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Better AI -- Implementation Priorities


Feb 9, 2009
Hi guys,

First, as this is my first post, I'd like to give kudos to the team working on the Better AI project. This effort greatly enhances gameplay for us folks interested in a quality experience. Gameplay is no longer mundane when using the improved AI.

Perhaps I've missed it in previous threads, but I wanted to ask: what are the implementation priorites going forward? Is there a overarching strategic plan for the team? A prioritized list of issues to be addressed?

A list such as this could provide quality feedback for the team to consider as they move forward. A general outline of issues would be great.

Thanks, and keep up the outstanding work. :goodjob:



Nov 25, 2003
We probably should have something posted here ...

What I've got is a "todo and idea list.txt" file that's in the download. The first set of points are targeted, smaller changes. Those with x's have been made recently and are things I still watch when running tests to make sure they're working as intended, those with -'s are still on the drawing board.

Some of the bigger picture directions I've collected from the forums or my own thoughts are listed next. There's no particular order to them, and actually one big thing I'm thinking about pursuing next isn't listed yet ...

Someone asked before for a list of what we've done, goals etc ... there will be a new thread going up soon.
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