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  • I am to gather that red diamond threads/OP control are DOA? I did exactly what red diamonds/OP control were supposed to be about and it just blew up.
    Forgive me... it just the occurrence of IOTMAD makes me felled blacklisted over a defence. The 4 income thing just a reminder of power abuse and a dealing of not being welcomed. It is like... I am wanted out of the game, that I am not as worthy as other players.
    Forgive me for interrupting you but the penalization issue in IOTMAD has still not been resolved. I have been marked with 4 income, while everyone else starts with 5. I wish your council on this matter since it suggests that the illegal penalization is still being carried out by LH, even though you declared yourself that the penalization over the silly argument was not a grand policy.
    I like casts. My first IOT, IOT 9, had me develop a cast of charactures from Grand Premier Abel Roux to debate show host Victor Miles. MP2 saw me enter problems because I just loved to play my NGO loudly and MP3 had focus from the charactures. Terios has seen me set up a cast and perhapes to add more figures.

    Hence culture might be a transportation for RP... I will consider well.
    Looks... complex yet fun. I might brows, observing in consideration. If I learn there might be a Manx named power to be but if I learn...
    Have you considered playing Terios? It might intrested if we both played with each other.
    Your needed in the IOT forum. A ecomonic argument came about that... going off hand with dismissings and rather interuptive for outside Tavern talk.
    Thanks again Birdjaguar! Also if I may ask, is your profile picture of your family? One of my uncles on my German side has a picture that looks strikingly like the boy in the middle, sort of thought that was uncanny
    Hey BirdJaguar, I created a new thread in the tavern but left out a word in the title. Would you mind editing "see" between the words you and someone? Thanks!
    I reported it there as did others under a thread called 'new window'. No exaggeration - it's breaking the forum.
    For the love of god please tell me someone is looking into the malicious script thingy. It's breaking the forum for some of us. :mad:

    If it's an April fool's joke, it's not funny.
    There is a crisis in ChristosIOT involving the GM trying to force the players in ways overriding GM power. I request your observation of the matter.
    If you want to join, then USA is the best option, in my opinion. It has been an NPC for many turns and is quite powerful. Otherwise, you could join as a new nation in Africa.
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