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Fictionalization IV (beta 6.0) 2016-10-05

This mod, in the styles and tradition of Phillip Jose Farmer, Alan Moore, Robert Heinlein and many others, is based on the world of fiction. The mod is derived from legend, folklore and pop culture rather than history, bringing everything from The Iliad to Arthurian legend to comic books into a single universe.

Some of the characters in this mod, like Firefly and Hynkel, come from film, others like Charmant and Froshkonig, come from fairytale. Still others, like El Cid and Ivan are real, but still hold strong places in national legend. And if you have a favorite film, novel, comic, play, TV show or anything else you can think of that I haven’t represented in the mod yet, I’ll try my best to work it in somehow.


- New leaders for old civs
- 6 new civilizations
- 3 new religions
- 7 new corporations
- 41 new wonders
- 55 new heroes
- And a whole lot more!

Current version: 6.0

What's New in This Version?

Superheroes - late game Hero units that are unique to each civ. For example, America can build Superman, Japan can build Goku, and Greece can build Kratos.
Added Hero (Armor) class
Added missing artwork for Templar Fortress
Added missing Louis leaderhead
Added The Snow Queen, Howling Coyote, Liu Bei as leaders
Replaced artwork for Ivan, Jack Ryan
Added UnitClass Hero (Heavy)
Atlantean Mersolider has Hidden Nationality
Bodhisattva now Buddhist UU, Shaolin Monk now Shambhalese LU
Carpet Rider changed from Hero (Hovering) to Hero (Recon)
Fixed Anubite pedia problem
Fixed bug where Barbarians build Legendary Units
Fixed bug where Pandava and Miles Gloriosus could not be built
Hogwarts now adds all religions to its host city.
New art for Mecha
New music for Jack Ryan by cybrxkhan
removed Enkidu
Sherlock and Fu Manchu now Hero (Spy)
SMERSH Agents now start with Respawn 2
Wrote new concept pedia entries
Wrote strategy for Legendary Units
New pedia entries by myself, Dibukk and johnny139

NOTE: This is an open beta. As such there are still flaws in the build. If you have experience with 3D modeling, I'd appreciate any help I could get.

For more info, see the thread
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