[BNW] Cuba Civilization 2016-10-05

[BNW] Cuba Civilization

  1. Leugi
    Adds the Cuban Civilization to Brave New World, with Carlos Manuel de Céspedes as its Leader!. This mod features Custom Leader Music.


    Special thanks to JanBoruta for the Revolucionario icons, to Tomatekh for the DOM text, to Viregel for the Civilopedia entries, and to Pouakai for the map base.

    Musical Credits

    Peace Music: Unknown music by the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Cuba (fragment)
    War Music: Cuban Overture by Gershwin (Joshua Dos Santos version) (fragment)

    Reccommended to use with this soundtrack.

    Post-Colonial American Civilizations Thread on CivFanatics!


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