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AW's Swiss Confederacy Mod (G&K) (v4) 2016-10-05

AW's Swiss Confederacy Mod (G&K) (v4)

  1. AW Arcaeca
    Adds Switzerland to the game as a playable civ.

    :c5capital: Capital: Bern
    Leader: Wilhelm Tell
    Colors: Dark Red and Grey
    UA: Neutrality - +25% combat bonus in friendly territory, but -10% combat penalty outside. -15% enemy spy effectiveness in your cities.
    UU: Reisläufer - Replaces pikeman. Costs 30:c5production: more, but has 3 more :c5strength:. Prereq tech is guilds instead of civil service. Gaiins "absurd" amounts of defense XP.
    UB: Kaserei - Replaces Constabulary. Provides 10%:c5gold:, also +1 :c5food: and +1 :c5happy:. 1 merchant specialist slot. -25% spy stealing rate.

    Special thanks to Nutty for the Pontifical Guard unit skin.


    1. swisspromotional_bU3.png