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  • It's fine that he takes my spot then. I kind of tried mixing something up several times actually, but I don't have the energy or understanding of this to finish the job.
    lol NM. You should link some extras into the OP (opening post!) like the one about religion.
    Hahah... well, the Maus and the Barat are doing quite well, and both of them are distant evolutionary relatives of the Dendro, so it's not unwinnable. The key problem is that you happened to leave just as Luckymoose's Galactic Republic relocated to the center of the Star-Forest... and after years of oppression by the Maus, they have become quite racist against sentient trees. ;)
    Hahah- funny thing, I was mistakenly thinking that you had been playing the Samaynoch, but it was kkmo who did that. :p I understand if you're too busy to rejoin, regardless. :)
    Hey Starlife, are you still interested in playing in GalaxyNES as the Meli-Telanoch Exiles? Things are just about to get interesting for you. :D
    Ungodly busy. Doing a ton for work, and most of my weekends are sucked up by either grad school apps, music stuff (I'm hoping to submit a few pieces for competitions soon), and other stuff. It's been a little crazy. Yourself?
    I mean,

    I'm sorry if I miscontrued your words as being anti-Catholic in nature, that may have been out of hand.

    But you also didn't have to be such a boob to make that "Step by Step" thing AFTER I admitted that I used the word "saint" wrong. Why was that so hard to get? At that point, I knew where you were coming from and what you meant, but was continuing the arguement because you didn't think I got it yet.
    As someone who is *actually* Catholic, I can say that Seon's accusations are entirely groundless and you have nothing to worry about. :p

    Naturally, religious beliefs (and also the beliefs of the Old Order in a strong religious wing married to a strong imperial center) would fuel a lot of the dissenting low lords' politics.
    You don't decide what other people gets offended by, Starlife, and text-based internet speech is not a good place to convey tone.
    I'm not interested in furthering this discussion. In fact, there is no discussion as it is impossible eto convince the other that we are right.

    I apologize if you don't have any OOC hatred towards Catholics, but your tone was extremely offensive to me when you said it.

    I may personally be an agnosctic, but the rest of my family is Catholic. As an outside observer, I can't help but notice that most people have a distaste towards that religion based on that church's actions during the medieval era.

    In any case, continuing the point is moot because I already repeatedly said that I changed the reference to the saint in the history section, something that you refuse to listen to.
    "We're Catholic? Eeeek."

    Sure, yeah.

    Personal attacks aside, since there is actually no discussion, I don't understand why you are continuing to attack.
    Step by step explanation and mockery seems to be popular here ;).

    Your trolling attempt, which I can only assume that it is due to the sheer amount of arbitrary edits made to the post, mocking tones, and seemingly fueled by OOC- hatred of catholics was noted with particular distaste.
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