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  1. NycholusV

    NV's Snowflake Map Script [ALPHA] 0.0

    https://nycholusv.com/map-scripts/ Installation: Copy the folder "NV_Balance_Maps" to your Mods for Civilization 6, usually: Documents » My Games » Sid Meier's Civilization VI » Mods. Open Civilization 6. Click "Additional Content" in the Main Menu. Ensure the checkbox beside "NycholusV's...
  2. ArcticOcean

    Middle East 0.40

    Features: - Large Map of the Middle East - Historic Start Locations for 8 major civs and multiple city states - Features and resources based on real geography - Upscaled Greece - Includes Sikh Civilization - Includes Ukraine Civilization Installation: - Unzip to ...\Documents\My Games\Sid...
  3. D

    Civ4 BTS: Very Newbie Question

    Embarrassing to ask this but I can't figure out how to get the downloaded maps that I have gotten from Civ Fanatics to launch in BTS when I start it. Working with a Mac running OS Sierra.
  4. Mr_PeaCH

    Everything about map generation at start

    No, I don't have the answers. Just the questions. If anyone would be so kind as to tell me where to find this information or explain it themselves I would be most grateful. Additionally, if anyone knows of a mod which offers more customization in ways to generate a random map I'm all ears. I...
  5. CBE Player

    Anyone else hate the popups for map info?

    Hi I have really began to get tired of all the auto popup/info boxes on every tile my cursor is on. It always comes up when I am attacking another unit and blocks the sight of the units unless I move the cursor out of the way. (It would rest nicely on the current battle scene but blocks sight...
  6. djkrose

    Meteor Survival 1.5

    Version: 1.2 Tested with Civilization VI Now also available on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871919588 A meteor crater in the middle of an ice planet with just a small strip of habitable land for all civilizations to batte for. Map script...
  7. s_leaf83

    Master Balance for Team Battle 1.0

    Master Balance for Team Battle v1.0 Master Balance for Team Battle especially suitable for Multiplayer games with Team Battle. Other Master Balance Mod Master Balance for Balance Future 1 More Team Battle Map. 2 More Team Battle Component. Features 1 Add 2 new map "Pangaea Battle" and...
  8. Noranda Brown

    Map Offset Glitch

    While playing on a Huge size map, on turn 123 an unmet Civ introduction dialog displayed with Rome. Once I closed that dialog and returned to my game, Rome (which is located on the opposite side of the map as me) was centered in the map. The problem is that my mini-map is now offset with Rome on...
  9. Map Offset Bug

    Map Offset Bug

    After being introduced to a new Civ, my mini-map is now offset with the new Civ on it and I cannot get back to my area of the map. It is as if the map itself shifted about 3/4 to the left. When I try to scroll back, I am blocked.
  10. Futumch

    Rolling back the Fog of War (FOW) ?

    At the conclusion of a game, when the dust has settled, is there a way to roll back the fog of war, and have the entire map presented in that sketched out mode ? I just think some of those maps look really good, and would love to be able to screenshot a few areas and stitch them together to...
  11. cof125

    Resource Rebalance 1.7 (Released)

    Small adjustments to the resource generation will not find two resource in any settled area due too making them farther apart but opening up the terrain they are generated in. This is a component for a larger mod that I am working on, I had made one for civilization 5 mouse's rise to power.I...
  12. K

    Mod Request: Escape from Zombie Island 2

    I was actually in love with this map back in Civ 3. When Mod tools get released is there anyone interested in re-creating this?
  13. s_leaf83

    Master Balance 10.0

    Master Balance for Balance v10.0 Master Balance especially suitable for a balanced games. Special Information Master Balance has split into two mods: 1 Master Balance for Balance v10.0 2 Master Balance for Team Battle v1.0 Future 1 I don't know! Features 1 GAME MODE 1.1 No War...
  14. s_leaf83

    Master Balance

    s_leaf83 submitted a new resource: Master Balance - Especially suitable for a balanced games for civ6 v1.0.0.38
  15. A

    City Range Up X 1.0

    INTRODUCTION: This mod symply Up the minimum Distance between Cities 3 to 4 or 5. IA make Cities more spaced out and make larger country. Good with larger map (mod too) or/and less factions. MODIFICATIONS CONTENTS TABLE: Cities distance up: 3 to 4 or 5 Groth Threshold up: 15 to...
  16. P

    Adjusted Continents 1.1

    Original Discussion here Summary Creates fewer pole to pole continents while producing oceans that allow you to circumnavigate the world. Install Unzip the file as is to your Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Mods folder (if you have a previous version, please overwrite the...
  17. F

    Playing a toroidal map

    I've had some weird experiences in an archipielago toroidal map( ToMap), and want to know what other people have see.
  18. Chinese American

    Resourceful 2016-11-06

    New map option "Resourceful" to have resources fill the map.
  19. GoodEnoughForMe

    Predict the Electoral College

    We have a Predictions thread, but it's a little broad-based and the like. Use this thread to simply post your predicted Electoral College map and discuss why you chose what you did, and horsehocky-talk other people's maps. There is one Monday left of last second polling data but we're pretty close at...
  20. P

    Adjusting Continents Script for Contiguous Oceran

    Hi, Hoping for some guidance from some people with experience in map scripts. Basically the current Continents script is driving me nuts by creating generally at least two landmasses that extend from pole to pole, making circumnavigation impossible. At this stage I'm looking at using the...
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