V and Ethiopia, which is really good at allowing for a tall Civ.
Toss up between Carthage and Austria. I chose Austria in the end. Her UA is just super fun to play with and she is a tough opponent. There are very few opposing civs that can create bumps in my strategy, save Austria. Theresa makes my games more challenging and thats a very good thing.
Mayans sound really fun to play. I really want more distinctive UAs like theirs.

Seems like I'd enjoy Sweden too.
Mayans hands down easily the best. But I want to try Byzantium again, I played that first and didn't optimize it.
Haven't even played most but I've really enjoyed Carthage. I like commercial builder empires and they play well as such. I like the iroquois and the carthaginians very much since religion and messenger of the gods was added to the game.
I've tried everything except Sweden and I'd have to say Carthage was probably the most enjoyable civ to play, free and instant trade routes via harbors is much better than Arabia and Incans cause you don't need a worker (both of those civs are atop my short list of favorites from vanilla and DLC). A close second would be Netherlands simply because I love the aesthetic look to them, especially the polder but it also helps its an amazing tile if you can plant more than one in each city.
I voted the Netherlands. The Polder is very powerful IF you have marches, which honestly seems very hard to spawn next to though... :gripe:
...and i love the ability to trade away my last copy of resources of course. It can be very useful.
I go all out commerce with them.
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