2023 Virtual World Tour in 4k


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Jun 21, 2008
Travel threads seem to be very popular in Off-Topic these days.
Like Birdjaguar in Tanzania :)

Youtube is the #1 TV channel in the USA right now based on viewers.
I want to make a thread full of links to 4k high-quality Youtube videos of famous places around the world.

Please post a 4k video of a famous place with a short description of its world location, and I'll link to it here in the 1st post.
If on a computer browser, Control+Left click on a link to open up a new browser tab to view the video.
Press the play button in the center and then the F key to quickly get the full screen.

2023 Virtual World Tour
Drone view of the countryside

United States of America
Missouri Botanical Gardens - St. Louis, Missouri
2) Redwood National and State Parks - northwest part of California
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The Missouri Botanical Gardens are located in St. Louis Missouri.
Spoiler :

The indoor greenhouse Climatron @3:30 is pretty cool.
Lots of jungle plants in there.

Best things to see are the Koi fish @26:05.
For $0.25, a person can get a handful of food from the machine, and they go crazy like piranhas if it is all thrown in at once.
Koi fish live like 100 years and outcompete the ducks/swans for eating the food fast I think.

Anyone with allergies really suffers in the spring if they want to see the roses.
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Iceland is 1800 kilometers northwest of London, United Kingdom :)
Spoiler :

Don't really see any landmarks in the video.
I'll mark it down as Drone view of the countryside.
Redwood forests in northern California:

My wife and I travelled thru the Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest in northern California back in Fall of 2021, and we were just in awe of how huge these trees are. Here's a pic of me and some of the smaller trees we encountered on our tour:
Some of the smaller trees.jpg
Redwoods are the largest trees in the world at 100 meters tall and live for thousands of years.
A really cool series of parks in the northwestern tip of California ya.
Spoiler :

Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest looks like it's on the northern part of the park expanse.

Great video. :goodjob:
They condensed many of the neat places into a few minutes each.
Salmon Jerky mmm.

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