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  1. S

    Online speed movement optimization mod request

    Initially, the balance was optimized for the standard game speed, but it is too slow for online games. Online speed doubles almost everything in the game except unit movement points and governor speed. Therefore, there is an imbalance in the network game - military victory in FFA is completely...
  2. Deuce

    Mod Request - On Screen Numpad For Trading

    It is almost possible to play Civ 5 mouse-only, but the trade window requires number input for the gold field. I was hoping someone with modding experience would be able to cobble something together, just a simple number pad with a backspace button on the side of the trade window would be...
  3. S

    Governor Mod Request

    Hello! I love the IDEA of the governor system, but I feel like a lot of them are basically useless and I end up getting the same governors every time and just leaving them in my first two cities until I have a city that is losing loyalty and I just move that military guy there to keep it from...
  4. Turtle Anderson

    [GS] Request for Aristos's Extended Policy Cards Mod

    Hello Everyone. Right now, I have the Epic Games version of Civ 6. I got the original game on the Epic Games free sale and decided to purchase the expansion packs. However, the Epic Games system is so far inferior with mods compared to Steam. However, I can still apply mods if I have the...
  5. Noxempire

    [GS] A Mod to catch up in Science

    So I don't know how necessary this is, but hear me out. Me and my friends always play very long games and use mods to extent eras and the tech tree as much as we can. We always try to create interesting scenarios, wars and RP a lot. More comparable to Total War I guess? But this sometimes...
  6. ebcott

    Memorialize Units

    It would be cool if you can retire veteran units and create a memorial improvement or great work out of them that provides a little yield bonus of some sort.
  7. Seraiel

    [BTS] I forgot, Please deliver US another Deity GOTM

    Right after downloading the challenger starting file I noticed, that this game wouldn' t give me any benefits onto achieving My Pantheon of Heroes reward. This is why I kindly ask the staff to generate and worldbuild a Deity-BOTM
  8. smorgasborgas

    Is there a mod or a flag I could set somewhere that would make it impossible to capture city states?

    Preface: Hi! I love this mod. It's the only video game I've played for the past 2 years and I'm not getting tired of it any time soon. This mod is incredible and I don't want my first post here to sound like a criticism. *I turned off the flags for bribed wars and win-condition aggression...
  9. K

    Hoping to commission a (CivVI) mod for a birthday gift

    The group I play Civ with wants to build a custom game for one of our members who has a birthday in a few months. Hopefully something like ACoIaF or this Zelda one. I'm hoping this is a good place to ask. I know these things aren't easy to make so as we'd love much or as little as can be...
  10. J

    Custom ethnic diversity mods

    Hello, are there any custom made ethinc diversity mods that change the unit's graphics depending on the civ's culture? Something like Nutty's ethinc diversity mod. I havent seen similar mods like that so are there any custom ones?
  11. D

    [GS] Mod Request - Remove Wonders

    Looking for someone to remove Wonders from the Game -- they're dope, but I'd prefer a chill match where I don't gots to worry about 'em. Message me if you wanna do it, and we can discuss specifics--like compensation.
  12. IFH

    New Frontier Mod Template Request: Civ+Leader+Building+Unit

    I've been trying to learn modding, but haven't been successful. I haven't even gotten an existing template to load correctly with images. I've tried the ModBuddy new civ template, Keniisu's gathering storm template, copying raen's posts from here... Would someone post an XML template for Civ 6...
  13. Honeydak

    Request: Invisible Walls

    I'd like to request a simple mod that removes the graphics for walls in cities. No modifiers on what walls do or anything, just remove the visuals. I love how organic and nice cities look without walls in them, and the fact that they're virtually impossible to defend without walls really sucks...
  14. Viper.Fennec

    [GS] Looking for Furry Civ and Egyptian God Civ

    Okay so I have Civ 6 through GOG and wanted to mod, Steam had nothing of value so I went on here and was wondering if I could request someone to make a Furry Civilization (Can be Fursuits or Athro Characters) as Well as An Alternative Civ based 100% of the Egyptian Gods (Anubis, Sett, Seth, Ra...
  15. moors

    Request of a new civilization: Gokturk Khaganate

    Civilization Unique Ability, Nomads: +1 movement on land for all land units until the discovery of Steam Power Leader: Bumin Qaghan Leader Unique Ability, Familial Bonds: Can form a familial bond with a neighbouring country, adding a relationship modifier of +9 Special Infrastructure, Nalbant...
  16. AzraelZephyrian

    [UNIT] Need help configuring some of Snafusmith's old models

    Hey all. I just got into modding; I've made a few (as yet unpublished due to simplicity) small mods, and I decided to try to build a unit pack using Snafusmith's skins and models. Unfortunately, while I've figured out basic XML, how to change a unit's stats/promotions/class etc., I haven't...
  17. Luke Daoud

    [GS] Mod Request: Alternate American Leader (Jojo's)

    For any modder who has had the privilege of reading Part 7 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run, what I want is simple, and you will feel ashamed for having not done it yet, as I would had I the know-how or skill to do so. Funny Valentine runs the American civilization.
  18. A

    Wonder Placement Revamp

    I was recently thinking of ways make wonders smaller on the map and not take up a whole tile while still keeping the requirements necessary for them in the base game. I'm not a fan of how big some of the wonders look in the game because of how it makes one building look bigger than a city, plus...
  19. Sandthresher

    Civilization request

    I'm not sure if this is where to put it but here it goes. I have been trying to build up a civilization based on the Legend of Spyro series. I've gone through tutorials and read along suggestions but I'm about ready to start pulling teeth with how much it just backfires again and again on me. I...
  20. Kalmorph

    [GS] [REQUEST] Hatsune Miku as a Leader (balanced)

    I'm a fan of Vocaloid and always wanted to play with Hatsune Miku as a Leader. The fact is that all mods I've found so far are overpowered in such a way that really ruins all fun, like Great Scientist can use their abilities twice. I was also bothered in putting Science traits when she's...
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