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Better Report Screen (UI) 6.1.2

Adds Policies impact, Units, Deals and many other improvements to the Report Screen.

  1. Infixo
    New version 6.1.2 as of 19.05 - support for Monopolies and Corporations Mode!

    Adds Policy and City-States impact, Units, Deals and many QoL improvements to the Report Screen. The Report Screen can be toggled on/off using F8.
    - This is a new tab, that lists all policies with their impact on yields when activated.
    - Policies are grouped by type and there are filters.
    - Also includes Pantheons and Follower Beliefs.
    - Supports any new types of Gov Slots (e.g. from Rule with Faith).
    - This a a new tab, that lists all city-state bonuses with their impact on yields when activated.
    - Shows separately 3 levels of influence and suzerain bonus.
    - "Go to City" function (click on the city name).
    - Displays net food with a detailed tooltip.
    - Shows city focus markes and city population.
    - Adds new lines with detailed yields information.
    - Condensed Building and Units expenses.
    City Status
    - This tab has many improvements (e.g. religion/pantheon icon, Loyalty shown as "change per turn", garrison unit, walls markers, shows governors' promotions).
    - Lists built Districts, uses colors to visualize status, many tooltips.
    - Status icons for various effects plus info about built Wonders.
    - "Go to City" function (click on City name).
    - Click on a unit name to go to this unit.
    - Extended promotion info showing "hidden" abilities from modifiers.
    - Units with moves left (end-turn-blocking) are clearly marked.
    - Promotions markers and a tooltip with all promotion names, also for spies and religious units, colored heath value.
    - "View unit", "Upgrade unit" functions in Units tab.
    - Shows closest city and district icon if a unit occupies one.
    - Sorted by name, Filters, visual improvements.
    Cities (GS) New tab with city information specific for Gathering Storm.
    - Power consumption and production.
    - CO2 footprint for a city.
    - Nuclear Reactor info.
    - Dam and Flood Barrier info inc. number of endangered tiles.
    - Number of tiles with railroads.

    Works with vanilla, Rise & Fall, Gathering Storm and all official Scenarios. Supports all languages. Compatible with:
    - CIVITAS City-States Expanded,
    - Rule with Faith,
    - Combat and Stacking Overhaul,
    - ConciseUI.
    - CQUI.

    Important information
    1. Sorting in Policies tab will not be implemented.
    2. Please be aware that information displayed in Yields tab may be different from information shown in other places in the game. This is just how original Firaxis code works, the mod doesn't change that. I have added some missing information from common modifiers, but there are simply too many of them to implement all. However, I would appreciate posts about such discrepancies and ideas on how to improve the reports even more.
    3. Stacking policies. Policies are calculated based on actual, current yields. Because some modifiers may affect the same objects, it might happen that some yields could be calculated twice. I have NOT yet came across such case, but there are hundreds of modifiers, and many are created in custom mods. Obviously not all of them are supported by the mod. As for now all required for vanilla and R&F policies are supported, plus several others related.
    3a. Yields for policies that are actually activated may suffer from this effect.
    4. Unknown effects. The exclamation sign appears when there is an effect not implemented in the mod. This usually is a non-yield affecting one, like speed wonders, get extra xp, etc. You can ignore it basically, it helps me tracking which effects needs to be implemented. It should appear ONLY for policies NOT affecting per-turn-yields. If you find a policy that is NOT processing correctly a modifier that DOES affect yields - let me know and I will implement support for this modifier. Also, you don't need to check them again and again because they are the same all the time, each game, in every turn. They are related to the game internal configuration, not your current situation in the game.
    5. The tooltip for a policy impact yields shows some technical information. It is intended for debugging and testing purposes, not aesthetics (be aware that it will not be localized). However, if you are interested how the game engine works, you might find some useful info there :)
    6. Extended promotions info in Units. Information here comes directly from game's engine and is based on actual attached modifiers. It is a bit technical, I try to present it in an understandable form using icons and existing texts. Please do not report effects listed multiple times (especially from Great People) - this how they are internally handled, Great Generals listed as Great Admirals - because they share the same modifiers and unified combat strengh for all types of "strength" (ranged, defense, etc.) - the game uses one type of modifier for all such effects. But... please report any effects that will appear in grey - these are the ones that need still to be implemented.
    7. Follower Beliefs. Calculations for these beliefs assume that all cities are following a religion that actually has the specific belief. In real game, if not all cities are following this religion, the final effect will be ofc smaller. This is more of a "what-would-be" scenario.
    7a. There is no Founder nor Enhancer beliefs. Only Pantheons and Followers.
    8. The impact from city-state influence is shown as "what-would-be" with a single one, plus in brackets the actual impact as in current game situation (basically the former multiplied by the number of influenced CSs).

    - Original Units and Deals tabs are from Unit Report Screen mod, created by G.Miller.
    - Checkboxes in Resources are from CQUI.
    - nightfearer - Japanese localization.
    - Tyolan - French localization, widening the window by 120px.
    - copysoul - Chinese localization.
    - RohBang - Korean localization.
    - Gorlod - Spanish localization.
    - Zergus - Russian localization.
    - Rac - Brazilian Portuguese localization.
    - Aristos - better Unit Upgrade icon functionality.


    1. v22policies1.jpg
    2. v22yields.jpg
    3. v22resources.jpg
    4. deals.jpg
    5. v3city.jpg
    6. v3minors.jpg
    7. v3promo1.jpg
    8. v31units.jpg
    9. v5cities2.jpg
    10. v6monopolies.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. robal1991
    Version: 6.1.2
    Amazing mod. This is how "report screen" should look like.
  2. CrizCapo
    Version: 5.8
    Thank you very much, amazing!!!
  3. Hitesh12
    Version: 5.6.1
    Late game is basically unplayable without this mod
  4. Flatline23
    Version: 5.5
    Can't play without it!
  5. geen
    Version: 5.5
    hi, it didnt worked on version
    1. Infixo
      Author's Response
      Version 5.5 is updated for the current version of the game i.e. Use previous mod versions for previous game versions.
  6. Kibikus
    Version: 5.1
    Fantastic mod, so much useful information displayed in a very convenient way. At this point it's hard to play the game without it.
  7. raki-can
    Version: 4.1
    Very useful! Since I play "extreme" games with multiple mods, sometimes I do not know where they are after waiting for a unit, but that is no longer worrisome! Lol
    Other functions are very easy to see, I think that it can be said that MOD recommended for all people.
  8. Das Capitolin
    Das Capitolin
    Version: 4.1
    A must-have mod, especially for Gathering Storm!
  9. heinous_hat
    Version: 3.6
    Exceptional UI addition.

    I find the game's policy system painfully tedious, due to poor presentation. This report screen is an essential tool to help mitigate that.
  10. Das Capitolin
    Das Capitolin
    Version: 3.5.1
    A must-have mod!