Close War, Civics change, anarchy and Ravenna


Sage of Quatronia
Jul 21, 2004

I suggest we wrap up the war with taking Ravenna, and as soon as the catapults have broken down their defenses, we take the Civic change, leaving Vassalage and Serfdom for two more civic civics. The advantage with taking Ravenna before the peace, is that the border to Rome will be very shorter, and balance out the culture pressure on Antium from Rome. We will also use this opportunity to send in units 1 or 2 xp short of a promotion, and to get rid of units we do not see fit for service (Uriah Post type of mission). Dutchfire researched the advantage of using the anarchy period to lower war weariness and as well perform civics change, and I think this is the very time we need to do exactly that.

Anyone ok with this idea/solution?
I'm okay with taking Ravenna, and switching civics. However, I don't know if it's even necessary to make peace, as we're positively overpowering the Romans. I think we can keep on pushing without making peace.
I think so too. But now we need to bring the 1-2 XP prior to promotion units forward, and the slow to promote units to the back, and a few cannon-fodder units to take the heat. (Always promote free or easy kills, otherwise not attack).
Right now, Caesar won't even talk. I think we'll probably have to just crush his military and take his lands.

I can see us playing this two ways -- tell the DP to finish off Rome, or give instructions to check for peace every turn, and take peace if we're more than some number of estimated turns away from wiping them out.
If he won't come to his senses and begg for peace, then you may as well finish him off.
What could we gain by peace (even temporary) ?
We have more than enough troops (Warlord said it,too) whip Rome now.
And please do not argue against calling war weariness: the way to get free of
it, is to finish him off.
Best regards,
Exactly, finish it off and WW will go completely, if we make peace, we merely extend the period of WW
Well, I will from this point on still only send units about to be promoted forwards to get these (1-2 xp left) and cannon fodder to the fore. The rest I will keep in the back.
How long will last that war?
If the war end in short time (10-15 turns) we can fight against uproar with culture, else we should build theatres the next turns first in our main cities
NotA (with theatre) 1
River 2
Copper 4
Xanadu 3
Orleans 4
Ainu 3
Paris 3
Napoli 1
Cumae (with theatre) 4
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