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Better FrontEnd (UI)

Better FrontEnd (UI) 1.0

FrontEnd enhancements and tweaks.

Main Menu
- Additional content options available directly from the main menu.
- Submenu icons.
Load Game
- Search feature that works on file names and basic game info - era name, map size, civilization and leader name, etc.
- Tooltips over file names with basic game information.
- Filter out games with only official content.
- Filter out games that have enabled or disabled Tuner.
- Separate list of mods (community created content).
- European date format if you choose 24-hour clock format in the interface settings.
New Game
- Search box that works for leaders, civilizations, and uniques.
- Victory icons show if and how you have won with the specific leader.
- Easy map selection via a pulldown, standard window still available via Right Click.
Map Selection
- Map description visible for all maps.
- Flags for Official and WorldBuilder maps.
- More maps visible at once.

- Supports all languages. Supports Linux.
- Compatible with: CQUI-Lite, CQUI and YnAMP.
- This mod is not compatible with mods that override FrontEnd screens listed above.
- GitHub

- Sukritact - how to enable Map pulldown in the New Game window
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Just the fact of searching leader is a great advance, great WORK!
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