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A New Dawn

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Arian, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
  2. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    Changelog 1
    Spoiler 1 to 473 :
    A New Dawn

    Mod for Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword 3.19
    Made by Arian

    Initial version 0.1

    0001. Used BUG 3.6 as base mod by the BUG-team
    0002. Added BetterBTS_AI 0.78 by jdog5000, others
    0003. Added AIAutoPlay by jdog5000
    0004. Added Change Player Mod by jdog5000
    0005. Added Dales Combat Mod 1.7 by Dale
    0006. Added Influence Driven War 1.1 by Moctezuma
    0007. Added Super Spies 1.23 by Trojan Sheep
    0008. Added Unit Statistics 1.53 by Teg Navanis
    0009. Added Secret Technology 0.3 by Grave, Moctezuma
    0010. Added Building Heal Rate 0.4 by TheLopez
    0011. Added Flavoured Civics 0.3 by Grave
    0012. Added Route Pillage 0.5 by TheLopez
    0013. Added Advanced Combat Odds 1.0 by PieceOfMind
    0014. Added Assimilation 2.0 by Kael
    0015. Added Culturally Linked Starts 1.1.3 by Jean Elcard
    0016. Added Inquisition Mod 0.4.1w by TheLopez/Grave
    0017. Added Enhanced Tech Conquest 0.6 by Grave, Jeckel
    0018. Added CivSpecific Great People by Gaius Octavius
    0019. Added JUnitReligion 0.5 by Jeckel
    0020. Added Pirates Mod 0.6 by TheLopez
    0021. Added Partisans Mod by GIR
    0022. Disabled Partisans Mod due to CTD on Vista
    0023. Added Via Appia by GIR
    0024. Replaced Willem van Oranjes diplomusic by Lionheart
    0025. Added Espionage Process by Jon Deane
    0026. Added Religious Victory

    Version 0.2

    0027. Updated Advanced Combat Odds to 1.1 by PieceOfMind
    0028. Added Multiple Production Mod 1.0 by Denev
    0029. Added Great Generals from Barbarian Combat 0.3 by TheLopez
    0030. Added Events with Images 1.0 by EmperorFool
    0031. Changed Religion Movies by Arian
    0032. Changed Firaxis GameFonts by History in the Making GameFonts by Grave
    0033. Added Religion Zoroastrianism, changed sounds and founding movie
    0034. Fixed typo in pedia of Zoroastrian Missionary: Adur Burzen-Mihr --> Pir-e-Sabz (from Grave's HitM)
    0035. Added JRouteNatives 1.101 by Jeckel
    0036. Fixed Religions Screen (Roamty)
    0037. Added Burger World Corporation
    0038. Adjusted Executive pedia-entry
    0039. Fixed Corporations Screen (Roamty)
    0040. Added Unit Allegiance by Snaitf, TheLopez, Amra
    0041. Added StackAid by GIR
    0042. Added Food from Animals by Dom Pedro II, some text issues to be solved...
    0043. Added LH Wilhelmina (Dutch) by Aeven, Esnaz. Button by Arian
    0044. Added Cunning Trait by Grave
    0045. Added Scientific Trait by Tsentom, Grave. Adjusted by Arian
    0046. Changed Expansive Trait (code by Tsentoms Agricultural Trait)
    0047. Added Adventurous Trait (code by Tsentoms Traits)
    0048. Updated Sevopedia with new Traits
    0049. Added LH Saddam (Arabia) by Iloveplayciv
    0050. Replaced LH Alexander by Ekmek, Bernie14, The Coyote and The Capo
    0051. Added LH Hitler (Germany), latest version by Ekmek, Bernie14, The Coyote, Smeagolheart, Chuggi and The Capo
    0052. Added LH Hirohito (Japan) by Wyz_sub10
    0053. Added LH Kim Jong Il (Korea) by Bernie14
    0054. Added LH Ahmedinejad (Persia) by Bernie14
    0055. Added LH Reagan (America) by Bernie14, Ekmek
    0056. Added LH Nebuchadrezzar (Babylon) by Esnaz
    0057. Added LH Pol Pot (Khmer) by Refar
    0058. Added LH Johan de Witt (Dutch) by PW90, charle88
    0059. Added LH Charles V (HRE) by The Capo
    0060. Added LH Basil II (Byzantine) by Ekmek, amra, Wyz_sub10
    0061. Added LH Cochise (Native American) by The Capo
    0062. Added LH Pachacuti (Inca) by Ekmek
    0063. Added LH Barack Obama (America) by GarretSidzaka
    0064. Added diplotexts of new leaders by Grave
    0065. Added Actual Quotes 4.20 by Willowmound
    0065. Added LH Geronimo (Native American) by Ekmek, Wyz_sub10
    0066. Added LH Ostenaco (Native American) by Ekmek, Amra, Wyz_sub10
    0067. Added LH Haile Selassie (Ethiopia) by Bernie14
    0068. Added LH Theodora (Byzantine) by Mourndraken
    0069. Added LH Dido (Carthage) by C. Roland, Refar
    0070. Added LH Abu Bakr (Arabia) by Ekmek
    0071. Added LH Henry the Navigator (Portugal) by Ekmek
    0072. Added LH Smoke Jaguar (Aztec) by Ekmek
    0073. Added LH Cleopatra (Egypt) by Ekmek, avain, PW90 and Ambrox62
    0074. Added LH Mark Anthony (Roman) by Pencilgod
    0075. Added LH Hiawatha (Native American) by The Capo, Ekmek, The Coyote
    0076. Added LH Cetshwayo (Zulu), used Shango-model by cfkane
    0077. Added LH Caligula (Roman) by Ekmek
    0078. Added LH Harald Hardrada (Viking) by C.Roland
    0079. Added LH Nefertiti (Egypt) by Pencilgod
    0080. Added LH Itzcoatl (Aztec), used Huitzilipochtli-model by cfkane
    0081. Added LH Atotoztli (Aztec) by Ekmek
    0082. Added LH El Cid (Spain) by Ekmek
    0083. Added LH Amina of Zazzau (Mali) by Ekmek
    0084. Added LH Philip II (Spain) by PW90, charle88
    0085. Added LH Mussolini (Rome) by Ekmek, Mourndraken and C.Roland
    0086. Added LH Taizong (China) by Kao'chai, Ekmek and PW90
    0087. Added LH Ataturk (Ottoman) by Ekmek
    0088. Added LH Meiji (Japan) by Ekmek
    0089. Added LH Jingu (Japan) by Ekmek
    0090. Added LH Cixi (China) by Ekmek
    0091. Added LH Sejong (Korea) by Darkstyx
    0092. Added LH Putin (Russia) by Pencilgod, Ekmek
    0093. Added LH Mongkut (Khmer) by The Capo
    0094. Added LH Akhenaten by MethylOrange
    0095. Fixed or added several leaderheadbuttons for new leaders
    0096. Added code to display National Wonder Movies, added movies
    0097. Added UnitCombatClass Animals: Lion, Bear, Panther and Wolf
    0098. Added UnitCombatClass EarlyAircraft
    0099. Added UnitCombatClass Fighter
    0100. Added UnitCombatClass Jetfighter
    0101. Added UnitCombatClass Bomber
    0102. Added UnitCombatClass AssaultMech
    0103. Added UnitCombatClass FusionUnit
    0104. Added UnitCombatClass Clones
    0105. Added UnitCombatClass Supply
    0106. Added UnitCombatClass Dreadnoughts
    0107. Added UnitCombatClass Biological Weapons
    0108. Added Graves Promotions
    0109. Added Techs: Stone Working, Grain Gathering, Exploration, Ceremonial Burial, Boating, The Fire, Cave Painting and Wood Working
    0110. Added Ancient techs: Dualism, Fermentation, Textiles and Improved Farming
    0111. Added classical techs: Alchemy, Glass Blowing, Parchment, Advanced Sailing, Improved Formations and Fortification
    0112. Added Renaissance techs: Firearms and Archaeology
    0113. Added Industrial techs: Refining, Transistors, Sanitation, Television, Tourism, Exposition, Athletics, Naval Science, Polymers, Automobile and Aeronautics
    0114. Added Modern techs: Human Rights, Globalization, Nuclear Power, GAU8, Global Positioning, Cellular Biology, Networks, Radar, CAD, Rotary, Hydroponics, Aquaculture, Cloning, Bionics, Cybernetics and Bio Warfare
    0115. Added Future techs: Interplanetary Exploration, Artificial Intelligence, Placeholder 1 and 2, Shielding, Advanced Shielding, Cold Fusion, Quantum Mechanics and Astrophysics
    0116. Unlocked Woodsman III and Guerilla III for Recon Units
    0117. Redesigned Tech Tree
    0118. Updated Unofficial Patch to 1.0
    0119. Replaced LH Julius Caesar by veBear, a better one (button also replaced)
    0120. Jungles will give half the number of hammers of forests when chopped
    0121. Added modcomp Mountains: back to service by Nevermind
    0122. Added Dawn of Man Era
    0123. Fixed music for Dawn of Man Era
    0124. Disabled barbarians and barbarian cities in Dawn of Man Era
    0125. Fixed Unit Naming
    0126. Added double production of Monasteries to Spiritual Trait, thanks Grave
    0127. Changed gamefonts to allow more resources
    0128. Changed starting year to -6000 BC
    0129. Added Odyssey gamespeed
    0130. Adjusted Civ4GameSpeedInfo.xml and Civ4HandicapInfo.xml
    0131. Added 'Planetary' World Size by Grave, renamed it 'Giant'
    0132. Adjusted Civ4CultureLevelInfos.xml
    0133. Adjusted width of Techs in Tech Screen in CvTechChooser.py to 48
    0134. Changed CIV4ColorVals.xml and CIV4PlayerColorInfos.xml
    0135. Adjusted SevoPedia Civilization Screen
    0136. Added Special Unit Stealth
    0137. Updated LH Ataturk to v2
    0138. Added bonus Cure Cancer, Olives, Cotton, Hemp, Tea, Coffee, Beer, Salt, Computer Games, Tobacco
    0139. Added bonuses: Apple, Lemon, Lead, Sulphur, Tin, Potato, Bison, Pearls, Shrimp, Kelp, Hit Football, Hit IceHockey, Amber, Diamond, Natural Gas, Clay, Cacao, Rubber, Lost Civilization and Ancient Temple
    0140. Added builds: Orchard, Gas Refinery, Excavated Ruins and Sea Farm
    0141. Added Olive Press
    0142. Added Militia unit
    0143. Added Peltast unit
    0144. New CIV4PlotLSystem.xml
    0145. Added building Chief Hut, Wooden Tower, Wooden Totem, Gathering Place, Stone Statue and Burial Mound
    0146. Added national wonder Inuksuk
    0147. Added world wonder Golgotha
    0148. Added Canoe unit
    0149. Added Coracle unit
    0150. Updated ACO 1.3 to ACO 1.4 by PieceOfMind
    0151. Added unit Armsman, Horseman, Light Cavalry, Stealth Fighter (F117) and Special Forces
    0152. Added unit Prodromoi, Cruiser, Huey, Chinook, Biological Missile, Ram and Bombard
    0153. Added unit Aegis Destroyer, Supply Train, Supply Truck, Heavy Swordsman, Papal Pikeman and Raider
    0154. Added unit Siege Tower, Culverin, Field Artillery, Arquebusier, Jeep, Humvee
    0155. Added audio quotes for techs and some other audio
    0156. Added unit Motorcycle, Modern Tank, Modern Privateer, Paddlewheeler, Light Armored Car and Armored Car
    0157. Added unit Gunboat, Supercarrier, Strike Fighter, Advanced Fighter and Transport Helicopter
    0158. Added unit Corvette, Advanced Strike Fighter, MarkV, Light Tank, Heavy Tank and Early Carrier
    0159. Added unit Intercontinental Bomber, A10, Air Transport, Spy Plane, Disciple of Anubis and Flamethrower
    0160. Added unit Early Bomber, Siege Trireme, Heavy Armored Car
    0161. Added unit Balloon and UCAV
    0162. Added building Armory, Tank Monument and Biological Warfare Lab
    0163. Added 2nd UU based on History in the Making by Grave
    0164. Added Actual Quotes 4.2 by Willowmound (update)
    0165. Added building Shipyard, Archery Range, Temple, Brewery, Distillery and Casino
    0166. Added building Well, Pottery Kiln, Pewter Forge, Military Encampment, Military Fortress and Sewer System
    0167. Added building Convention Center, Inn, Powder Mill, Vehicle Factory, Museum and Rubber Factory
    0168. Changed Civics Screen to allow for 8 Civic options
    0169. Added Civic Options: Education, Health Care, Military
    0170. Added Civic (Government): Absolutism
    0171. Added Civic (Legal): Judicial
    0172. Added Civic (Labor): Independent Farmers
    0173. Added Civic (Economy): Barter Economy
    0174. Added Civic (Religion): Animism
    0175. Added Civic (Education): Heritage, Apprenticeship, Private Schools, Army Training, Public Schools
    0176. Added Civic (Health Care): Herbalism, Hospice Care, Prof. HC, Reg. HC, Subs. HC
    0177. Added Civic (Military): Warrior Caste, Standing Army, Citizen Army, Prof. Army, Militarism
    0178. Changed Civ4CityLSystem.xml
    0179. Changed Aztec Sacrificial Altar (Courthouse) to Temple
    0180. Changed Indian Mausoleum (Jail) to Temple
    0181. Added DCM AirBomb Mission tags to buildings
    0182. Added DCM Airbomb Mission tags to units
    0183. Added Yields from Combat to units
    0184. Tweaking units
    0185. Added building Solar Plant, Missile Silo, Cloning Factory, Arcology, Arcology Shielding, Advanced Shielding and Mind Control Center
    0186. Added national wonder Central Station, Supreme Court, Strategic Air Command, Broadcasting Corporation and Special Ops
    0187. Added world wonder Senate
    0188. Added national wonder NASA, Singing Fountain, Fusion Factory, Fusion Shipyard, Central Bank, Gasplant, Secret Army Base, National Sports League
    0189. Added national wonder Space Laboratory, Centers for Disease Control, High Walls, Treasury, Trading Company, Naval Academy, Crystal Palace, Amusement Park
    0190. Added national wonder Computer Center, Labor Union, Radio Telescope, Airforce Base, Ice Hotel, Air Defense Network
    0191. Added projects Mission to Mars, SS Navigation Computer, SS Computer Core, SS Warp Drive, Encyclopedia, Cloned Mammal, Hubble Telescope and International Space Station
    0192. Changed SpaceShip Screen
    0193. Added unit Clone Worker, Automaton, Cyborg, Hovertank, Assault Mech, Fusion Armor, Fusion Fighter, Fusion Bomber, Fusion Transport, Fusion Carrier, Fusion Destroyer, Fusion Cruiser and Fusion Battleship
    0194. Added unit Hellhound, Chimera, Manticore and Hydra
    0195. Added world wonder Sphinx, Theory of Evolution, Cure for Cancer, Fairchild Republic and Area 51
    0196. Added world wonder WTC, Gateway Arch and Arc De Triomphe, Leaning Tower and Opera House
    0197. Added world wonder Big Ben, The Strip, Burj-al-Arab, Circus Maximus, Oktoberfest, Shaolin Monastery, Terracotta Army and Homeland Security
    0198. Added world wonder St. Vitus, Neuschwanstein Castle and Firaxis
    0199. Added world wonder Flavian Amphitheatre, Petra, Macchu Picchu, KGB, Templo Mayor and Leonardo's Workshop
    0200. Added world wonder Mont Saint-Michel, Reichstag, Sun Tzu's Art of War, Ishtar Gate, Underground Tomb, Theatre of Dionysus, Magellan's Expedition and White House
    0201. Added world wonder Wembley, Newton's University, Copernicus Observatory, Marco Polo, Crusade, Spirit of St. Louis, Trafalgar Square and Pont du Gard
    0202. Added world wonder Bach's Cathedral, Women's Suffrage and Seti Program
    0203. Added world wonder Labyrinth of Knossos, Aswan, Alhambra, Palacio Da Pena, San Marco, Brandenburg, Golden Buddha and Gasometro
    0204. Added world wonder Hermes Tower, Bourla, Semperoper, Bolshoi, Old Opera, CN Tower, Toltec Pyramid and Sacrificial Pyramid
    0205. Added world wonder Villa de Grijalva
    0206. Added world wonder Abu Simbel, Globen, Inca Temple, Inca Monastery, Kharbas Caves, Biodome, Zvarnots and Fa Men Si
    0207. Added world wonder Golden Gate Bridge, Alamo, Shahnameh and Tsukiji Market
    0208. Added world wonder Jokhang, Hanseatic League, School of Confucius and Das Kapital
    0209. Added world wonder Ezekiel Kifl, Kamakhya, Blue Mosque, Imam Reza, Qaboos and Albert Hall
    0210. Added world wonder Bampton Church, Westerkerk, Springfield Armory, Kairouan Mosque, Djenne and Samarra Mosque
    0211. Updated Unofficial Patch 1.0 to Unofficial Patch 1.1 by jdog5000
    0212. Add modcomp Capitulation by Afforess
    0213. Added modcomp Global Warming 1.01 by Minor Annoyance
    0214. Adjusted Exotic Advisor Screen
    0215. Added JKP1187's events
    0216. Added Headlock's extended events
    0217. Adjusted Scientific and Expansive traits
    0218. Added First Expo and Expo events by bmarnz
    0219. Added various events for new buildings and religions by Arian
    0220. Updated LH Jingu to v3
    0221. Added Wide City Screen by asiox3
    0222. Added Tesla's Peace Ray by Tsentom, Arian
    0223. Added Golden Pavillion by
    0224. Added Helsinki Cathedral by
    0225. Added Bletchley Park by
    0226. Added Himeji Castle by Tsentom, Arian
    0227. Added Great Bath of Mohenjo-Daro by Tsentom, Arian
    0228. Added WW1 Railroad Artillery by Snafusmith and Xenomorph
    0228. Updated Capitulation with Complex Vassalage by Afforess
    0229. Changed early diplomusic for Jingu and Meiji of Japan
    0230. Changed diplomusic for Dido of Carthage
    0231. Changed early and late diplomusic for Henry the Navigator of Portugal
    0232. Changed early and late diplomusic for Selassie of Ethiopia
    0233. Changed diplomusic for Philip II of Spain
    0234. Changed opening music, used track 4 from Grave's HitM
    0235. Changed late diplomusic for Mussolini of Rome
    0236. Changed LCitySystem-entry for Arcology
    0237. Added unit Light Assault Mech, Heavy Assault Mech, Scout Mech, Repair Mech and Spider Mech by Deliverator and Coyote
    0238. Added tech Nanotechnology and Cryogenics
    0239. Added Militia Mod by The J, Mechaerik, Bakuel and GarretSidzaka
    0240. Adjusted world wonder Trafalgar Square. Privateers and Modern Privateers plunder gold. Also privateers have a 20% chance of capturing an enemy vessel
    0241. Added Field Medic Promotion by Tsentom
    0242. Some misc. tweaking
    0243. Added Blood Mod by seZereth, Walter Hawkwood
    0244. Added Siege Workshop by Duke van Frost
    0245. Added Cannon Forge by Chamaedrys
    0246. Added Glassworks, model by Kodzi
    0247. Added helipad by Walter Hawkwood (from EE2)
    0248. Added chemical plant by Chamaedrys
    0249. Added world wonder Tomb of Zoroaster by Walter Hawkwood
    0250. Added world wonder Trade Fair of Troyes by Tsentom, Walter Hawkwood and Arian
    0251. Added Particle Generator by asioasioasio
    0252. Added Bio Tech Lab by JustaTourist
    0253. Added Trial Court
    0254. Added world wonder Pha That Luang by HROCHLAND
    0255. Added help text for Villa de Grijalva
    0256. Added world wonder Fort Knox
    0257. Added National Monument, used Washington Monument by HROCHLAND
    0258. Added world wonder Rock Hewn Church (Bet Giyorgis) by Ermelinho
    0259. Added LH Menelik II by Mechaerik
    0260. Added world wonder Porcelain Tower by HROCHLAND
    0261. Added world wonder Veterans Stadium by HROCHLAND
    0262. New model for corvette: xship by Deliverator
    0263. Added missing quotes and pedia-entries
    0264. Added buttons for Light Assault Mech, Heavy Assault Mech, Scout Mech, Repair Mech and Spider Mech
    0265. Changed modcomp Capitulation back to were humans can only become vassals of AI, so no Complex Vassalage
    0266. Added world wonder Beijing Olympic Stadium by HROCHLAND
    0267. Added world wonder Beit HaMikdash by HROCHLAND
    0268. Added world wonder Qumran by HROCHLAND
    0269. Added world wonder BBC by asiox3
    0270. Added world wonder Cheomseongdae. Model by Walter Hawkwood (from EE2)
    0271. Updated to Better BTS AI v0.80 by jdog
    0272. Updated Multiple Production Modifier to v0003
    0273. Fix Bombardment bug
    0274. Adjusted some bonus-settings
    0275. Added world wonder Zizkov TV Tower by HROCHLAND
    0276. Added world wonder Jested Tower by HROCHLAND
    0277. Added LH Franco by Mechaerik, button by Arian
    0278. Updated Supercarrier-model by Xenomorph, original model by Snafusmith
    0279. Updated B52-model by Xenomorph, original model by Snafusmith
    0280. Updated Paddlewheeler-model by Xenomorph
    0281. Added button for Railway Artillery
    0282. Updated Respawn promotion by The J
    0283. Fixed Special Forces
    0284. Added extra votes for UN: civic Public Schools, Subsidized Healthcare and Professional Army
    0285. Adjust size battleeffects DCM (smaller)
    0286. Removed Capitulation mod, too buggy (yet)
    0287. Added helptexts for Stealth tech and Area 51 world wonder
    0288. Added helptexts for GAU-8 Cannon tech and Fairchild Republic world wonder
    0289. Adjusted HurryCostModifiers
    0290. Changed gamespeed settings: Quick=320, Normal=600, Epic=1200, Marathon=1800 and Odyssey=3600 turns
    0291. Added Heroes base mod Python
    0292. Added Hero Promotion
    0293. Added Heroes UnitCombatClass
    0294. Added Red Baron Hero for Germany by ??
    0295. Added 54th Infantry for America by Sepamu92
    0296. Added Stalwart Defender, Heroic Speed, Grand Hero, Heroic City Fighter and Heroic Strength promotions for Heroes
    0297. Added Stone Thrower Unit by Ambrox62
    0298. Added Dawn of Man tech: Tool Making
    0299. Changed Dawn of Man Tech tree
    0300. Added Turki ibn Abdullah Hero (Knight) for Arabia by Rabbit, White
    0301. Added Nabopolassar Hero (Chariot) for Babylon by Rabbit, White
    0302. Added Andronikos Kontostephanos Hero (Armsman) for Byzantium by Mechaerik
    0303. Added message of wonder destroyed/captured by The J
    0304. Added Hanno I the Great Hero (Spearman) for Carthage by Aranor
    0305. Added Gawain Hero (Knight) for Celtia by C.Roland, reskinned shield with some Celtic logo
    0306. Added Trojan Horse Hero (Siege Tower) for Greece by ??
    0307. Added Sumer Vulture Spearman Hero (Spearman) for Sumer by Mike Gio
    0308. Added Flying Dutchman Hero (Galleon) for the Netherlands by Walter Hawkwood
    0309. Added Great Papyrusboat Hero (Coracle) for Egypt by Walter Hawkwood
    0310. Added War Junk Hero (Frigate, Admiral Zheng HE) for China by GeneralMatt
    0311. Added Mayflower Hero (Caravel) for England by Walter Hawkwood
    0312. Added Lord Blackadder Hero (Knight) for England by ggganz, bhiita, added Blackadder crest to shield
    0313. Added Narmer Land Hero (Spearman) for Egypt by Ambrox92, changed color head blue-->green
    0314. Added General Chen Lin Hero (Knight) for China by Rabbit,White
    0315. Added Farima Adama Hero (Horseman) for Mali by Sepamu92
    0316. Added Mengesha Hero (Cuirassier) for Ethiopia by Bakuel
    0317. Added Paladin Roland Hero (Knight) for France by Head Serf
    0318. Added Swiss Guard Hero (Pikeman) for the Holy Roman Empire by Chamaedrys
    0319. Added Sapa Inca Manco Capac Hero (Archer) for Inca by Gagonite, added Inca symbol to shield
    0320. Added Shield Jaguar Itzamnaaj B'alam II Hero (Archer) for Maya by Gagonite
    0321. Added General Zhukov T34 Hero (Tank) for Russia by Asiox3
    0322. Added Chandragupta Maurya Hero (Swordsman) for India by Civmansam
    0323. Added Yumi Samurai Hero (Longbowman) for Japan by zenspiderz
    0324. Added Trung Sisters Heroes (War Elephant) for Khmer by Bakuel
    0325. Added Choi Yong-Kun Hero (Infantry) for Korea by Zerver
    0326. Added Timur Hero (Light Cavalry) for Mongolia by Bakuel
    0327. Added Chief Gall Hero (Maceman) for Native America by Bernie14
    0328. Added General Slangenburg Hero (Arquebusier) for the Netherlands by Mechaerik
    0329. Added The Great Cannon Hero (Bombard) for the Ottoman Empire by ??
    0330. Added Fereydun Hero (Horse Archer) for Persia by Bakuel
    0331. Fixed Respawn promotion by The J (23/9/9)
    0332. Added The Quintus Petilius Cerialis Hero (Chariot) for Rome by Sakhr
    0333. Added Bjarni Herjolfsson Hero (Galley) for Vikings by Chamaedrys
    0334. Added Beowulf Hero (Axeman) for Vikings by C.Roland
    0335. Added Santa Maria Hero (Caravel) for Spain by Walter Hawkwood
    0336. Added Don Quixote Hero (Knight) for Spain by Flying Pig
    0337. Added Zulu kaNtombela Hero (Axeman) for Zulu by Sepamu92
    0338. Added Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira Hero (Cuirassier) for Portugal by Chamaedrys
    0339. Added Archer Scout by Capt_Blondbeard
    0340. Added Icebreaker modcomp by Optimizer, Orion Veteran
    0341. Added modcomp New Diplo Option "Don't bother us!" by jdog5000, Voltage
    0342. Added modcomp Show Hidden Attitude Modifier by DaveMcW
    0343. Give Jewish Missionary when founding Judaism
    0344. Changed iResearchPercent in GamespeedInfo.xml
    0345. Changed iResearchPercent in WorldInfo.xml
    0346. Added modcomp Realistic Diplomacy by Afforess
    0347. Added modcomp Multiple Derivative Civilizations by Gaius Octavius
    0348. Changed starting year to 7800 BC and some Gamespeed settings
    0349. Changed Icebreaker code a bit
    0350. Fixed bugs in CvPlayer.cpp (EF) and CvCity.cpp (jdog)
    0351. Fixed possible bug in Wonder Captured/Destroyed Python-code by The J
    0352. Updated modcomp Show Hidden Attitude Modifier by DaveMcW
    0353. Adding building sounds for Stable, Jail, Bunker, Bomb Shelter, Chief Hut, Wooden Tower, Wooden Totem, Gathering Place, Burial Mound and Stone Statue
    0354. Some tweaking
    0355. Added the rest of the constructsounds to buildings, sounds by Arian
    0356. Added Antilogic events v1.0
    0357. Updated Better BTS AI to v0.82 by jdog
    0358. Updated LH Meiji to v3 by Ekmek
    0359. Updated LH Mongkut by Capo and IgorS
    0360. Updated LH Menelik II by IgorS
    0361. Updated Antilogic events v1.1
    0362. Added Love and Hate Pythoncomponent by The J, not implemented
    0363. Added modcomp BonusCommerceModifiers for Buildings by saibotlieh (only modified Bank/Stock Exchange)
    0364. Added modcomp Specialist Enhancements by Supercheese (only modified Great Prophet (+1 happy) and Great Scientist (-1 health))
    0365. Upgraded from BUG 3.6 to BUG 4.2
    0366. Added LH Urukagina for Sumeria by IgorS
    0367. Added world wonder Tower of Babel by Hrochland
    0368. Added Event Signs for Antilogics Events, thanks Lemon Merchant
    0369. Added world wonder Venetian Arsenal by Nicholas Hawkwood, Walter Hawkwood
    0370. Added world wonder Borobodur by Den9510
    0371. Changed favorite civic for a lot of new leaders
    0372. Changed trait combos for a lot of new leaders
    0373. Increased all culturelevels by factor 1.5
    0374. Made new button for Quantum Mechanics and Sultan Qaboose Mosque
    0375. Replaced LH Dido by The Capo, Ekmek, The_Coyote
    0376. Replaced LH Cetshwayo by The Capo
    0377. Added LH Nehru for India by The Capo
    0378. Added LH Zulu kaNtombela for the Zulus, used Shango-model by cfkane
    0379. Adjusted culture levels again
    0380. Added promotions for fusion units
    0381. Adjusted education civics
    0382. Adjusted techtree
    0383. Added bombard-ability to gunboat and corvette, reduced bombardrate of ironclad to 8
    0384. Added LH Hernan Cortez for Spain by Nitram15
    0385. Added LH Nimrod for Babylonia by Nitram15
    0386. Added LH Vercingetorix Final for Celtia by The Capo
    0387. Added LH Clovis for France by The Capo
    0388. Added Javelineer by Ambrox62
    0389. Added Chariot Archer by Ambrox62
    0390. Added Maurits van Nassau by The Capo
    0391. Changed prereqs Seti Program
    0392. Changed civic State Property
    0393. Changed diplomusic for Cleopatra by Cyberkhan
    0394. Changed diplomusic for Ramesses by Cyberkhan
    0395. Changed diplomusic for Nefertiti by Cyberkhan
    0396. Changed diplomusic for Akhenaten by Cyberkhan
    0397. Changed diplomusic for Cetshwayo by Cyberkhan
    0398. Changed diplomusic for Geronimo by Cyberkhan
    0399. Changed diplomusic for Clovis by Cyberkhan
    0400. Changed diplomusic for Theodora by Cyberkhan
    0401. Changed diplomusic for Harald by Cyberkhan
    0402. Changed diplomusic for Nimrod by Cyberkhan
    0403. Changed diplomusic for Cixi by Cyberkhan
    0404. Changed diplomusic for Taizong by Cyberkhan
    0405. Changed diplomusic for Sejong by Cyberkhan
    0406. Changed diplomusic for Charles by Cyberkhan
    0407. Changed diplomusic for Cortes by Cyberkhan
    0408. Changed diplomusic for Abu Bakr by Cyberkhan
    0409. Changed diplomusic for El Cid by Cyberkhan
    0410. Changed diplomusic for Reagan
    0411. Changed diplomusic for Obama
    0412. Changed diplomusic for Amina by Cyberkhan
    0413. Changed diplomusic for Atotoztli by Cyberkhan
    0414. Changed diplomusic for Cochise by Cyberkhan
    0415. Changed diplomusic for Hiawatha by Cyberkhan
    0416. Changed diplomusic for Jingu by Cyberkhan
    0417. Changed diplomusic for Meiji by Cyberkhan
    0418. Changed diplomusic for Mongkut by Cyberkhan
    0419. Changed diplomusic for Nebuchadrezzar by Cyberkhan
    0420. Changed diplomusic for Nehru by Cyberkhan
    0421. Changed diplomusic for Ostenaco by Cyberkhan
    0422. Changed diplomusic for Pachacuti by Cyberkhan
    0423. Changed diplomusic for Pol Pot by Cyberkhan
    0424. Changed diplomusic for Smoke Jaguar by Cyberkhan
    0425. Changed diplomusic for Urukagina by Cyberkhan
    0426. Changed diplomusic for Vercingetorix by Cyberkhan
    0427. Added Endless... gamespeed
    0428. Added 1 research to Gathering Place
    0429. Added 1 commerce to Stone Statue
    0430. Changed shipyard: 1 culture --> 1 production
    0431. Made unit upgrading much cheaper: 20-->5 for BASE_UNIT_UPGRADE_COST and 3-->1 for UNIT_UPGRADE_COST_PER_PRODUCTION
    0432. Fixed the not founded Zoroastrianism icon in religious advisor screen
    0433. Changed water texture, made by Nitram15
    0434. Added howitzer by Snafusmith (used Big Bertha model)
    0435. Changed tech prereqs for FEUDALISM (now requires CODE OF LAWS (was: WRITING) and CONSTRUCTION
    0436. Changed tech prereqs for NATIONALISM (now requires BANKING and PAPER)
    0437. Changed tech prereqs for PHILOSOPHY (now requires CONSTRUCTION and LITERATURE), MEDITATION removed
    0438. Changed tech prereqs for MUSIC (now requires CONSTRUCTION), MATHEMATICS removed
    0439. Changed tech prereqs for THEOLOGY (now requires CONSTRUCTION and LITERATURE), PARCHMENT removed
    0440. Changed tech prereqs for DISTILLATION (now requires CONSTRUCTION)
    0441. Changed tech prereqs for ENGINEERING (now requires CONSTRUCTION and LITERATURE), PARCHMENT removed
    0442. Changed tech prereq for Light Cavalry to FORTIFICATION (was: FEUDALISM)
    0443. Incense revealed by MYSTICISM
    0444. Changed Porcelain Tower
    0445. Added hussar by GeneralMatt and cool3a2
    0446. Changed Python-code for Lascaux by The_J
    0447. Added Project Help Tag v0.1BtS by TheLopez
    0448. Updated Route Pillage to 0.4BtS by TheLopez (found no differences!)
    0449. Updated Bonus Commerce Modifier by saibotlieh (CvGameTextMgr.cpp)
    0450. Updated Building Heal Rate to 0.3BtS by TheLopez
    0451. Updated Pirates to 0.51BtS by TheLopez
    0452. Added modcomp Building Commerce Yields by davidlallen and Afforess, Civilopedia not working
    0453. Added modcomp Combat Attack Defense Mod v0.1BtS by TheLopez
    0454. Tweaked promotions fieldsman, quell revolt, desert combat and arctic combat
    0455. Updated to Better BTS AI v1.01f by jdog
    0456. Added Advanced Diplomacy by Afforess
    0457. Fixed fish bonus. Fish will no longer appear in ocean
    0458. Added Civic Infos Plus by Aussie_Lurker
    0459. Adjusted civics
    0460. Added Extra Trade Commerce Modifiers by TheLopez
    0461. Added Occasional Promotions by killmeplease
    0462. Adjusted traits
    0463. Added Zealot promotion for Spiritual leaders
    0464. Added Homeland promotion for Protective leaders by FfH team and others (?)
    0465. Added Mixed Process option, available with ALPHABET
    0466. Changed intromusic to 'Empire across the sea' by James Nichols
    0467. Added world wonder Empire State Building by Gaius Octavius
    0468. Added national wonder National Archives by Orion Veteran
    0469. Tweaked Colosseums (+1 exp to Melee Units)
    0470. Tweaked Hippodrome (+1 exp to Mounted Units)
    0471. Added Stockade from Colonization
    0472. Added 16, 32 and 40 civ-DLL (default = 24 civ)
    0473. Added Culture over Trade Routes v0.2 by TheLopez
  3. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    Changelog 2
    Spoiler 474 to 832 :
    0474. Adjusted culture output for Wooden Totem, 0 --> 1
    0475. Adjusted culture output for Stone Totem, +5%
    0476. Adjusted culture output for Monument, Obelisk, Stele and Totem Pole, 1 --> 2
    0477. Adjusted culture output for Incan Terrace, 2 --> 3
    0478. Adjusted culture output for Carthaginean Lighthouse, 2 --> 3
    0479. Adjusted culture output for Temple, 1 --> 2; Mausoleum 0 --> 1; Sacrificial Altar 0 --> 1; Mastaba 2 --> 3
    0480. Adjusted culture output for Villa de Grijalva, 1 --> 3
    0481. Adjusted culture output for Library, Girginakku 2 --> 3; Madrassa no change; Thermae 3 --> 4
    0482. Adjusted culture output for Theatre, Pavillion, Hippodrome 3 --> 4; Yike no change
    0483. Adjusted culture output for Colosseum, Ball Court, Garden 0 --> 1; Odeon 3 --> 4
    0484. Adjusted culture output for Castle, Citadel 1 --> 2; Chateau, Kaiserpfalz 2 --> 3
    0485. Adjusted culture output for University, Seowon 3 --> 4; Maristan 4 --> 5
    0487. Adjusted culture transfer to tradepartercities (option "Host City Loses Culture During Transfer = false") from (<current city culture> / 20) / <number of active trade routes> to (<current city culture> / 200) / (<number of active trade routes> * 4)
    0488. Added Waffen SS (Infantry) as 3rd UU for the German Empire by Chuggi
    0489. Added Tomahawk (Militia) as 3rd UU for the Native American Empire by Ambrox62 and Kathy
    0490. Added M39 Pantserwagen (Armored Car) as 3rd UU for the Dutch Empire by Asiox3
    0491. Added Kaiser Marines (Rifleman) as 3rd UU for the Holy Roman Empire by Charle88
    0492. Added Minuteman (Musketman) as 3rd UU for the American Empire by Bernie14
    0493. Added Desert Machine Gun (Machine Gun) as 3rd UU for the Arabian Empire by Bakuel
    0494. Added Jungle Grenadier (Grenadier) as 3rd UU for the Aztec Empire by Bakuel
    0495. Added Ishtar Infantry (Mechanized Infantry) as 3rd UU for the Babylonian Empire by Kissa
    0496. Added Howitzer M109 (Mobile Artillery) as 3rd UU for the Byzantine Empire by Snafusmith
    0497. Added SA-8 Gecko (Mobile Sam) as 3rd UU for the Carthaginian Empire by Snafusmith
    0498. Added Freedom Fighter (Advanced Jet Fighter) as 3rd UU for the Celtian Empire by Snafusmith, edited team color for Celtia
    0499. Added Spitfire (Fighter) as 3rd UU for the English Empire by ??
    0500. Added SOF, Special Operations Forces (Special Forces) as 3rd UU for the Chinese Empire by Aungi, Zerver, GarretSidzaka and Von Salza
    0501. Added Nile Cannon (Cannon) as 3rd UU for the Egyptian Empire by Bakuel
    0502. Added Mountain Marine (Marine) as 3rd UU for the Ethiopian Empire by j_mie6, used "African Desert Marine"
    0503. Added Porte Avions 2 (Super Carrier) as 3rd UU for the French Empire by The Coyote
    0504. Added Hellas Infantry (Infantry) as 3rd UU for the Greek Empire by Bakuel
    0505. Added T72 (Modern Armor) as 3rd UU for the Incan Empire by Snafusmith, used Iranian skin
    0506. Added Arjun (Modern Tank) as 3rd UU for the Indian Empire by KrugerPritz
    0507. Added Type 95 (Light Tank) as 3rd UU for the Japanese Empire by Danrell
    0508. Added Vietcong (Marine) as 3rd UU for the Khmer Empire by GarretSidzaka
    0509. Added K1 88-Tank (Modern Tank) as 3rd UU for the Korean Empire by KrugerPritz
    0510. Added Songhai Guard (Infantry) as 3rd UU for the Mali Empire by Bakuel, used African Askari
    0511. Added Villista (Cuirassier) as 3rd UU for the Mayan Empire by C. Roland
    0512. Added SA-9 'Gaskin' (Mobile Sam) as 3rd UU for the Mongolian Empire by Snafusmith, used Mongolian skin
    0513. Added Reformed Janissaries or Nizam-i Cedid (Infantry) as 3rd UU for the Ottoman Empire by seZereth and charle88
    0514. Added TNH Light Tank (Light Tank) as 3rd UU for the Persian Empire by Wolfshanze and Sharick
    0515. Added Cassador (Rifleman) as 3rd UU for the Portuguese Empire by Bernie14
    0516. Added AB41 (Light Armored Car) as 3rd UU for the Roman Empire by Snafusmith
    0517. Added Tunguska (Modern Armor) as 3rd UU for the Russian Empire by Zerver, KrugerPritz and Snafusmith
    0518. Added Pizarro Tank (Tank) as 3rd UU for the Spanish Empire by KrugerPritz
    0519. Added Sumertank (Hover Tank) as 3rd UU for the Sumerian Empire by Lord Tirian
    0520. Added Sparvhök (Fusion Fighter) as 3rd UU for the Viking Empire by The Coyote
    0521. Added Heavy Armored Car (Recon Unit) by The KrugerPritz and Snafusmith, used French AMX10
    0522. Added Rooikat (Heavy Armored Car) as 3rd UU for the Zulu Empire by KrugerPritz
    0523. Changed world wonder Via Appia, it now provides 2 constructors in stead of 1
    0524. Adjusted visiblity priorities for buildings
    0525. Adjusted event 'Smokeless Gunpowder', now requires Firearms (was Gunpowder)
    0526. Adjusted event 'Guns 'n Butter', now requires Firearms (was Gunpowder)
    0527. Adjusted Protective Trait: City Garrison I and Drill I now also for Melee Units
    0528. Added help-tag for Templo Mayor
    0529. Added help-tag for Via Appia
    0530. Added help-tag for Petra
    0531. Added resource Walrus by Saibotlieh
    0532. Added resource Sea Lion by Saibotlieh
    0533. Added national wonder Sulphur Mill
    0534. Changed Production traits for DoM-buildings
    0535. Changed iResearchPercent in GamespeedInfo.xml (*1.35)
    0536. Changed diplomusic for Boudica
    0537. Changed diplomusic for Stalin
    0538. Changed diplomusic for Ahmedinejad
    0539. Changed diplomusic for Menelik II
    0540. Changed diplomusic for De Gaulle
    0541. Changed diplomusic for Churchill
    0542. Changed diplomusic for Hitler
    0543. Changed diplomusic for Suleiman
    0544. Changed diplomusic for Marcus Anthony
    0545. Changed diplomusic for Pericles
    0546. Changed diplomusic for Caligula
    0547. Changed diplomusic for Philip II
    0548. Changed diplomusic for Augustus
    0549. Changed diplomusic for Itzcoatl
    0550. Changed diplomusic for Mussolini (middle)
    0551. Changed diplomusic for Zulu kaNtombela
    0552. Changed tech requirements for Gunpowder, Economics and Military Tradition (requires Astronomy now)
    0553. Changed tech requirements for Communism (requires Economics now)
    0554. Changed Mixed Process option, available with ALPHABET to Advanced mixed process, convert production 20% to gold, 40% to research and 15% to culture and espionage
    0555. Added Basic Mixed Process option, available with TOOL MAKING, convert production 10% to gold, 30% to research and 10% to culture and espionage
    0556. Added UnitCombatClass Sabotage Units
    0557. Changed Raider to Sabotage Units
    0558. Added Bandit as Sabotage Unit
    0559. Added Death Head Dragoon as Sabotage Unit
    0560. Added Mobile Paramilitary (Pickup) as Sabotage Unit Asiox3
    0561. Added Brute as Sabotage Unit by Chuggi
    0562. Added Looter as Sabotage Unit
    0563. Changed Hero promotion (+50% strength against Sabotage units)
    0564. Added Hammerman as Sabotage Unit by c.roland
    0565. Added Swordraider as Sabotage Unit by c.roland
    0566. Added Grenaderaider as Sabotage Unit by Mechaerik
    0567. Added Musketraider as Sabotage Unit by AlazkanAssassin, Wolfshanze
    0568. Only Dawn of Man technologies can be obtained from goody huts
    0569. Added Paramilitary as Sabotage Unit by Mechaerik
    0570. Added Milice as Sabotage Unit by Charle88
    0571. Changed Cunning trait: cheaper to build some Sabotage Units
    0572. Reduced Golden Age length for all Gamespeeds except Quick and Normal
    0573. Increased ResearchPercent for all Gamespeeds
    0574. Added diplos for Abu Bakr and Wilhelmina
    0575. Added 1st contact diplo for Johan de Witt, Cleopatra, Dido, Geronimo, Selassie and Henry the Navigator
    0576. Added diplos for Smoke Jaguar
    0577. Added 1st contact diplo for Theodora, Marcus Antonius, Ostenaco, Hiawatha, Cetshwayo, Caligula and Harald
    0578. All religions become much earlier available, not historically accurate. Done for game purposes to prevent Buddhism as dominant religion all the time.
    0579. Added Compassion tech, which founds Christianity and gives a prophet, like Dualism
    0580. Added new button for Advanced Mixed Process
    0581. Added 1st contact diplo for Nefertiti, El Cid, Zulu nTombela, Amina, Philip II, Mussolini, Ataturk, Putin, Menelik II, Franco and Nehru
    0582. Added Ranger (recon unit) by Flintlock1415
    0583. Added Aussie Cavalry as Mounted Ranger (recon unit) by bernie14
    0584. Changed Tech Artillery requires Assembly Line
    0585. Changed Tech Fermentation requires Animal Husbandry, now advances to the Classical Age
    0586. Changed Tech Horseback Riding requires Pottery, now advances to the Classical Age
    0587. Changed Tech Textiles requires Pottery, now advances to the Classical Age
    0588. Changed Tech Priesthood requires Masonry, now advances to the Classical Age
    0589. Changed Tech Metal Casting requires Masonry, now advances to the Classical Age
    0590. Changed Tech Calendar now advances to the Classical Age
    0591. Scout no longer requires Exploration
    0592. Changed prereq Techs for Bourla Theatre, Semperoper, Old Opera en Bolshoi Theatre
    0593. Changed Tech Astrolabe now +1 movement for Naval Units
    0594. Changed prereq Techs for Venetian Arsenal to Construction, still requires Astrolabe
    0595. Changed Techs Construction, Compass, Currency, Parchment now advances to the Medieval Age
    0596. Changed Tech Compass now requires Alphabet
    0597. Changed Tech Currency now requires Glass Blowing and Improved Farming
    0598. Changed Tech Parchment now requires Glass Blowing and Mathematics
    0599. Changed Techs Optics, Banking, Civil Service now advances to the Renaissance Age
    0600. Changed Techs Democracy, Chemistry, Corporation and Replacable Parts now advances to the Industrial Age
    0601. Changed Tech Democracy now requires Military Tradition
    0602. Changed Tech Chemistry now requires Fire Arms, removed Engineering
    0603. Changed Techs Combustion, Artillery, Athletics, Radio, Refrigeration, Human Rights now advances to the Modern Age
    0604. Changed Tech Industrialism now requires Steel
    0605. Changed Tech Combustion now requires Steel
    0606. Changed Tech Radio now requires Assembly Line
    0607. Changed Tech Human Rights now requires Medicine
    0608. Changed prereq Techs for Trireme to Advanced Sailing, still requires Metal Casting
    0609. Changed prereq Techs for Amusement Park to Electricity, still requires Tourism
    0610. Changed Tech Fission now requires Radio
    0611. Changed prereq Techs for ICBM to Rocketry
    0612. Changed Inquisitor, now always hostile
    0613. Added 1st contact diplo for Cixi, Sejong, Akhenaten, Mongkut, Cortez, Maurits, Clovis, Vercingetorix and Nimrod
    0614. Changed Wooden Tower, no longer -25% maintenance, +2xp to recon units
    0615. Added Mechanized Cavalry as final upgrade of the Cavalry. Uses BRDM model by Snafusmith
    0616. Added Pirate Steamer as upgrade of the Privateer. Uses HMS Devastation model by General Matt
    0617. Added Dreadnaught (sic) as upgrade of the Frigate. Uses Pallada class Protected Cruiser model by Xenomorph and TR-team
    0618. Added Early Cruiser as upgrade of the Ship of the Line. Uses Modified Scharnhorst Armored Cruiser model by Xenomorph and TR-team
    0619. Added resource Coconut by Stolenrays
    0620. Added resource Mango by Stolenrays
    0621. Added resource Papaya by Stolenrays
    0622. Added resource Pistachio by Stolenrays
    0623. Added resource Multifruit Juice
    0624. Added Super Fruit Company
    0625. Added WORLDSIZE_GIANT to DLL
    0626. Changed gamespeedinfos --> start DoM in 10000 BC
    0627. Added Ix Yohl Ik'nal as Mayan Queen by Melcher Kürzer
    0628. Added Onager by Pie and Thomas SG
    0629. Added Ballista by Kathy and Walter Hawkwood
    0630. Changed icons for FlankingDamageInflicted and FlankingDamageSuffered in Unit Statistics
    0631. Added paths, available with Exploration by ???
    0632. Added Path Builder, available with Exploration. Builds paths, roads, farms and camps. Model by Ambrox92
    0633. Fixed Pedia-entry of the Inquisitor
    0634. Added TLO Tags by The Ladies Ogre
    0635. Added promotions Heroic Force I, Heroic Force II, Heroic Force III, Heroic Force IV and Super Hero for Heroes
    0636. Added Barrage V promotion
    0637. Added Fieldsman III promotion
    0638. Added Pillager I, II and III promotion for sabotage units
    0639. Added Accuracy III promotion
    0640. Added Bombarding I, II and III promotion for Siege Weapons, available with Gunpowder
    0641. Added Precision Bombing and Napalm promotion for Bombers
    0642. Added Explorer I, II and III for Recon Units
    0643. Added Academy Event
    0644. Added Market Event
    0645. Added Burial Mound Event
    0646. Added Stone Statue Event
    0647. Added Wooden Tower Event
    0648. Added Archaelogical Dig Event
    0649. Added Coconut Event
    0650. Added Pistachio Event
    0651. Added Brute Event
    0652. Added Stone Thrower Event
    0653. Added Unique Building fix by Cybah
    0654. Added Barracks Event
    0655. Added Crucible Steel Event from RoM-team
    0656. Added Poison Arrows Event from RoM-team
    0657. Added Segmented Armor Event from RoM-team (?)
    0658. Added Chain Shot Event from RoM-team (?)
    0659. Added Grape Shot Event from RoM-team (?)
    0660. Added Copper Plating Event from RoM-team (?)
    0661. Added Papyrus Event from RoM-team (?)
    0662. Added Archery Founded Event from RoM-team (?)
    0663. Added Sailing Founded Event from RoM-team (?)
    0664. Added Chariotry Founded Event from RoM-team (?)
    0665. Added Sand Storm Event from RoM-team (?)
    0666. Added Sea Storm Event from RoM-team (?)
    0667. Added Coastal Reef Event from RoM-team (?)
    0668. Added Coastal Reef Stuck Event from RoM-team (?)
    0669. Added Unique Building fix by Cybah
    0670. Added Druids Event from RoM-team (?)
    0671. Added Treasury Plundered Event from RoM-team (?)
    0672. Added Fullerenes Event from RoM-team (?)
    0673. Added Artificial Element Event from RoM-team (?)
    0674. Added Playing Cards Event
    0675. Added Stuck In The Swamp Event
    0676. Added Abacus Event
    0677. Added UFO Event from RoM-team (?)
    0678. Added Disaster In Stadium Event
    0679. Added Burial Mound Desecrated Event
    0680. Added Penicillin Event
    0681. Added Ritualism tech, which founds Judaism
    0682. Added Humility tech, which founds Taoism
    0683. Added Altruism tech, which founds Confucianism
    0684. Added Sectarianism tech, which founds Islam
    0685. Added Scientific Victory
    0686. Added Ascension Gate (World Wonder), available with Future Tech, grants Scientific Victory, model by ...
    0687. Added Clock Tower, available with Economics, model by ...
    0688. Added Design Studio, available with Computer Aided Design, model by ...
    0689. Added Farmscraper, available with Hydroponics, model by ...
    0690. Added Fertilizer Factory, available with Biology and Industrialism, model by ...
    0691. Added Flak Tower, available with Flight, model by ...
    0692. Added Mech Assembly Plant, available with Shielding, model by ...
    0693. Added Guild Hall, available with Guilds, model by ...
    0694. Added Nanite Defuser (World Wonder), available with Guilds, model by ...
    0695. Added modcomp Gold for Disbanding v1.1 by killmeplease
    0696. Changed maximum number of players to 34
    0697. Added some extra soundtracks for the Dawn of Man era from Jim Gordon (C2C) and from Sounddogs, total #10 DaM-tracks
    0698. Added some extra soundtracks for the Ancient era from Sounddogs, total #10 Ancient-tracks
    0699. Added Gatherer Camp, available with Grain Gathering, Fire and Exploration, model by Firaxis
    0700. Added Hunting Lodge, available with Hunting, model by ??
    0701. Added Jousting Tournament, available with Feudalism, model by ??
    0702. Added Matter Decompiler, available with Nanotechnology, model by ??
    0703. Added Movie Theater, available with Television, model by ??
    0704. Added Orbital Hotel (National Wonder), available with Astrophysics, model by ??
    0705. Added National Shield (National Wonder), available with Advanced Shielding, model by ??
    0706. Added Good Hunt Event
    0707. Added Loch Ness Event
    0708. Added Hadj Event (Islam)
    0709. Added Crying Mary Event (Christian)
    0710. Added Golden Coach Event (Dutch)
    0711. Added Great Writer Event
    0712. Added Incense Event
    0713. Added Religious Victory Movie
    0714. Added Diplomatic Victory Movie
    0715. Added Time/Score Victory Movie
    0716. Added National Shield Movie
    0717. Added Orbital Hotel Movie
    0718. Added Nanite Defuser Movie
    0719. Added Ascension Gate Movie
    0720. Added Nobel Prize Event
    0721. Added Light Bulb Event
    0722. Added Aspirin Event
    0723. Added Barbed Wire Event
    0724. Added Ball Point Event
    0725. Added Bicycle Event
    0726. Added Button and Buttonhole Event
    0727. Added Dynamite Event
    0728. Added Kettle Event
    0729. Added Locks Event
    0730. Added Microscope Event
    0731. Added Mobile Phone Event
    0732. Added Paperclips Event
    0733. Added Photography Event
    0734. Added Saddle Event
    0735. Added Spectacles Event
    0736. Added Syringe Event
    0737. Added Umbrella Event
    0738. Added Zipper Event
    0739. Added Synthetic Life Event
    0740. Added Oscar Event
    0741. Added FTL (Faster Than Light) Event
    0742. Added Rivermonsters Event
    0743. Added Amusement Park Event
    0744. Added Extraterrestrial Life Event
    0745. Added Code of Hammurabi Event (Babylonian)
    0746. Added Great Train Robbery Event
    0747. Added Jack the Ripper Event
    0748. Added modcomp Unit Production Modifier by Voyhkah
    0749. Changed Babylonian Garden: +15% production of Armsman and Heavy Swordsman
    0750. Changed Byzantine Hippodrome: +15% production of Light Cavalry
    0751. Changed Carthaginian Cothon: +15% production of Caravel
    0752. Changed Chinese Manufacturing Plant: +15% production of Mechanized Cavalry
    0753. Changed German Assembly Plant: +15% production of Light Tank, Tank and Heavy Tank
    0754. Changed Holy Roman Kaiserpfalz: +15% production of Pikeman
    0755. Changed Japanese Shale Plant: +15% production of Fighter
    0756. Changed Mongolian Ger: +15% production of Horseman, Horse Archer and Horse Scout
    0757. Changed Portuguese Porto: +15% production of Galleon
    0758. Changed Spanish Citadel: +15% production of Knight and Maceman
    0759. Changed Viking Havnen: +15% production of Trireme and Siege Trireme
    0760. Changed Zulu Ikhanda: +15% production of Javelineer
    0761. Added modcomp Civic Specialist Yield/Commerce Changes by Captain Midnight
    0762. Changed civic Apprenticeship: Artists give 2 production, 2 commerce, 1 gold and 1 culture
    0763. Added modcomp Air Combat Experience by TheLopez (route bombing disabled)
    0764. Added modcomp Bombard Experience by TheLopez and Stolenrays, adjusted to DCM
    0765. Added Comics Event
    0766. Added Crocodiles Event
    0767. Added Dragon Spotted Event
    0768. Added Jigsaw Puzzle Event
    0769. Added Crystal Skull Event
    0770. Added Gypsy Event
    0771. Added Black Rose Event
    0772. Added War Of The Worlds Event
    0773. Added Premium Lager Event
    0774. Added Piano Event
    0775. Added Hackers Event
    0776. Added Treasure Island Event
    0777. Added Genetic Manipulated Food Event
    0778. Added El Dorado Event
    0779. Added Traffic Accident Event
    0780. Added Alchemist Event
    0781. Added Opera House Event
    0782. Added Falling Rocks Event
    0783. Fixed project Lascaux Paintings for AI
    0784. Fixed Religious Promotions
    0785. Fixed Celebrity promotion (display in city)
    0786. Added Stone Head, available with Tool Making, obsolete with Calendar, model by Andreas Charell
    0787. Added National Wonder Lorelei, available with Aesthetics, obsolete with Economics, model by Andreas Charell, added wondermovie
    0788. Added Slave unit
    0789. Added Slaver promotion
    0790. Changed Metal Casting now requires Animal Husbandry
    0791. Changed Mathematics now requires Machinery
    0792. Changed Disciple of Anubis, Statue of Anubis and Zulu Hero now require Metal Casting
    0793. Added Slave Cage
    0794. Added National Slave Auction (national wonder)
    0795. Added Coffee Event
    0796. Changed CvPiratesModEventManager.py
    0797. changed GLOBAL_WARMING_UNHEALTH_WEIGHT (GlobalDefinesAlt.xml) from 10 to 20, suggested by Minor Annoyance
    0798. Added Medieval Fanatic, Renaissance Fanatic, Industrial Fanatic and Modern Fanatic
    0799. Added Mango Event
    0800. Added Papaya Event
    0801. Added Toxic Mushroom Event
    0802. Added Illuminati Event
    0803. Added Holy River Event (Hindu)
    0804. Added Torah Scrolls Event (Jewish)
    0805. Added Walrus Event
    0806. Added Sealion Event
    0807. Added Naval Academy Event
    0808. Added Military Academy Event
    0809. Added Lorelei Event
    0810. Added Stone Head Event
    0811. Added Gahambar Festival Event (Zoroastrian)
    0812. Added The Three Jewels Of Toa Event (Taoist)
    0813. Added Tripitaka Event (Buddhist)
    0814. Added Four Books and Five Classics Event (Confucian)
    0815. Added Oxford University Event
    0816. Added Trading Company Event
    0817. Added Fanatics Event
    0818. Added new National Slave Auction wondermovie

    Version 1.0

    0819. test version sent to Absinthered - october 2011
    0820. Added Icebreaker
    0821. Added Ice Breaker AI
    0822. Added Human Genome Project and First Cloned Human Project
    0823. Added Human Genome Project movie
    0824. Increased event chances for all eras
    0825. Decreased EVENT_PROBABILITY_ROLL_SIDES from 100 to 50 in GlobalDefines.xml (more events)
    0826. Added Cloned Human Project movie
    0827. Added Python trigger for Gypsy event. Can now only trigger in Medieval and later eras
    0828. Added Gathering Place Event
    0829. Tweaked CIV4EventTriggerInfos.xml
    0830. Added Cyborg Army Event
    0831. Added Nazca Lines Project
    0832. Published mod - october 2011
  4. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    Known/Possible issues:

    A1. AI doesn't know how to use Icebreakers (might be solved)
    B1. Buildings produced by Petra wonder won't allow the contruction of follow-up buildings e.g. walls --> castle (might be fixed by Cybah)

    To do:
    A2. Scientific Victory Movie
    B2. Add Power Up Mod by Asaf (not sure, not working properly, BUG issues)
    C2. Update Credits List

    To test:
    A3. Most new events
    B3. Ascension Gate (scientific victory)
    C3. Nanite Defuser

    Version 1.1, released June 25, 2013

    0833. Fixed Nazca Lines Project
    0834. Decreased event weights for Forest Fire (2), Washed Out (2), Tornado (2), Hurricane (1), Cyclone (1), Tsunami (2), Monsoon (1), Blizzard (1), Volcano (1), Dustbowl (1), Earthquake (1), Sand Storm (5), rare events now, most of them recurring now (see 835)
    0835. Tweaked CIV4EventTriggerInfos.xml: Washed Out, Hurricane, Cyclone, Tsunami, Monsoon, Blizzard, Volcano, Dustbowl, Earthquake, made them all recurring except Tsunami (only global thus happening once in a game)
    0836. Fixed bug related to Nazca Lines Project in CvEventManager.py
    0837. Fixed a bug related to the BUG-project overview, thank you EmperorFool
    0838. Fixed Python-error in CvRandomEventInterface.py for the Sealion and Walrus event
    0839. Decreased event weights for Coastal Reef to 5 and Coastal Reef Stuck to 50
    0840. Added PythonCanDoUnit-code for Barracks and Coastal Reef, both won't trigger for units with more than 10/5 experience
    0841. Changed vanilla BTS event Farm Bandits
    0842. Edited conquest probablities of buildings and wonders
    0843. Fixed Respawn bug (hopefully), reported by festa (see attachment)
    0844. Added text-entry for Ascension Gate in ANDGameText_Misc.xml, still get Python-bug in Victory screen
    0845. Changed vanilla BTS event Slave Revolt. Weight decreased from 200 to 20
    0846. Changed vanilla BTS event Famine. Weight decreased from 100 to 10
    0847. Fixed Python bug in Saddle and Dynamite event
    0848. Added image for Copper Plating event
    0849. Added LH Masinissa (Carthage) by esnaz
    0850. Added LH Ashurbanipal (Sumeria) by Methyl Orange
    0851. Added LH Abd El-Krim (Carthage) by Cyberkhan
    0852. Added LH Topiltzin (Maya) by Amra
    0853. Added LH Miltiades (Greece) by Nitram15
    0854. Added LH Pyrrhus (Greece) by The Capo
    0855. Added LH Maximilian I (Holy Roman Empire) by Cyberkhan
    0856. Added LH Haakonson (Viking) by charle88
    0857. Added LH Quilago (Inca) by SaibotLieh
    0858. Added LH Freydis Eiriksdottir (Viking) by Kid Anubis
    0859. Added LH Yesugei (Mongol) by Nitram15
    0860. Added LH Sunni Ali (Mali) by mechaerik and seasnake
    0861. Added LH Maria II (Portugal) by SaibotLieh
    0862. Added LH Mandukhai (Mongol) by SaibotLieh
    0863. Added LH Martim Afonso de Sousa (Portugal) by Melcher Kurzer
    0864. Added LH Gunnhild (Viking) by Smeagolhart
    0865. Added LH Kug-Bau (Sumeria) by Axel and Ekmek
    0866. Added LH Barbarossa (Holy Roman Empire) by Melcher Kurzer
    0867. Added LH Askia (Mali) by The Capo and IgorS
    0868. Added LH Cleomenes (Greece) by The Capo
    0869. Added LH Matope (Zulu) by Cyberkhan
    0870. Added LH Cunobelin (Celtia) by Smeagolhart
    0871. Added LH Osman I (Ottoman Empire) by Smeagolhart
    0872. Added LH Ramkhamhaeng (Khmer) by seasnake
    0873. Added LH Cauahtemoc (Aztec) by Nitram15
    0874. Added LH Jayavarman (Khmer) by IgorS
    0875. Added LH Khosrau (Persia) by Cyberkhan
    0876. Added LH Afonso Henriques (Portugal) by cfkane, The Capo and IgorS
    0877. Added LH Arthur (Celtia) by cfkane and Iloveplayciv
    0878. Added LH Selim I (Ottoman Empire) by Methyl Orange
    0879. Added LH George III (England) by ekmek
    0880. Added LH Khomeini (Persia) by ekmek
    0881. Changed text of Papyrus event
    0882. Changed trigger of El Dorado event (requires Advanced Sailing now, was Hunting)
    0883. Changed trigger of Warships quest (requires Advanced Sailing now, was Sailing)
    0884. Decreased event weight for Forest Fire to 1
    0885. Added Boomerang Thrower, available with Tool Making by Ambrox62 and MVM70
    0886. Added Crossbow Rider, available with Machinery and Archery by Ambrox62 and MVM70
    0887. Added Anti-Air Halftrack, available with Flight by dacubz145
    0888. Added Halftrack, available with Automobile by nautil and dacubz145
    0889. Added Musket Elephant, available with Firearms by Kathy and embryodead
    0890. Changed Qumran, now obsolete with Replaceable Parts
    0891. Added "road destroyed message"-modcomp by TheJ
    0892. Added pre-made map of Europe by Kiwitt (all gamespeeds)
    0893. Added world wonder Gate of the Sun, model by Hrochland, pythoncode by platyping
    0894. Added world wonder Serpent Mound, model by Hrochland, pythoncode by platyping
    0895. Added world wonder The Motherland Calls, model by dacubz145, pythoncode by platyping
    0896. Added world wonder Leshan Giant Buddha, model by Walter Hawkwood
    0897. Added world wonder Buddhas of Bamiyan, model by ??
    0898. Added world wonder Sagres Compass Rose, model by Hrochland, pythoncode by platyping
    0899. Added world wonder Bell Rock Lighthouse, model by dacubz145, pythoncode by platyping
    0900. Added world wonder Swords of Qadisiyah, model by stolenrays, pythoncode by platyping
    0901. Added world wonder Library of Ashurbanipal, model by ??, pythoncode by platyping
    0902. Added world wonder Great Zimbabwe, model by ??, pythoncode by platyping
    0903. Added world wonder Temple at Uppsala, model by ??, pythoncode by platyping
    0904. Added world wonder Tlaloc Shrine, model by ??, pythoncode by platyping
    0905. Added world wonder Alamut Fortress, model by Walter Hawkwood, pythoncode by platyping
    0906. Added world wonder Cairo Citadel, model by ??, pythoncode by platyping
    0907. Added world wonder El Castillo, model by Hrochland
    0908. Added world wonder Mesa Verde, model by Hrochland, pythoncode by platyping
    0909. Added world wonder Pyramid of the Niches, model by Hrochland, pythoncode by platyping
    0910. Added world wonder Pyramid of the Magician, model by Hrochland, pythoncode by platyping
    0911. Added world wonder Azadi Tower, model by stolenrays, pythoncode by platyping
    0912. Added world wonder Arg-e Bam, model by ??, pythoncode by platyping
    0913. Added world wonder Samarkand Observatory, model by Hrochland, pythoncode by platyping
    0914. Added world wonder Federal Reserve, model by stolenrays, pythoncode by platyping
    0915. Added world wonder Momine Khatun Mausoleum, model by embryodead, pythoncode by platyping
    0916. Added world wonder Academy of Gondishapur, model by ??, pythoncode by platyping
    0917. Added world wonder Pergamon Altar, model by ??, pythoncode by platyping
    0918. Added world wonder Ferrari World, model by dacubz145, pythoncode by platyping
    0919. Added world wonder Vijay Stambha, model by ??
    0920. Added world wonder Sarcophages of Karajia, model by Hrochland
    0921. Added Forest Food Event
    0922. Added Jungle Food Event
    0923. Added Oasis Food Event
    0924. Added Flood Plains Food Event
    0925. Added Desert Food Event
    0926. Added Coast Plains Food Event
    0927. Added world wonder Chauburji, model by embryodead
    0928. Fixed bug in Fanatics event
    0929. Changed prereq tech for Towershield event to Tactical Formations
    0930. Changed prereq bonus for War Chariots quest to Horse
    0931. Changed prereq unit for Horseshoe event (Raider, Horseman, Light Infantry, Crossbow Rider, Knight, Horse Scout, Horse Archer, Mounted Ranger)
    0932. Changed prereq unit for Reinforced Hull event (Trireme)
    0933. Fixed typo for Saddle event
    0934. Changed prereq tech for Greek Fire event to Alchemy (was: Metal Casting)
    0935. Added message for Tlaloc Shrine (platyping)
    0936. Added prereq unit for Stronger Fittings event (Crossbowman, Crossbow Rider)
    0937. Added prereq bonus for Smokeless Powder event (Sulphur) and prereq unit (Musketman, Cuirassier, Ranger, Mounted Ranger, Arquebusier, Musket Elephant)
    0938. Added prereq unit for Firing Pins event (Grenadier)
    0939. Added prereq unit for Metal Decks event (Early Carrier, Carrier)
    0940. Added prereq unit for Long Range Fighters event (Fighter)
    0941. Added prereq unit for Halberd event (Pikeman)
    0942. Fixed trigger Salpeter event
    0943. Fixed trigger Tin event
    0944. Fixed prereq unit for Bowyer event (Archer, Archer Scout)
    0945. Added prereq tech for Antelope event: The Wheel
    0946. Changed prereq tech for Whale of a Thing event to Compass (was: Sailing)
    0947. Added prereq tech for Hi Yo Silver event: The Wheel
    0948. Added prereq tech for Wining Monks event: The Wheel and changed prereg Tech to Fermentation (was: Monarchy)
    0949. Fixed Interstate event: also applies to Roman Roads now
    0950. Added prereq unit for Rifled Cannon event (Cannon, Field Artillery)
    0951. Changed prereq tech for Ancient Texts event to Archaeology (was: Scientific Method or Steel or Artillery or Steam Power)
    0952. Added prereq unit for Experienced Captain event (Dreadnaught, Early Carrier, Super Carrier, Fusion Carrier, Fusion Destroyer, Fusion Cruiser, Fusion Battleship, Pirate Steamer, Early Cruiser, Cruiser, Siege Quinquireme, Modern Privateer, Gunboat, Corvette, Aegis Destroyer, Paddle Steamer)
    0953. Changed prereq tech for Noble Knight quest to Feudalism
    0954. Changed prereq tech for Spy Discovered event to Radio
    0955. Added prereq unit for Battle Lasers event (Gunship)
    0956. Added prereq tech for Generals Putsch event to Television (was: Radio)
    0957. Added Pythoncode for Famous Doctor event
    0958. Added prereq tech for Resort Town event: Tourism
    0959. Changed prereq tech for Recruitment Drive event to Fire Arms (was: Gunpowder)
    0960. Changed prereq tech for Salt Mine event to Pottery (was: Bronze Working)
    0961. Added Pythoncode for War Memorial event
    0962. Changed obsolete tech for Hardy Scouts event to Archery (was: 4 other techs)
    0963. Added prereq tech for Cotton Irrigation event: Civil Service
    0964. Changed prereq civic for Good Harbor event to Barter Economy (was: Decentralization)
    0965. Added Pythoncode for Game Migration event
    0966. Added prereq tech for Segmented Armor event: Tactical Formations
    0967. Added Barbarian Stone Throwers Event
    0968. Added Thulsa Doom Event
    0969. Added Conan Event
    0970. Added Barbarian Militia Event
    0971. Added Barbarian Boomerang Throwers Event
    0972. Added Barbarian Brutes Event
    0973. Added Ali Baba Event
    0974. Added Cimmerians 1 Event
    0975. Added Cimmerians 2 Event
    0976. Added Cimmerians 3 Event
    0977. Added Cimmerians 4 Event
    0978. Fixed a bug in the Settings Screen
    0979. Changed Human Genome Project: now also +20% Heal Rate in All Cities, pythoncode by platyping
    0980. Added world project Thirty-six Stratagems, pythoncode by platyping
    0981. Changed prereq tech for Breakthrough and Setback event to Alphabet
    0982. Changed First Human Clone Project: now requires Human Genotype project and Fist Cloned Mammal Project
    0983. Added Dice Event
    0984. Fixed religion for Taj Mahal (Islam)
    0985. Added world wonder Buckingham Palace, model by Hrochland
    0986. Added world wonder Lotus Temple, model by Hrochland
    0987. Added world wonder Temple of Heaven, model by Refar
    0988. Added world wonder Shimabara Castle, model by Embryodead
    0989. Added world wonder Matsumoto Castle, model by Walter Hawkwood, pythoncode by platyping
    0990. Added world wonder Oriental Crown, model by dacubz145
    0991. Added national world wonder Tomb of the Unknowns, model by dacubz145, pythoncode by platyping
    0992. Added national world wonder Imperial Academy, model by Walter Hawkwood
    0993. Added world wonder Louvre
    0994. Added world wonder Tomb of Ferdowsi, model by Stolenrays
    0995. Added world wonder Palace of Darius, model by Hrochland
    0996. Added national world wonder National College, model by Andreas Charell
    0997. Fixed elephant sounds for the ballista by Kathy, Walter Hawkwood and Pie

    Attached Files:

  5. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    Amra, Aeven, avain, Ambrox62, Afforess, asioasioasio (asiox3), Aranor, Antilogic, Aussie_Lurker, Aungi, AlazkanAssassin, Andreas Charell
    BUG-team, Bernie14, bmarnz, Bakuel, bhiita
    Chuggi, charle88, C.Roland, cfkane, Chamaedrys, Civmansam, Capt_Blondbeard, Cyberkhan, cool3a2, Cybah, Captain Midnight
    Dale, Denev, Dom Pedro II, Darkstyx, Duke van Frost, Deliverator, DaveMcW, Den9510, davidlallen, Danrell, Dual, Deon, dacubz145
    EmperorFool, Esnaz, Ekmek, Ermelinho, embryodead
    Flying Pig, Flintlock1415, fk2006
    Grave, Gaius Octavius, GIR, GarretSidzaka, GeneralMatt, ggganz, Gagonite, glider1
    HROCHLAND, Headlock, Head Serf
    Iloveplayciv, IgorS
    jdog5000, Jean Elcard, Jeckel, Jon Deane, JKP1187, JustaTourist, James Nichols, j_mie6
    Kael, Kao'chai, Kodzi, killmeplease, Kathy, Kissa, KrugerPritz, Kiwitt, Kid Anubis
    Lionheart, Lemon Merchant, Lord Tirian
    Moctezuma, Mourndraken, MethylOrange, Minor Annoyance, Mechaerik, Mike Gio, Melcher Kürzer, MVM70
    Nevermind, Nicholas Hawkwood, Nitram15
    Optimizer, Orion Veteran
    PieceOfMind, PW90, Pencilgod, Pie, platyping
    Roamty, Refar, RabbitWhite, RoM-team
    Snaitf, Smeagolheart, Snafusmith, seZereth, Sepamu92, Sakhr, saibotlieh, Supercheese, Sharick, Stolenrays, Strategy Only, Solver, Sevo
    Trojan Sheep, Teg Navanis, TheLopez, Tsentom, The Coyote, The Capo, TheJ, TR-team, Thomas SG, The Ladies Ogre
    veBear, Voltage, Von Salza, Voyhkah
    Wyz_sub10, Willowmound, Walter Hawkwood, Wolfshanze, woodelf, winddelay
    zenspiderz, Zerver

    Thanks to all whose stuff I used but forgot to credit.
    Thanks to all who gave me advice but forgot to credit.
    If I forgot you please let me know and your name will be added to the list :)
  6. uat2d

    uat2d ಠ_ಠ

    Mar 16, 2007
    Final Frontier Listening: House
    Is it related to A New Dawn? It looks similar (which is great, RoM - AND is very good indeed), it's why I'm asking.
  7. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    It's not related to Afforess' New Dawn in any way although it uses a couple of his modcomps :)
  8. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    Come on now, you know you have to put names of CFC individuals here, AHEM, i wonder who kept BUGGING me:think::hmm:
  9. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    Will do as I mentioned in the to do list :lol:
    And most of the credits are already in changelogs ;)
  10. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    Are you going to change the CvEventManager to your own, or leave it the BtS one? Or better yet a BUG format.
  11. The_J

    The_J Say No 2 Net Validations Retired Moderator Supporter

    Oct 22, 2008
    While i'm here i'd also like to leave some "congrats :goodjob:" here: So, congrats :goodjob: :D.
  12. Sgtslick

    Sgtslick Emperor

    Mar 15, 2002
    why do people upload to atomicgamer man that site is slow as ..
    anyway downloading.. thx
  13. arkguy

    arkguy Warlord

    Jun 9, 2010
    Arkadelphia, AR
    Looks like an excellent mod!
  14. cybrxkhan

    cybrxkhan Asian Xwedodah

    Aug 10, 2006
    The Universe
    Glad to see another big mod out! :D

    (Also, by the way, my username is "cybrxkhan" and not "cyberkhan" as you listed in the changelog - just wanted to tell you, no biggie.)
  15. AbsintheRed

    AbsintheRed Deity

    Jul 27, 2009
    Szeged, Hungary
    Great to see the official release
    Huge congrats on this, Arian! :king:

    Ohh, and I see I have to re-download the mod
    You already polished quite a few things since you sent me the test version a few days ago :goodjob:
  16. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    I have no plans to change the CvEventManager.

    Thank you. :)

    Megaupload has a downloading limit of 500 Mb iirc. Atomicgamer hasn't.
    So use Atomicgamer to dl all stuff at once or use Megaupload and dl the 3 parts.

    I hope you like it :)

    I did that on purpose :lol: and cyberkhan sounds much better :p

    Yep, I did some last minute polishing ;)
  17. krasny

    krasny Prince

    Jul 19, 2002
    What's it about?

    How does it differ from vanilla BTS?
  18. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    See the changelogs 1 and 2 and you might notice some differences with Vanilla BTS.
  19. Alexej

    Alexej Prince

    May 16, 2008
    Why mod with really big size like this one doesnt have unique unit graphics? Its my only personal madness, but i cant play mod where two factions have same generic axeman for example so this mod is not for me really :blush:
  20. Arian

    Arian No more ghostbusting!!

    May 10, 2008
    The Netherlands
    It would only make the mod even bigger without adding new content.

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