Mar 1, 2005
These are interesting times we live in. I just read on the BBC site that the protesting monks stormed past a road block and passed by Aung San Suu Kyi's house, where she stood in the doorway, prayed, and shed a few tears. The guards at the road block didn't try to stop them. This is great news. I hope the people of Burma can find the strength to continue and topple that evil regime.

BBC Article
Raising petrol prices by 5x without notification will do this. Imagine being left stranded with no way to get home.

Once again it's China's opportunity to step up and be a real international player. They have so much to lose by not doing this. AIDS is becoming epidemic in Burma and is crossing into Chinese borders, the natural gas and other resources will continue to be at risk to rebel actions and their Olympics could see massive sponsorship loss with their actions in Burma and Sudan.

Isn't it curious how China exercised its veto of a peaceful, non-punitive multilateral resolution. Then follows with an agreement for natural gas with the Than Shwe regime even though the terms with India were better. It seems Than Shwe knows veto power is worth more than money.

Pretty sad the Chinese won't stand up in either instance.
China already basically owns Burma; they're not too concerned with humanitarian conditions within Burma anyways, much like how America doesn't give a rat's ass about humanitarian conditions that Palestineans live in because Israel is such a close ally.
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