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JFD's The Kingdom of Prussia for Vox Populi (v 6)

Compatibility and balance changes for Vox Populi.

  1. HungryForFood
    JFD's The Kingdom of Prussia for Vox Populi
    Does not need the original mod

    Recommended to use with Enlightenment Era for Vox Populi
    (steam workshop)
    (link to original mod)

    Hohenfriedberg March (UA)

    Receive :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points when defeating enemy units. Melee and Gunpowder Units receive the Prussian Discipline Promotion. New units receive +100% more free experience.

    Kriegsschule (UB) (replaces Military Academy)

    • +2 :c5science: Science and :c5culture: Culture (instead of 1 :c5science: Science).
    • +10% :c5science: Science and :c5culture: Culture during :c5goldenage: Golden Ages.
    • 1 scientist specialist slot.
    • Costs less :c5production: Production (1000 instead of 1250).
    • Unlocks earlier at Metallurgy (or Fortification with Enlightenment Era).
    • All Gun and Melee units from the city gain +10% :c5strength: Combat Strength per adjacent Gun or Melee unit and +1 :c5moves: Movement.
    Gardekorps (UU) (replaces Fusilier, or Line Infantry with Enlightenment Era)

    • +4 :c5strength: Combat Strength.
    • Stalwart (+35% :c5strength: Combat Strength when defending).
    Additional mod compatibility
    Other information
    To install, extract to C:\Users\[your username]\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS.
    More details in the thread.

    • JFD: Author.
    • Janboruta: Art (Civ Icon, Leader Icon, Unique Component Icons, Leaderscene, Map).
    • bernie14: Graphics (UUs).
    • Creative Assembly: Music (Peace).
    • Andrea Waldetoft: Music (War).
    • LeeS: Lua Utilities (Unit Spawn Handler).
    • HungryForFood: Kriegsschule icon (edited from this).
    I am not the author of the original mod.

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