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Real Eurekas 5.0

With 250+ new Eurekas that are randomly assigned each game will look different

  1. Infixo
    New version 5.0 as of 17.06 - New Frontier Pass update.

    Make Eurekas a real surprise! There are 500+ new ones and they are randomly assigned to Techs and Civics. Each game will look different from now on.

    - The mod works with vanilla game, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm.
    - Version 3.0+ also works with my Better Tech Tree mod.
    - Works with the latest CQUI. Please note however that REU will overwrite features that CQUI adds to the trees.
    - Works with the Shuffle Mode - boosts for not revealed items are not shown.
    - Yes, works with Babylon / Hammurabi as well :)

    How does it work?
    The game offers a limited set of Eureka boosts that can actually be parameterized. Basically when there's a boost related to X of something, 'X' can be changed and 'something' can be something else. Theoretically any boost can be assigned to any tech/civic but in practice most of such assignments doesn't make any sense - there need to be some kind of logic. Btw, this logic is explained in the the Eureka popup-window - bet you never read those :)
    Using this mechanisms I have created hundreds of new boosts. I managed to actually create 3-5 new boosts for almost each tech and civic. But that's not all - they are randomly assigned when the game starts. It means that each game will look different. I put some examples on the screenshots.

    There are 3 options available that affect how randomization works.
    - A: use it when you want to randomize boosts once and play entire game with this set; SP & MP games
    - B: it rolls randomly a new set of boosts each time the game is started or re-loaded; SP only
    - C: it rolls randomly a new set of boosts and it will change every day (default option now); SP only
    The option is set via in RealEurekas_0_Setup.sql file. There are also detailed instructions and more info.

    Custom boosts
    I've created several custom boosts. These are totally new ones and different from the ones provided by the game. As for now there ~45 custom boosts, all related to an early game and placing of your capital and 2nd city. The boosts depend on what is found close-by. Examples:
    - If there are rainforest tiles or tundra, hills, etc. around.
    - If there are resources that can be mined later
    - Have a desert tile within borders when settling 2nd city.
    - Found the Capital adjacent to a mountain.
    - Settle your first 2 cities on 2 potential quarries.
    - Meet an Industrial CS or any other type.
    - Be a Suzerain of a Religious CS.

    Trigger visibility
    There is a startup option available in Advanced Options that governs trigger information.
    - Always visible (same as vanilla game) - DEFAULT.
    - Visible when can be researched.
    - Visible when you start researching a tech or civic.
    - Visible only after the boost has been activated.
    Activated boosts are always visible, regardless of Visibility option.

    What to report?
    There's really a lot of new boosts and a multitude of possible combinations. I would appreciate any comments regarding:
    - wrong boost placement, i.e. cannot be ever triggered
    - if it's too hard to get - since the new ones tend to be harder that vanilla ones
    - descriptions - I've created so many new explanations and descriptions that there are some mistakes for sure

    Want your own Eurekas?
    You can come up with your own Eurekas - I'd be more than happy to include them in the mod. There are still many techs and civics (I'd say ~30) that I wasn't able to come up with more than 1 new boost. However, if you want to help me here, you need to present an explanation. That's actually the most difficult part :) So, to summarize, 3 things are needed:
    - event i.e. a new version of "X of something" or an existing one if you have an idea how to reuse it,
    - tech / civic which it boosts,
    - explanation i.e. why this event inspired someone to invent given tech/civic

    - @ElCid0204 - several quotes and ideas for Ancient era boosts.
    - TheRedOne - ideas for randomization to work with MP games.


    1. techs1.jpg
    2. techs2.jpg
    3. techs3.jpg
    4. civics1.jpg
    5. civics2.jpg
    6. civics3.jpg
    7. tooltips.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Talmiam
    Version: 4.0.1
    The changes that this mod adds are just enough to keep it interesting while not making each game a gimmick. This definitely deserves more downloads.
  2. nrh
    Version: 2.7
    Adds a very slight level of mystery and chance, and is very balanced. It's sort of like adding a small dice roll to your game, giving the overall outcome a greater complexity but remains fair.
  3. qadams
    Version: 1.1
    Such a great mod, exactly what's needed to keep things fresh. Too bad the original game didn't include something as smart as this.