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Real Strategy (AI) 2.0

Making AI better. One bit at a time.

  1. Infixo
    New version 2.0 as of 27.06 - Updated for New Frontier Pass.

    A quick overview only. Go to the discussion thread for more details.

    Different approach to make AI better, a mixture of Lua "thinking" and tuning of AiLists.

    Before you start
    - Real Strategy (RST) works with vanilla, Rise and Fall, Gathering Storm and all DLCs, in any configuration.
    - The mod's flag "affects save files" is set to FALSE. You can enable / disable it whenever you want. However, it stores its own data in a save-file, so after a reload a civ can continue its behavior uninterrupted.
    - It is NOT compatible with AI+. RST enhances existing AI params (AiLists) while AI+ removes many them and creates a bunch of its own. You will most likely get DB errors with both mods enabled.
    - It is also NOT recommended to mix it with other AI-altering mods - they technically might work together, but you will most likely get weird results.
    - If you want to play Multi Player or use it with iOS - see the notes below.
    - Do NOT use with Scenarios as they usually have their own rules for AI.

    Overview of the key features
    - AI uses more sophisticated approach to decide what victory to pursue. This is the core part of the mod programmed in Lua. It evaluates the current situation, and assess what other are doing. Basically these are concepts and ideas used in Civ5 re-programmed to be used in Civ6.
    - Each Victory Strategy is revised and enhanced accordingly. Diplomatic Victory is also supported.
    - Anti-Strategies to better handle disabled victory-conditions have been created.
    - New approach to Naval strategies. A civ will determine based on revealed tiles (during exploration) in what situation it is: Pangea, Default, Coastal, Island and tune its behavior accordingly.
    - Each Leader, Policy, Wonders, and few other things have flavors assigned to indicate what type of game we are playing.
    - The leaders' behavior (AiLists) have been enhanced. Not changed - (practically) all original entries are there. Errors are fixed and many more are added to help leaders pursue their goals.
    - Few supporting strategies have been implemented, mostly to help manage military and wars. Very simple ones, this area will be improved in the future. Basically Peace/War behavior, Catching up behavior when we start lagging in military (weak civs are always first to be killed), Science or Culture and an emergency Defense when a strong civ attacks us.
    - Time strategies - revised and updated.
    - Simple tweaks to Tactics and Operations systems. Some fiddling with behavior trees. Mostly to make AI better at sieges (they use Rams, etc.) and general war preparation.
    - AI uses Bombers extensively, and Nukes cites too.
    - Missing start biases added for civs depending on geo-location.
    - A bit revised Settling params. AI chooses better spots (a bit, the system is too simple to achieve any grand results).
    - Scripts for better GWAM handling (temporarily disabled).
    - Last, but not least. No cheating policy is in effect. The "thinking" part uses only information that is also available to the human player, e.g. it doesn't know anything about another civ until it's met. This mod doesn't give AI anything for free (no units, no boosts, yields, etc.)

    If you want to check yourself how the AI works with the mod, on the CivFanatics forum I posted a simple tool for that (FireTuner panel).
    Important. In case of issues or errors please also post Lua.log - it contains crucial information needed for analysis and tuning.

    Multi Player note
    This mod can be used in MP. The support was added 2 months ago and I have not received any reports about de-sync issues. The most problematic function - random numbers - has been changed into a function from the game engine that works in MP. There are 3 options (RST_Params.sql) that you can choose to use / test:
    - 0 - random numbers are not used at all.
    - 1 - for Single Player only, uses math.random.
    - 2 - for Multi Player & SP, uses Game.GetRandNum - this is the default option.

    iOS note
    I think all platforms have now the same base game and all expansions (?), so the mod should work on all of them with no issues. However, I am not able to test it on iOS, as I only have the base game there.
    The latest version dedicated for only vanilla game is 1.4 and can be downloaded from CivFanatics.

    Differences from AI+
    Since this is going to be an inevitable question:
    - AI+ adds a lot of strategies on top of existing ones. RST enhances existing programming. You can turn it on / off even for games in-progress (doesn't affect the save files).
    - Victory conditons. AI+ uses existing conditions, no improvement here. RST uses a more sophisticated approach here (see here[forums.civfanatics.com] for details).
    - Leaders. AI+ uses Traits as a way to give various civs more unique behavior. RST tunes each civ and leader separately to its preferred victories.
    - Tactics. AI+ introduces its own behavior tress and overhauls this part. RST just tweaks few things here. However, I see the need to use more advanced (or better) behavior trees. This is for the future development.
    - Difficulties. AI+ employs a bit different strategies on higher diffs, with focus on Deity. Mostly more aggressive and more military focus strategies. RST - no changes here. Imo, the Civ philosophy has been always that difficulties come from giving AI more bonuses. And I am ok with that. AI should be "smart" no matter what difficulty we are playing.
    Personally, I consider AI+ to be a really good mod. I used it a source of (good) ideas and "tested" mechanics. Whatever gems are hidden there (and there are), I will most likely try to implement them in RST.

    - Delnar - FastPillage operation and BH tree from his mod "AI CleanUp". I am not sure if it is working, but I like the idea :) Jan 22nd: Didn't work but I think I fixed it.
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Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.5.1
    ... в Real Strategy противники покупают редкие ресурсы слишком дорого и легко выиграть когда у тебя их много !!! в оригинальной версии максимум за 13 золота берут (измени если можешь и игра станет лучше)
  2. Exletrum
    Version: 1.5.1
  3. Makeins
    Version: 1.5
    Are bots actively using aviation and air defense (as in civ 5)?
  4. Exletrum
    Version: 1.4.2
    oh I can add a grade
  5. ABelal
    Version: 1.4.1
    I downloaded version 1.4.1 but there seems to be a problem. I tried it on Gathering Storm with other mods enabled (not AI related) but the game told me that the mod failed to load files or something and brought me back to main menu. This problem was not solved when RT 1.4.1 was the only mod enabled. I also made sure all mod files are in place and in the correct folders. I never tried earlier versions of the mod so I can't confirm if the issue is specific to this version (although all other users seem to have no issues with previous versions).
    1. Infixo
      Author's Response
      Update the game with the latest patch.
  6. Revolutionist_8
    Version: 1.4
    A fantastic and much needed mod
  7. Exletrum
    Version: 1.2
    the only ray of hope for AI.I can't even make a powerful counterattack
    Nice work,,,Again :)
  8. Tovarish
    Version: 1.1
    I am truly impressed how this mod improves gameplay experience. Simply a MUST-HAVE mod. It is high time firaxis hired you instead of their own lazy programmers.
    1. Infixo
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  9. RaphaelMart
    Version: 1.1
    Great work!
  10. Exletrum
    Version: 1.0
    Better than AI+ Nice work