are the forum styles ugly?

so are the forum styles ugly?

  • Yup, they suck

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  • nah, there all right

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Feb 10, 2003
well, I was on the computer in school earlyer today, with two close freinds of mine, they both said that the forums are ugly- now, i have never really though of them as ugly before, but in comparison to theres, i guess it is kinda drab- of course, it could just be another ploy to pull me into their forums ;)
yep, hell, I know I could suggest a few improvement- specially to to "extream CFC"- it looks more like the inside of a tomato...
And what is wrong with tomatoes? ;)

Nah, I think they look all right for the most part. If one doesn't notice anything amiss, the style gets the job done.
well, I for one would enjoy a better extream, or if we have to keep it like it is, a new forum style, I wcould perhaps provide a pic of what I was think of for a new style..perhaps "punk" CFC would be a cool name for it :)
Classic CFC and Mac OS X look very good, if I do say so myself.

The others aren't as good. The blue and green are all right, but kinda plain. Modern looks good, but I don't see why anyone would prefer it over classic. Extreme is a bit too ... extreme.

All of the above is just my opinion, of course.
The forum looks ugly because the avatars are small and non-animated, there are no images in sigs, and all sigs are smaller than five lines. There's no pop-ups, and only a unoticable banner ad on the bottom. Looks ugly to them, but not ugly to us.

What? You're talking about the forum styles? I never even notice mine anymore, just everything looks bluish. ;)
Modern CFC I find to be about the best color combo out of any forum I've ever been to.
We've fought hard and long for the return of the fanatic in the ancient style, and now you're claiming that it's ugly? Now, I find that personally insulting...
I like the green style.
Not too keen on the classic or the other styles at all.
But none of them are ugly at all.
hey, its not like I want to trash all the current styles, just that some changes be made to some of them, or a new style or two be brought up- ones that look good, or at least cool (aside from the mac OS one, that ones cool, but I dont have a mac- ir at least I dont use one... ;))
Turnip Green and Pale White are nice.
Dark Blue is ok.
The rest are bad.
Hey! Quit commenting on the extreme.
Extreme is the best one, and then Blue and Green.
The modern and classics are the boring-est things I've ever saw here, zzzzzzzzz

Inside of a tomato?
My eyes are still soar from the extreme style.
I like the classic. Most of those others are kind of hard on the eyes.

No, I take that back. The Dark blue and Mac are ok as well. The extreme is well extreme.
I like the Modern one the best. Extreme is...ahem...interesting. The red is a nice shade, but I was lying on the floor with a migraine after looking at it. :p All of em except modern are not that great, but not "ugly."
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