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AI+ v11.1

AI Improvements for Civ VI

  1. Tiramisu

    Tiramisu Chieftain

    Aug 16, 2013
    Leonberg (BW, Germany)
    Hello everyone!
    I have often noticed that you can rush some AI cities in the early game if you build 4-5 galleys, which is easy with the right policy card (even on Demi-God). So I would like to see that the AI uses at least 1 or 2 naval units to protect their coastal cities. Maybe by increasing the MaxNumber of naval units for city defense operations?

    Another thing I have noticed is that in the vanilla file of Leaders.xml there are some entries with "YEILD_PRODUCTION". It is probably misspelled by Firaxis, but I could not find any fix in AI+. So maybe it could prevent some bugs if you corrected this typo in your mod?

    Regarding city states I would suggest to put encampments and walls in their favored list items, if this is possible. Their most important task should be surviving instead of building civilian districts (I am not even sure if campuses, holy sites or theaters help them at all, if city states follow other game rules than major civs).

    By the way I have started to create a balancing mod myself to improve the AI a few months ago. In a few weeks I should be uploading it on steam. One of my ideas is to nerf ranged units, because the AI does not handle them as well as human players.
    Especially siege units should be nerfed in my opinion, but I do not know how well the AI uses ranged siege units in your games. In my games with AI+ the AI builds almost no siege units, so I am not sure if it is only me. Only once I have seen a bombard attacking a city state, but then it retreated again.
  2. omega4

    omega4 Chieftain

    First, let me say that I know the Civ6 AI is incompetent. I commend the OP for trying to solve this problem with limited access to resources.

    I used the AI+ mod in an AI battle royale. 8 civs. After 11 hours and 2100 turns, the year is 2847 AD. And no one is fighting.

    I've forced each Civ to declare war on each other. Yet after a few turns, they all make peace with each other.

    Rome has the most territory and cities, yet refuses to destroy the smaller, weaker civs around it.

    Was Civ6 made by SJWs or hippies because the game sure feels like it.

    Looks like I'll be headed back to Civ5 Vox Populi.
  3. Gothic_Empire

    Gothic_Empire AKA, Ramen Empire

    Aug 5, 2008

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