1. R

    Artful Terrain Textures

    Description This mod adds the following improvements: - A beautiful new fog of war! - New textures for Grassland,Plains and Desert with regional variations; - New textures for Marsh, Tundra and Snow without regional variations; - Recolored rivers and water; - Re-textured flood plains...
  2. R

    Artful Terrain Textures 3

    Description This mod adds the following improvements: - A beautiful new fog of war! - New textures for Grassland,Plains and Desert with regional variations; - New textures for Marsh, Tundra and Snow without regional variations; - Recolored rivers and water; - Re-textured flood plains...
  3. Circinus

    CIV V: How to change minimap background?

    Hi everyone, I recently became interested in modding and creating a custom historical scenario. I've been trying to change the default background of the unexplored minimap in Civ 5 to a custom image/texture, and would really be grateful for some help on how to do this. For clarity, the default...
  4. F

    [BNW] Any up to date reliable guides on importing custom models, textures and anims for units?

    Preferably I would want to find somebody who can make 3d models for certain unique units(mostly airship units) that im wanting to add to the game as well as other custom unit models, sounds, animations, ETC, possibly willing to commission/throw money at you if you know how to import custom art...
  5. S

    Continents Texture Change Help Request

    There is a certain graphical feature in Civ V that many are not aware of. The first post of this thread lays it out nicely (https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/continent-flavors.599154/). I realized long ago that whether or not I was on a pretty 'continent texture pack' was very important...
  6. T

    Changing Textures in the BLP

    Let's say I don't like the Portugal icon and want to change it. To do this, I need to go to DLC\Portugal\Platforms\Windows\BLPs, find the file with this icon there and add my own. But here the problem arises - I can't open any of the files in any way. I can't find a BLP decryptor anywhere. How...
  7. B

    Vibrant Terrain Textures 2022-07-31

    Version 2: - A minor clean-up, removed some redundant textures and downsized some. Removed all custom natural wonder textures except Petosi and Gibraltar, they were fine. Frankly, it's pretty close to TTE1K, the main difference is that Vibrant Terrain Textures is based on vanilla textures with...
  8. jarcast2

    TarcisioCM's terrain texture modpack 1.0

    Terrain texture modpack by TarcisioCM that I use. As few people asked me where to download it and the link in the related cfc thread is dead, I am re-uploading for anyone interested. To install it, extract the folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization...
  9. Deliverator

    Ninja Ripper 1.7.1

    Utility that can extract high resolution DX11 textures from Civ V, for example Leader textures. Instructions can be found here: https://cgig.ru/2012/10/ho-to-use-ninja-ripper/
  10. B


    Okay im going to keep this short as I assume the lack of response to my other posts is due to their daunting length. I want to develop a mod that alters a single '.dds' texture file. That is all. As it stands, I have looked at MANY tutorials, and examined dozens of different mods to try and...
  11. B

    Texture Packs

    So. I have seen firaxis employees respond on here before. This idea is really for them, as I believe it is currently impossible. Make a new type of mod project in modbuddy or somewhere, that allows you to save changes to textures. I want to be able to open up the texture file in gimp, and just...
  12. B

    De-Colored Districts [Request/Help]

    Decolored-Districts ------------------------------------------------- So this will probably be my third and hopefully final post on this What I need help with is learning how to inject my changes into the actual game. ---------------------------- My goal is to make it so most districts and...
  13. B

    De-Colored Districts [Request/Help]

    Here is the TLDR: Districts like campus are blue. Districts like neighborhoods are green. etc The "Color-coded" nature of the districts makes them look distinctly different and contrasting next to eachother. Districts were supposed to make the city look like it took up more than 1 tile but...
  14. fluffy465

    What ways are there to reduce memory usage that don't change gameplay?

    Considering the size of this mod and the 4GB limit imposed by 32-bit executables, It seems pretty important to reduce the memory usage. Usually the advice is to reduce the map size, number of turns, or number of civs. While that does work it might change the experience of the game. What I'm...
  15. pineappledan

    Any Unit Model Makers in the House?

    Hi there. I'm trying to make a new unique unit for the Shoshone for a 4 unique components mod specially balanced for the Community Patch. The CBP gives pathfinders to every civ, so they need a new unique unit to replace it. I need to make a unit based on the Yellow Brow (Ohamupe) military...
  16. Toussaint10326

    Colored Civ Symbols Location?

    Awhile back I saw that someone was looking for the bg_placeholders of all the Civs. After that I discovered the SDK Assets, and have been extensively looking through them ever since. When searching for CivSymbols, it has all the right sizes but lacks CivSymbols45. Where are all the 45 size Civ...
  17. Toussaint10326

    A Collection of Loading Screens and Diplomacy Masks. 1.0

    This is a collection I made, it contains Loading Screen Backgrounds and Diplo Screen Overlay Masks. It contains some DLC exclusive Background's, that way those without Nubia can still use their Background.
  18. A

    Create New Unit Textures for New Model?

    Are there any tutorials on how to create new textures for new unit models that you would plan to include in a mod that you're making. If not, an easy explanation would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Wolfdog

    Quickly Convert a Civ5 Diffuse to Civ6 PBR

    Please note this is a quick and not a high quality method. There are commercial options that give better results. Blender also does texture baking but I have found it difficult to get good results. Prerequisites Civ5 (or Civ4) unit that you have converted using @Deliverator tutorial and have a...
  20. Estebanium

    Terrain Texture Enhancement 2k

    Current version: V12 Overview Replaces most terrain textures of Europe, Asia, Africa and America with new textures that were increased in size, but will fit into the general look and feel. Standard texture resolution is 1024², I increased the resolution to 2048² and created new...
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