Better Espionage Screen (UI)

Better Espionage Screen (UI) 2.1

New v2.1 as of 20.01 - Chinese language, works with the base game.
Improves the Espionage Screen and Operation Chooser. Adds filters, side screens, extra info, etc. This is an enhanced version of the well known astog's Better Espionage Screen.

It has the following features (see also screenshots).
- Promotion icons and tooltips in the Operatives Overview, to easily see who is good at what.
- Filters for available operations in the chooser; the difference between this filter and just districts is that here it will only show cities where an op can actually be performed, so e.g. empty theater squares will not shown for great work heist op.
- Info about Gain Sources boost and a filter to select only cities with this boost active.
- Info about the last op performed in the city.
- Warning sign if a spy was ever caught or killed in the city.
- Alliance flag in the cities pulldown, so you will know where spying is not possible.

This mod is compatible with CQUI. Supports all languages.

Credits for the original BES - astog.
Chinese localization - 枫叶.
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