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Apr 23, 2017
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@whoward69's Wonder Planner mod adjusted for VP and @Infixo's Wonders Expanded (More Wonders for VP).
- added few additional columns with more specific info;
- anti-cheating mechanics (now not-met civs are not shown in the table
- much more tables analysed giving more detailed info;
- added code which analyse dummy buildings tied to wonders;
- more accurate icons giving much more info;
- coloured names of wonders indicating special requirement (holy city, policy or ideology branch, corporation or world congress project; added locker icon for those wonders if conditions are not met;
- added date of construction;
- added coloured background for better visibility;
- added warning about outdated wonder;
- refined tooltips, headers, colours, fonts, aligning and internal code;
- and many, many more...

Special thanks to:

Download Wonder Planner for VP (v14)
Github Repository (v14)


Spoiler Screenshots :

Initial screen with few unmet players:

Improved v5 version:
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At last! I managed to hide not known civilizations in built sections. Now you cannot see unmet civs who built some wonders. In my previous example (version) I could see f.e. Sumer having wonders in 4 of their cities even if I didn't know where it is... Additionally some small tweaks to font, column width and colors. Enjoy v14m2!
New v14m3 out! Check the icon for unmet civilization. Other changes are mostly logic changes (additional columns from VP tables are taken into account).
v4 with small non-gameplay changes. Just cleaning all mods.
I will think of it. But first I want to finish LE and then PO. Then probably some small update to TO and C+++ and then this mod. Thats lotta of work.

What do you think of PO promotion colouring?
I will think of it. But first I want to finish LE and then PO. Then probably some small update to TO and C+++ and then this mod. Thats lotta of work.
What do you think of PO promotion colouring?

What I meant of consistency might have been different than another persons meaning. I was hoping at some point your mods could all share the same background, color scheme and grid design.
Added github repository for this mod.
Can you provide examples where they are different? I did shading just to make things visible, and did not compare them.
Wonder Planner v5 out.
- modified header tooltips;
- added world congress and corporation wonders;
- name:
    - now coloured if wonder requires policy, ideology, world congress project or holy city;
    - added name of required policy, ideology, world congress project or holy city;
- locker icon for policy, ideology, holy and world congress wonders if not met requirement; adjusted tooltip for that;
- specific great person icon instead of generic great people one; wonders which have multiple focus will gain tooltip;
- TONS of new conditions (main are: theming, resources, improvements, global yields);
- support for dummy building according to pattern "BUILDING_WONDERNAME_DUMMY";
- small tweaks and fixes;
Spoiler Screens :








*in tooltips should be "has" instead of "have". Forgot to correct this. Will be fixed in v6.
Probably yes, because it adds one icon on top right corner. But you can always check. I play with EUI.
Spoiler from upcoming v6:

Spoiler Year :
The biggest change is added Year column in built page. Every wonder after construction has date of finishing saved and written to the table. You can additionally sort wonders by this column.

Unfortunately Rio Pardo with 2 wonders is aim of an attack of Pachacutiq? Seriously? :)
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Another stuff added:
Spoiler MaxEraStart :

It is default view. It does not block anything. Just informs you that some of the wonders are from few eras behind. If you enable blocking in More Wonder for VP, then it becomes source of valuable info what wonder cannot be built anymore.
v6 released.
- added WLTKD, Settler, WC Votes and FreeGreatPerson (to free units) to logic;
- sorting Great People now counts GreatPeopleRateChange value during sorting;
- fixed sorting;
- "Espionage" is now "Diplomacy or Espionage";
- changed background color palette;
- added red highlighting for Wonders which are 2 eras behind; special sign "OUTDATED!" shows up for them;
- fixed texts and tooltips;
- added "Year" column with sorting in built section showing date of construction of the wonder;
- changed font style and text colours;
- simplified xml columns;
- adjusted scrolling area;
- improved text alignment;
- after researching wonder no tech nor tech icon is shown;
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I think I ran into a bug where occasionally I'm not able to scroll the Wonder Planner; any thoughts on what could've caused that?
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