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CFC: Fastest Deity Diplomatic Victory

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Hall of Fame Discussion' started by Bangau, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Casualty of war

    Casualty of war Warlord

    Feb 20, 2018
    Sometimes the Civ hit by the trigger doesn't have the 30 points to put in an Aid request. Watch the alerts then sell/gift them enough to be sure they can ask for assistance.

    I'm considering Cleopatra turned up to 4 for maximum disaster Aid requests; constant 1000 year floods that don't affect you at all.
  2. Bangau

    Bangau Prince

    Jun 21, 2019
    The Netherlands
  3. tiamats4esgares

    tiamats4esgares Warlord

    Jul 19, 2013
    Ah, smart indeed.

    I'm looking for disaster alerts that affect other civs?
  4. tiamats4esgares

    tiamats4esgares Warlord

    Jul 19, 2013
    This seems to be really important to me, especially for this challenge where people are within turns of beating each other. I think somebody playing a civ that could get the world to the next era quickest would be best. This could be easily manipulated by playing a game with only 2 civs where you were both high-science civs, but I find that to be "cheating" at least in my opinion, and I always like playing with 8 total civs and all my enemies being random (I find it cheating to pick them myself, to be honest). So I wonder what civ would be best at doing this, given my own restrictions? Hmm...

    I personally like playing China just to build the Mahabodhi Temple before anyone else but truth be told, it might not be hard to build it as someone else. I've simply never tried. xD
  5. enKage

    enKage Follower of Zoamelgustar

    Aug 21, 2010
    Łódź, PL
    I didn't need lvl4 disasters, so it counts as standard settings too, so I posted it here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/thre...eity-diplomatic-victory.649765/#post-15771711

    • 1st place: [enKage] - [234] - [of course Poundmaker of Cree]
    • 2nd place: [attorneyatlol] - [235] - [Dido of Phoenicia]
    • 2nd place: [Casualty_of_war] - [235] - [Teddy Roosevelt of America]
    • 4rd place: [attorneyatlol] - [236] - [Trajan of Rome]
    • 5th place: [Ceydezed] - [237] - [Kupe of the Maori]
    • 6th place: [attorneyatlol] - [239] - [Mansa Musa of Mali]
    • 7th place:
    • 8th place:
    • 9th place:
    • 10th place:
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  6. th3crazed

    th3crazed Chieftain

    Oct 16, 2015
    Reporting 223 victory with Cleopatra.

    • #players: 6
    • Leader: Cleopatra
    • Ruleset: Gathering Storm
    • Version :
    • Difficulty: Deity
    • Start Era: Ancient Era
    • Game Speed: Standard
    • #City States: Standard
    • Disaster Intensity: 2
    • Map: Continents and Islands
    • Map Size: Standard
    • Resources: Standard
    • World Age: Standard
    • Start Position Standard
    • Temperature: Standard
    • Rainfall: Standard
    • Sea Level: Standard
    • Victory Conditions: All enabled
    • Advanced Options: All default
    • Mods: None
    First off huge thank you to all the other competitors who posted tons of helpful strategies. Honestly I was struggling to get a diplo win under my belt at all, let alone string together a good enough run to post here!

    I'll start with compiling what I learned generally for anyone else who wants to give this challenge a shot :)

    General Diplomatic Victory Strategy

    • Prioritize an early scout to maximize chances at free envoys
      • Constantly check city-state quest
    • Plan to build: Apadana, Mahabodhi Temple, Kilwa, Potala Palace, Statue of Liberty, and Orszaghaz
      • You likely won't get Apadana but try anyway
      • Learn the placement rules for each wonder to ensure you have a suitable tile. (Map pins are your friend!)
    • Get a religion with the "Religious Unity" founder belief to convert faith into envoys
      • Look for opportunities to pair completion of a quest with religious conversion to maximize envoy generation
    • Outside of hitting our wonders, Mid-game entirely revolves around buying as much Diplomatic Favor as possible from the AI
      • Prioritize commercial hubs and harbors to increase the number of trade routes and overall gold income
      • Friendly AI will generally take 200 gold in exchange for 18 DF per turn
        • Sometimes the AI will suddenly be willing to trade, check back frequently
      • Trade as much as possible EVERY turn.
      • The AI will entirely stop trading as soon as you hit 10 VP, ensure you don't cross that threshold by mistake. Consider holding wonders that give VPs at 1 turn while you buy more influence
      • "Aid Request" costs the AI 30 DF, consider leaving them above that threshold to ensure they can start the competition
    • The AI loves to kill city-states which reduces our diplomatic favor and yields. It is easier to stop this from happening rather than liberate the city-state.
      • If the AI declares war, first try merely blocking their approach with your units
      • If the city-state doesn't look like it will hold even with your blocks, declare war (protectorate if available)
    • Plan to have high GP points per turn to ensure we can win the "World's Fair" scored event

    • Use spies to "Recruit Partisans" to remove envoys from other civs
    My Run: Cleopatra in 223 Turns

    After studying the runs posted here, I failed a few Canada attempts (tundra too hard). I decided to try Mansa Musa and won easily at around ~260. Afterwords I figured I'd try to go into a game without a plan and started rolling some standard deity games with a random civ.

    Spoiler Ancient Era :
    Ancient Era

    I managed to meet three city-states right off the bat which obviously is a great start under any circumstance. But given I knew Egypt has strengths in trading and wonder production, my diplo sense was tingling.

    I discovered a great city location with FOUR truffles. I've been really loving the buff to the "Goddess of the Hunt" pantheon (+1 food and +1 production from camps) and knew if I could get a city going there, it would be a powerhouse all game.

    Given how strong I believed the city location was, I decided to gamble. After only building a scout and a slinger, I hard built a settler. I reasoned that the risk was likely worth the reward. I reasoned that I was close to city-states who would thin the barbs numbers and I already had one barb camp in my sites. The risk paid off, this was the only barb camp I had to deal with all game.
    Cleo Turn 14.png

    Spoiler Classical Era :
    Classical Era

    After settling our camp city (Memphis) I opted to try for Temple of Artemis to both take advantage of the amenities and allow it to grow with all the food. After securing the build, I realized that my territory wasn't likely to be contested by the AI so I could safely execute the long-term Magnus w/ Provision + Ancestral Hall to spam settlers.

    This strategy worked but with one hiccup. Russia managed to nab key territory right along my border. I was shocked he settled so far from his capitol (as you can see in the mini-map). TBH I'm not sure how his city stayed loyal, do you know?

    While I tried for Apadana I couldn't get there in time.

    I made sure to squeeze out an early galley to both meet other civs and ideally other city-states. I was luckily able to get them across the ocean.

    Cleo Turn 58.png

    Spoiler Medieval Era :

    Russia made moves towards Babylon so I declared war to prevent them from falling. I had barely any units as I cut my normal build so short to rush for Memphis. Luckily I also managed to become suzerain of Auckland who managed to raze Solikamsk by themselves! So proud of them <3

    Starting to get commercial hubs up. Already have a few campus including a +5 in Nekhen. Our religion is up and starting to do it's thing. Grabbing an entertainment district because of the Mexico City Suzerain bonus extending the range, hoping to sneak in a Coliseum, and luckily its a quest for Jerusalem.

    Our galley managed to find two more city states giving us access to new quests.

    Started Kilwa and noticing we have three industrial city states. Planning to add industrial centers for a nice +6 prod bonus to workshops

    Cleo Turn 115.png

    Spoiler Renaissance Era :

    Russia and Indonesia are going after Buenos Aires, I've moved my units here to try and block but I ended up declaring a protectorate war and recruiting Indonesia to join the fight. Managed to keep them independent and on the board.

    We have three alliances up and generating DF. Our income is going great and we've started buying DF from the AI.

    Luckily, Harold made a Military Aid Request putting 2 DVPs up for grabs and we are easily ahead of the competition.

    Cleo 154 Citystate.png

    Cleo 154.png

    Spoiler Industrial Era :

    We start the Industrial era with 9/20 DVPs needed to win. Statue of Liberty is sitting at 1-turn so we can continue buying DF from the AI without crossing the 10 DVP threshold where they cut you off.

    Here's where the luck played a huge factor. Indonesia "Requests Aid" putting the points we need to close the game on the table.

    Cleo 193.png

    Spoiler Modern Era :

    Above 10 DVPs we can no longer buy DF so we coast until...

    Cleo Turn 223.png

    Cleo Victory.png

    • 1st place: [th3crazed] - [223] - [Cleopatra of Egypt]
    • 2nd place: [enKage] - [234] - [of course Poundmaker of Cree]
    • 3rd place: [attorneyatlol] - [235] - [Dido of Phoenicia]
    • 4th place: [Casualty_of_war] - [235] - [Teddy Roosevelt of America]
    • 5th place: [attorneyatlol] - [236] - [Trajan of Rome]
    • 6th place: [Ceydezed] - [237] - [Kupe of the Maori]
    • 7th place: [attorneyatlol] - [239] - [Mansa Musa of Mali]
    • 8th place:
    • 9th place:
    • 10th place:

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    Last edited: Jun 16, 2020
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  7. Bangau

    Bangau Prince

    Jun 21, 2019
    The Netherlands
    Nice game @th3crazed ! Noticed anything different for diplo victory in the new patch?
  8. tiamats4esgares

    tiamats4esgares Warlord

    Jul 19, 2013
    Well if you do Apocalypse mode, people ask for aid requests more often.
  9. 100games100days

    100games100days Warlord

    Mar 5, 2003
    Turn 209 Diplomatic Victory



    Game Details:
    Spoiler Game Details :

    #players: 7
    Leader: Kristina
    Ruleset: Gathering Storm + Frontier Pass ( (504666))
    Version : May 2020
    Difficulty: Deity
    Start Era: Ancient Era
    Game Speed: Standard
    #City States: 16
    Disaster Intensity: 4
    Map: Pangea
    Map Size: Standard
    Resources: Standard
    World Age: New
    Start Position Standard
    Temperature: Standard
    Rainfall: Wet
    Sea Level: Low
    Victory Conditions: All enabled
    Advanced Options: All default
    Mods: UI Mods only: Better Espionage Screen, Better Leader Icon, Better Loading Screen, Better Report Screen, Better Tech Tree, Better Trade Screen, Concise UI, Custom Notifications, Even More Reports, Happiness and Growth Indicators, Map Tacks, Policy Change Reminder, Quick Start, Real Era Tracker, Sukritact's Better Great Person Screen, Sukritact's Simple UI Adjustments
    Seeds: 730407218, 730407217

    Basic strategy:
    Be peaceful with everyone - having to sometimes sacrifice diplomatic favour or strategic resources to earn friendship.
    Get the three main Diplomatic Point Wonders - Mahabodhi Temple (2), Potala Palace (1) and Statue of Liberty (4)
    Find all players ASAP to start triggering Aid requests
    Get as many Alliances and Suzerains as possible to max out diplomatic favour - prioritise city state quests.
    Having a good gold income is essential for winning aid requests among other things.

    I also streamed this whole game twitch. I'm not sure what the rules are for sharing but I'd be happy to share the VODs or upload the play through on youtube if anyone is interested (and is allowed here).

    I'm really into winning games in as little turns as possible. I thought this would be impossible via Diplomatic Victory but it's very possible. I would have won this game 30 turns earlier but got unlucky with several World Congress votes. I ended up just shift-entering the last 30 turns just to get to the Nobel Peace Prize (One of Sweden's World Congress Competitions) to get my final diplomatic point.

    I think there's definitely a method to the madness in the way the AI votes in the World Congress so I feel I'll have a better idea in which way they'll swing next time I try.

    Don't have a turn 1 save but I could generate it based on the game details. I have saves at turns 62, 94, 120, 131, 137, 162, 180 and a video that shows me generating turn 1.

    Side note: Is there a way to change your username on CivFanatics? I've had this account for years and would like to update if possible :)

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    Last edited: Jun 18, 2020
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