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Real Era Tracker (UI) 1.2

Shows a list of historic moments not yet earned.

  1. Infixo
    Works with September 2019 Patch.

    Shows a list of historic moments not yet earned. If you are short of few points to get the Golden Age or not fall into the Dark Age this mod will help you find the possible sources of those points.

    Requires Rise & Fall or Gathering Storm.

    How does it work
    All possible historic moments are grouped into 3 categories:
    - World - "be the first in the world",
    - Civilization - do something for the first time,
    - Repeatable - moments that can be triggered more than once.
    The mod analyzes the timeline of earned historic moments and "checks" the earned ones.
    There is a filter active by default "hide already triggered", thus by default the window will show those that still can be earned.

    - Various info like Turn when the moment was earned, a counter for Repeatable moments, tooltips.
    - Filters for Era Score = 1, 2, 3, 4+.
    - Some moments are valid only for some eras, you can filter out those not available.
    - Moments can be set as Favored and will be always visible and listed at the top. Favored moments are remembered when the game is reloaded.
    - Information about turns till next era and thresholds for Dark and Golden ages.
    - Support for Taj Mahal. The icon will appear if it is built and era scores will be adjusted accordingly.
    - Some moments are automatically checked as "invalid" (red cross). It means that either some other civ earned them or you earned the "world" moment thus invalidating the "civilization" moment.
    - No cheating policy. The game doesn't provide any direct information about moments earned by other players, and so RET doesn't neither. "Invalidation" from the previous point will trigger only when you will earn the appropriate "civlization" moment thus learning that someone else must have earned the "world" moment. Until then, the "world" moment will be shown as available.
    - But if you really want to take a peek at how others are doing... there's an option in the .sql file.
    - The Extra column is not used as of now. The tooltip shows debug info.

    - Mod idea from @Gyrofalcon .


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