Jarcast's The Etruscans

Jarcast's The Etruscans 3.1

Installation notes: Extract the zip and place the folder in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed lua error

    Minor fix.
  2. Fixes

    Changelog: - fixed the unit button, now it's compatible with default UI, and when using EUI or...
  3. Fixed missing Bucchero text

    In the previous update I deleted something I shouldn't have.
  4. Text adjustments

  5. Balance and bug fixes

    Changelog: - fixed some lua shenaningans: now landlocked cities next to a lake should be...
  6. Bucchero bug fix

    Changelog: Solved a bug whereby the Bucchero luxury resource is not correctly connected even if...
  7. Other minor fixes

    Changelog: - cleaned some lua
  8. Improved Vox Populi compatibility

    Changelog - Enabled a trait option available in the CBP DLL that allows to send Trade routes to...
  9. Fixed some bugs

    Changelog: - Fixed slq error in Mod support file that didn't allow to trade and have monopoly on...
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