COTM 18 - First Spoiler - Ancient Age, Contacts

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  1. Karasu

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    Jun 28, 2002
    Only for a while
    Yes, I am curious :D

    How is it going? Expansion, tech, contacts? Has anyone made the slingshot? Any early wars that you got involved in or got to witness?
    Surely the AA was not the best time to unleash the power of your cavalries...

    ...and this age didn't probably last very long.

    This spoiler is limited to the Ancient Age. Please do not spill into the Middle Ages, even though the more interesting part of the story may have taken place in those times.
    In order to post and read here, you need to:
    - Have reached the end of the AA (i.e., be researching or be able to research a MA tech)
    - Have contacts of all AI and knowledge of their location on the map. Being this a 60% pangea, some players may not have met all civs by the time they reach the MA. Please try to use some caution when describing map details of farther civs.

    I haven't opened a "hunting tips" thread -but do use this one to ask and provide advice on game strategy and tactics (within spoiler constraints, of course).
    And good luck again -both for this game and for the next... :D
  2. seven21

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    Jun 14, 2005
    The AA went fairly well bearing in mind Deity is a bit of a step up and despite carelessly allowing the Koreans to ambush a settler and start a war I didn't want. Some fortuitous tech trading left me ahead of the rest as the MA approached. Could posssibly have got the slingshot but went for Literature first as the safe bet.

    Settled in place and built War/War/Settler/Settler/Granary
    Research - Alpha/Pottery/Writing/Lit/Philo/currency- traded everything else

    Played a dangerous game by using the warriors for exploration and was nearly caught out by the Korean attack in 2110BC but managed to ally China against them which saved the day.


    8 towns
    17 citizens
    1 settler
    4 workers
    5 warriors
    2 archers
    9 spears
    1 granary
    1 barracks
    All techs except Currency and Republic

    Score 361
    Monarchy in 1025 BC after only a 3 turn anarchy - best for a long time!
    MA entered in 710BC
  3. killerkid

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    Sep 23, 2005
    USA, EST
    My goal was to stay alive as long as possible, if i could win my way will be diplo. I had an excellent MA date of 1025 B.C. :D I could have had an even EARLIER MA date if i researched lit before philo. I was the first to currency though

    QSC Stats

    7 cities
    23 pop
    7 spears
    5 warriors
    1 sword
    1 settler
    5 workers
    contact with all civs but Byzantines
    All AA techs except Republic and Monarchy+ Fuedalism (freebee)
    2 temples- one barracks.
  4. Own

    Own Grasshoppah

    Feb 7, 2005
    My strategery is beeline to miltrad then sipahi rush the world.

    I entered the MA at a little before 1000BC, and got all three beginning MA techs thanks to the other scientific civs getting all different ones :D .

    I got a QSC score of 8000, is this good? Never done a QSC before.
  5. Jove

    Jove Not Lacking Altitude

    Dec 14, 2001
    2nd Place
    I reached the MA in 1150BC. It'll be interesting to see what kind of results people show up with. I found another way to play PTW during a C3C game... research Literature instead of Philosophy! Pretty dumb... but I managed to trade around and get into the MA anyway, gaining all 1st level techs right away.

    My start involved settling in place, 2 warriors, then a granary. A 4-turn settler factory was soon running, although we had some production hiccups and a riot or two in the early stages. With so much food around it was hard not to set a personal record for early growth. We focused on setting up a perimiter, claiming that Iron and Horses to the SE right away, then stealing horses to the south and whatever other resources we could, and in-filling later. Who wants to settle the desert anyway? By 1150 we had 14 towns and had amassed 317g at +32gpt. I'd love to post my QSC stats, but they don't fall within the limits of this spoiler :cry:

    No wars in the AA, just expansion. We only built 1 swordsman this game. By the time we got the Iron hooked, the MA was just turns away. Also interesting that Feudalism was available long before either the Republic or Monarchy. I don't usually see that. So what did I do about it? It'll have to wait for the next spoiler!

    Others can top this, but here's a screenie at 1150 anyway:

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  6. Nikodemus

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    Mar 16, 2005
    Espoo, Finland
    I'm playing open, haven't really decided on what victory to aim at, as this is at or above my maximum skill level. Retirement loss could be the most likely result. :)

    4000BC Settler E, worker S.
    3950BC Found Samarqand, start researching Pots.
    3200BC Learn Pots, start Alpha.
    3000BC Meet Russia.
    2900BC Found Shakrisabz.
    2800BC Meet China.
    2670BC Meet Korea, trade Masonry for Wheel and WC.
    2630BC Trade Pots to Korea for Alpha, start Writing.
    2550BC Meet Arabia, trade Wheel for CB.
    2510BC Granary in Samarqand, meet India.
    2310BC Trade CB and Alpha to China for IW.
    2150BC Found Bokhara.
    2030BC All the AIs have researched different techs now (maths, myst, writing, hbr), which prolly doesn't bode well for me.
    1950BC Barracks in Shakrisabz, trade Alpha and IW to Russia for HBR, HBR to China for Mysticism.
    1910BC Found Khiva.
    1870BC Trade Mysticism to Arabia for Writing and cash, start Literacy.
    1830BC Trade Writing and HBR to Korea for Mathematics, Mathematics to Arabia for Philosophy.
    1725BC Found Fergana.
    1625BC Found Merv.
    1575BC Found Tashkent.
    1500BC Give Philo to Russia as tribute.
    1500BC Found Kabul.
    1400BC Meet Persia, learn Literature.
    1275BC Found Urgench.
    1225BC Trade Literature to Korea for Polytheism, Literature to Persia for cash.
    1200BC Trade Polytheism to China for MM, Polytheism to Russia for CoL, CoL and Lit to Arabia for Currency, start on Republic.
    1200BC Found Herat.
    1175BC Found Kandahar.
    1150BC Found Ispahan.
    1075BC India comes up with Construction but won't trade it for Philo, CoL, Lit, MM, Poly and Currency. :eek:
    1050BC China comes up with Construction as well and now India will trade it for MM, Philo, CoL and Lit. :D
    1050BC Reached Middle Ages, Engineering as free tech. Gift Construction to all the Scientific civs and somehow they all end up with Engineering.
    1000BC QSC results:
    12 towns, 28 citizens, 1 settler, 8 workers, 2 granaries, 2 barracks,
    4 warriors, 3 swordsmen, 2 horsemen, 3 catapults,
    wines, incense, iron, horses,
    Engineering + all AA techs except Republic and Monarchy,
    all contacts except the Byzantines.

    All in all, surprisingly peaceful Ancient Age, only got threatened a few times and didn't notice any of the AIs doing any warfare either.. not that I paid attention to that. Because of the central location I don't really like the outlook of the future, anyone sell me a civ4 AI that doesn't attack anything? :)
  7. DaveMcW

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    Oct 8, 2002
    In the pregame thread I said I'd build settlers, workers, and warriors. And that's what I did.

    At 1000BC:
    18 Settlers (all cities, 45 pop)
    16 Workers
    13 Warriors

    With no barbarians and no techs to trade, I decided to do an all-out farmer's gambit.

    Capital build order was Worker, Granary, Settler x9, Library

    I built my first warrior in 2470BC, and didn't start exploring until 1700BC.

    3400BC: Research Pottery
    2510BC: Research Alphabet
    2030BC: Buy Writing for 8gpt, I had 3 turns left to research
    1725BC: Philosophy
    1725BC: Currency
    1500BC: Literature
    1325BC: Code of Laws
    950BC: Republic
    900BC: Buy Polytheism, trade for all 3 middle age techs

    For some reason the AI avoided Polytheism, which is great because it killed their wonder cascade. Now I am guaranteed to get Leonardo's Workshop.

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  8. bluebox

    bluebox King

    Sep 12, 2003
    I settled my capital "Settler Factory" on spot and started to create a settler factory. ;) I used barracks as a pre-built for the granary. Warriors for exploration came later.

    My worker irrigated the weeds and then went on to link the wines to the capital and mine the wines. With a 5/6 citizen cycle I was able to maintain a 4-turn settler output.

    But before getting there, I started a first settler after getting the granary. I settled near the western lake. Then a warrior or two were build to let the capital grow. All new settlements produced warriors who started to explore the continent.

    An early settler going for the cow area met the Chinese in the NE. Warriors met the Koreans in the E, the Persians in the W.

    Trading was done later, in 1600BC, when we met the Arabs and the Indians. After getting pottery I researched the wheel and stopped research after that. Deals were not attractive b/c we had no broker situation. In 1600BC, I did the following long trade turn:

    Persia: CB = 105g
    Korea: ABC = CB + 86g
    China: WRTG = 328g
    India: MYST + WC + 14g = WRTG + 2gpt
    Korea: MATH = MYST + WRTG + 15g + 16gpt
    Persia: HBR + 84g = MATH
    China: IW + 152g = HBR
    Korea: 8gpt + 13g = HBR
    China: 176g = MATH
    India: 38g = HBR
    Arabs: POLY = MATH + WRTG + HBR + 363g

    This turn took almost half an hour! You can see that I initally invested some gold (had about 600g in my pocket) to get some desirable techs. Then I traded on, first for more techs, later just to get my gold back. There is no sense in holding back any techs as the AI will trade it among them or extort it from you. In this regard getting 38g for HBR is better than getting nothing from it at all.

    Finally, I was able to get POLY which was only known by the Arabs and therefore very expensive. I used it a few turns later to get MMKG and CRCY. Tech trading was concentrated in 2 turns in which I achieved a tech lead. Waiting for the favourable situation is important. It's alos important not to get nervous while you start falling behind.

    So much for the trading lesson I got into here. :) My ancient age ended 950BC.
  9. twinmfg

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    Sep 10, 2003
    The Great Nation of Texas
    Well, as I mentioned in the pre-game thread, I'm a "strong" Regent player. I don't stand a chance in this, but someone has to be tail-end charlie so it may as well be me. To give myself a chance, I took the Conquest option. That started me off with two settlers, two scouts, and 150 gp.

    I settled in place with one and moved the other 3NE, on the hill. I sent the scouts out straight west and east. This was the first (of many) missteaks. I should have used one the explore around my towns, which I did but later than I should have. I researched Pottery at max.

    3700: I had Pots and didn't know what to research next. I still hadn't made contact with anyone, so I decided to go for the Rep slingshot. I *think* I got it, but can't remember (I'm a horrible note taker). Upon refledction, I probably should of turned off research and just traded. Problem was, at this point, I hadn't found anyone!

    3300: I finally make my first contact: China (I'm only 4 pts behind!).

    3200: Contact Persia.

    3100: Contact Russia.

    3000: I won "wealthiest nation."

    2710: Traded Alpha for Wheels. I see the horse to the SE. China is rapidly expanding west. Didn't know if I could get those ponies before they did.

    2670: Contact Korea.

    2550: My settler pump was becoming increasinly unhappy. I really need the incense, but will I still get the horses? I gamble. 3rd city secures incence, pumps warriors. City two is worker pump. Should have made this another settler pump.

    2390: Contact Arabs. Where are Indians and Byz????

    1910: Contact India. Seventh town founded to the south in hopes of securing saltpeter that may be in desert. My 4th city secured the horses to SE (earlier). Only one more resource for our UU.

    670 BC: Got Republic, traded it for Construction. Entered Middle Ages, receiving Engineering as free tech (along with all other Sci civs). Immediately begin switch to Republic. You wanna take a guess how many turns of anarchy? Go ahead. It's not hard. Looks like "infinity." May as well have been, as much grief as it caused me. But that's for the Middle Ages.

    Not sure what QSC score is, but here's my in-game score.
    Score: 751 (4th place, not including Byz which I contacted shortly after MA begin)
    Cities: 21
    Population: 67

    I'm hoping to get to Mil Tradition and swarm with Sipahis. I've building horsemen, but I missed Leo's, so upgrade is gonna be steep.

    No wars for me yet, though I was tempted (and still am) to attack China. I could easily pillage their iron and horses. But, I'm too chicken.

    Persia fought Russia, pushing Cathy back to the north. That's the only war I'm aware of.

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  10. 7Losses

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    Feb 9, 2005
    Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
    Well I must say that I am frightened.;)

    I think I had 14 cities by 1000bc and had all 3 MA techs, (by far the fastest tech pace i've seen.) I gave the Great library a miss (it was completed by another civ after education was researched :)

    The Russians declared war on me early on so I allied China and Persia against them. The drew in Korea and India. Russia was completly wiped out very quickly which was surprising.

    As it stands now I have no idea how to win as my research towards Military tradition is too slow and corruption seems to be very high for some reason. I palace jumped to the better land to the north and hand built a forbidden palace which helped a little though.
  11. Nata

    Nata Warlord

    Jan 23, 2005
    Boston, USA
    C3C Open.

    4000BC. Settle in place. Worker - irr., road Wheat.
    Build: Warrior, Settler, Granary, Worker, then 4-turn settlers (pop 4-6).
    Research: Pottery (3400BC), then Alpha.

    3050BC - Shakirizbaz founded on the lake. Build: worker, warrior, then 4-turn workers (and later library).
    2630BC - Russian scout contacts us. Granary completes.
    2590BC - Alpha. Trade to Russia for WC. Start Writing.
    2350BC - China contacts us.
    2270BC - Bohara founded on a Cow. Builds warrior, worker, granary, settlers.
    2110BC - Korea contacts us.
    2070BC - Khiva founded on Incense.
    1990BC - Incense hooked up.
    1870BC - Fergana founded on northern rivers.
    Writing researched.
    Trade for IW+Wheel+20g from Korea.
    Trade CB from Russia for IW.
    Trade Myst. from China for Writing.
    1725BC - Merv founded.

    1650BC - Philosophy researched.
    Trade for HBR from China.
    Get free Literature (I see many followed this path).
    Korea has Math but won't part with it for Phil, HBR and CB. Gift CB to Korea (it becomes polite) and offer it Myst instead. But it still won't deal.

    1625BC - Tashkent founded. Korea now trades Math for just Phil.&HBR. Why? Probably someone else learned Math IBT.
    Save game.
    1350BC - CoL.
    Trade CoL+110g to China for MM. Sell CoL to Russia for 21g. Korea got it same turn as us. :( So no trade for Currency.
    1250BC - China demands Lit. We give, then sell it to Korea for 64g. Then we meet India - by expansion. Sell them Writing for 47g.
    1075BC - Meet Persia who drops a city close to us. They have Poly, Currency & Constr.!

    1000BC. QSC. 14 towns, 34 pop, 2 settlers, 13 workers, 17 warriors, 2 granaries, 3 barracks, 1 library.
    5 contacts, missing Poly, Constr, Curr., have Lit. 8 turns
    till Republic.
    Score 5518 (or something close)

    950BC - meet Arabia.
    875BC - Trade Silks from China for Insense & Wine.

    825BC - Republic.
    Trade for Curr+Poly+6g from China,
    Trade Construction for Curr+Poly from India, enter MA, draw Feudalism (some Sci Civs got Feudalism and some Engineering, no Mono).
    Revolt and draw 8 turns of Anarchy. :(

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  12. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002

    So, I'm the only one not to get all first layer techs upon entering the MA? I got Feudalism, and so did my science buddies. :mad:

    I built settlers only in Samarqand, running a 4-6 settler factory and later a 5-7 one for science. I squandered my first granary in 2430 BC while applying luxury, what a classic thing to do. I only had 10 towns in 1000 BC but 5 libraries (really looking forward to researching Engineering), 1 barracks and a wonder prebuild (Leo's) and Republic due in 2.
    Although this is too few towns, there will be time and room for more.

    Entered MA in 975 with an 8 turn anarchy on our hands.

    Detailed version (note that I didn't know all civs upon entering MA, but do now):
    Spoiler :
    ***** Plans

    Build Great Library?
    Not in a million years. (Well, not until sid level.)

    Capture Great Library?
    The effort must really be worth it then. Every dead horseman or knight is an unborn sipahi.

    Take detour to Chivalry?
    Well, it's sensible, although time consuming. I could research it while the AI are doing Gunpowder, however.

    Wonder-induced, pre-sipahi Golden Age?
    Almost unfeasable without Chivalry. And it's not very important. One cannot expect to have a huge pile of cash ready when Military Tradition comes in. Those cash might as well come from the Golden Age.

    Build Leo's Workshop?
    It's definitely a goal, but it sort of conflicts with the Chivalry detour. There are three main options:
    1) Build it, skip the Chivalry detour and hope to survive without a strong attacking unit. IF: Reasonable access to shields and especially expansion room.
    2) Build it, go the Chivalry detour but do not waste money on upgrading horsemen to knights. This would allow for a small target force, mainly defensive. IF: Reasonable access to shields and especially expansion room.
    3) Do not build it. This certainly forces us to get Chivalry early: upgrading a horsemen to sipahi costs 210 gold; upgrading a knight to sipahi costs 90 gold.

    I'm leaning towards alternative 2, if I can research Chivalry and trade it for Gunpowder so as not to waste time.

    First to Philosophy?
    It's not impossible, but the republic sling shot is. Literature would be a nice free tech. We would have to trade Literature instantly because it's the AIs favourite extortion object.

    Better governments?
    The most obvious way to get one is to trade away our free tech. I don't really care which one it is, although Republic could be too expensive this time if we want to stock up horsemen. If we somehow manage to cram in many towns it's a different story.

    Other tactics?
    Trade away Masonry soon if the tech pace is slow. It would be ideal to trade Literature for Currency or Construction. (Polytheism is more unpredictable and Mysticism tends to come in too late for the human.)

    The Start?
    Very straight forward looking. A neat little settler factory going from size 4-6. It needs one mined plain to be autoselected on growth. Because the settler factory is likely to be closed down really soon, I'd like 2-3 towns within reach of the wheat to up their populations quickly.

    Early worker? Early settler for the incense?
    There's a risk that a town near the incense would be food poor. The one plain visible north of the wine can probably not be irrigated without lots of extra worker moves, BUT there is another vine on the hill that would work as an unmined bonus Grassland. Without the incence, our maximum no-luxury size is 4.

    Facing the risk of losing the incense altogether to another civ, I feel there should be an early settler.
    What about that early worker?
    No, the settler will keep the pop down and the industrious trait must count for something. It's not very interesting wheather we have time to irrigate and mine everything before the granary is finished.

    Build order, then?

    I feel a belated desire for a spread sheet - belated in my CivIII career. But here goes the usual haphazard me:
    warrior? For exploration

    Warrior exploration route?
    It will be very limited because we need MP. Towards the incense, for sure.

    Starting research?
    Pottery to be safe. After that it's hard to predict. I'm not doing 50 turn research. I'm sure 50 turn research on Alphabet would mean we'd have to waste all our gold to trade it and not until maybe 30 turns have passed. With beakers in stock, we could in fact be able to trade it earlier for, say, Pottery and Masonry. This is one of the hardest decisions of all, though.

    Worker orders and worked tiles?
    I'm gonna agonize over those things when I get started.

    Domination, then?
    Yes, Culture 20K is more fun in PTW.

    ***** STARTING *****

    *=build order subject to change

    4000 BC - Settled on the spot. Pottery 14 turns. Worker to wine, but working wheat. Building warrior.

    3950 - Roading wine.

    3850 - Mining wine. Dang, should have roaded the othe one.

    3650 - Worker NE.

    3600 - Worker roads.

    3550 - Warrior back in Samarqand. Warrior #2 ready.

    3500 - Warrior #2 moves to wine hill, sees cow. Worker mines. Building third warrior. Pottery finished, researching Alphabet at max.

    3350 - Warrior #3 ready. Building *granary.

    3300 - Worker SW,SW,Sw.

    3250 - Size 4. Worker roads plain.

    3100 - Worker mines plain.

    3000 - Working wheat again to gain some food.

    2950 - We meet China. They have our techs + WC but not Alphabet (8t for us.) Worker W. Granary finished. Building worker.

    2900 - Worker irrigates.

    2850 - Worker #2 -> *Warrior.

    2800 - Worker #2 S to wheat. Eastern coast found.

    2750 - Roading wheat. Build changed to settler.

    2670 - Adjusted research, Alphabet due.

    Worker #1 SE, Worker #2 irrigates wheat. GRRR, Mao has Alphabet and Iron Working. Max on Writing.

    2630 - Worker #1 roads. Settler completed -> scouting warrior.

    2590 - Scouting warrior departs in advance. (New MP warrior will coincide with growth.) Surprising lake revealed - thought it was coast! Settler NE,NE,E.

    2550 - Settler NE, met a lonely Korean spearman! They have the same techs as China, except CB. New FP wheat found. Worker #2 north into Samarqand. I have 3 gold and -3pt.

    2510 - Zero gold. Settler factory is now officially running. Founded - what? - Shakrisabz? Another proof that the combinations of utterable human sounds are virtually endless.

    2470 - I'm starting to fear an invisible settler underneath that Korean spearman. He's headed straight for the incense.

    2430 - Luxury applied. NOOOOOO!!! Our granary was lost!!!

    2190 - Bokhara founded, incense connected.

    2030 - Granary rebuilt -> settler.

    1990 - Met India. This is good news since I will soon have Writing. Samarqand is size 6 and will spend a turn with a scientist.

    1910 - We trade The Wheel, Math, CB from India for Writing. We trade IW and WC from China for Witing and Math. We trade CB to Korea for 20 gold. Researching Philosophy.

    1870 - Settler -> settler.

    1830 - Bokhara worker -> *palace

    1750 - Arabia contacted. We trade Mysticism and 30 gold from them for Math.

    1650 - Philosophy goes from 6 to 3 turns. I fear I missed it, but the civs I know don't have it yet.

    1625 - Met Persia. Good, no Philosophy.

    1600 - Philosophy, Literature -> CoL. Traded Philosophy to India for Polytheism and 13 gold. Traded Philosophy to Persia for HB and 14 gold.

    1550 - Met Russia.

    1525 - All mandatory techs except Currency are now out. It will be a race against time before someone demands Literature and ruins all for me. First library finished.

    1425 - China demands Philosophy. We give it of course. We then trade CoL and 10 gold for Polytheism, still on the interturn. Map Making is autoselected.

    1400 - We finally see the horses south of Samarqand. We trade MM from Arabia for Philosophy, CoL and 10 gold. We trade MM to India for 24g and eqworker. Researching The Republic.

    1325 - India knows Construction. We sell Writing to Korea cheap, then trade Construction for Philosophy, Polytheism, Map Making.

    1300 - We trade silks from China for wine.

    1225 - I screw up the settler factory and so change to library. Korea demands Literature and we give it.

    1075 - Samarqand is now a 5-7 turn settler factory, giving more science. India demands literature. Dehli completes pyramids. What a day for those scoundrels.

    1050 - Horses connected.

    1000 BC - Currency, Monarchy are out, Republic due in 2.

    975 - The Republic comes in. We clean Persia's coffer and get Currency and Monarchy. Enter Middle Ages.

    ***** Middle Ages, 975 BC. We gift Russia to tech parity.

    Persia, Korea, Russia and us have all gotten Feudalism! This will make it harder for us to build Leo's Workshop (and we started way too late.) There are many wonders still available and there will be some sort of cascade.

    Where are the Byzantines? Apparently they are the happiest nation in the world. Probably because they haven't had to meet the rest of us.

    Engineering is a whopping 19 turns. But we can increase science a bit.

    We revolt and get 8 turns :(
  13. klarius

    klarius ... !

    May 30, 2004

    I'm going for 20k in my second city, so I had a lousy QSC with only 7 cities.
    Not much culture in the AA.
    Only managed a temple, but still a little bit more to come in the QSC phase in MA :) .
    I had hoped for MoM, because I could keep philosophy away from my neighbors for a long time, but Byzantines built it before they had contact with anybody.
    I self researched CB, mysticism, polytheism and could trade for all techs the AI had.
    Then I researched philosophy in 1525BC and got monarchy as free tech (followed by 7 turns of anarchy, with only 4 cities :cry: ).
    Traded into the MA 1325BC, just when I came out of anarchy (needed gpt to buy into the tech brokering position).
    I know everybody on the main land by this time, but they only know their closest neighbours :D .
  14. twinmfg

    twinmfg Chieftain

    Sep 10, 2003
    The Great Nation of Texas
    OK, I give up. What is QSC?
  15. sanabas

    sanabas Psycho Bunny Hall of Fame Staff

    Nov 24, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    My first game of civ for at a couple of months, so I can't be bothered aiming for a specific victory. Figure I'll just stockpile horsemen, mass upgrade to sipahi, and go play. Made a couple of mistakes so far, including forgetting to work out just how much the upgrades would cost beforehand, but that's for later. Ancient Age wan't too bad. Also put in info to 1000BC, since it's on my screenie, even though it's a few turns past the end of the AA.

    Founded in place, built worker --> warrior --> granary ---> 4 turn settlers
    Researched pottery --> alphabet --> writing, which neither of my contacts had when I finished research, so I crossed my fingers and went for the republic sling. I sacrificed growth a bit to increase science, which I possibly shouldn't have done, but slingshot was achieved in 1450 BC, I drew a 3 turn anarchy :D and traded myself to tech parity, which was all compulsory AA techs except for map making & construction. Iron appeared in my borders, but the only horses needed new cities to reach. Both remaining techs appeared in 1350 BC, and I still had enough to trade for them. I got Feudalism, Russia got Monotheism, so we swapped. Gifted up Korea, but they also got monotheism. Met Persia in 1275 BC, gifted them too, and they got Engineering for me. :D Didn't meet the Byzantines until Printing Press. Forgot to save at 1000BC, so no idea of QSC stats, although screenie says 12 cities, approx 30 pop, 10ish workers, and I think 3 granaries, 2 raxes and a library.

    4000BC: Samarqand
    2590: Shakrisabz (by cow)
    2470: Bokhara (by wheat & lake)
    2230: Khiva (N of cow by pseudo BG)
    1990: Fergana (by Incense)
    1700: Merv (don't remember why, it's not positioned well looking at the screenie)
    1575: Tashkent (by BGs and Tobacco, also had iron appear)
    1175: Kabul (by iron)
    1100: Urgench (by gems, iron, horse in the W)
    1075: Herat
    Kandahar (by NW horses) (FP pop-up)
    1000BC: Ispahan (by oasis, encroaching on Russia)

    2430BC: India & Korea
    1675: China
    1475: Russia
    1275: Persia
    1000: Arabia
    Sometime in the MA: Byzantines

    3400: Pottery
    2550: Alphabet
    1910: Writing
    1575: Code of Laws
    1450: Philosophy (Free)
    1450: Republic
    1450: Trade for C Burial, W Code, I Working, Mysticism, Wheel, Polytheism, Horseback, Maths, Currency.
    1350: Trade for Map Making & Construction
    1350: Feudalism (Free)
    1350: Trade for Monotheism
    1275: Trade for Engineering
    1175: Literature

    1000BC screen:

  16. AlanH

    AlanH Mac addict, php monkey Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter GOTM Staff

    Jan 9, 2003
    Hi, welcome :wavey:

    QSC stands for Quick Start Challenge. You submit a save and a turn-log for your first 80 turns to 1000 BC. We extract information about the units, cities, territory, buildings, contacts, embassies and techs you have amassed at that point and publish comparative information for each game here. We add up the costs of these items to produce a score, aimed at indicating relative performance. In practice I do not place a great deal of store by the aggregate score as it is currently calculated, as it seems to correlate rather weakly to the ultimate performance of the players.

    It was originally set up by Cracker to promote careful play during the early turns, during which you build the basis for your success (or failure) in the complete game. Detailed timelines are required so that other players can replay the starting turns of the masters, as a training aid.
  17. Mwoimp

    Mwoimp Chieftain

    Mar 16, 2005

    Well I'd have posted this earlier but it took me awhile to find the byzantines.
    I followed Twonky's start plan with the exception that I started with an extra settler.

    4000BC - founded Samarqand on the hill. Sent my 2 scouts out exploring in different directions.

    3750BC - founded Shakrisabz 5NE.

    3500BC - met Korea.

    3450BC - discovered Pottery.
    - traded Pot. + Mas. to Korea for Alpha.

    3200BC - met India traded Mas for CB

    3000BC - met Arabia

    2850BC - met China traded Alpha for WC

    2670BC - traded CB + 72g to China for IW
    - traded IW to India for Wheel + 32g

    2470BC - founded Bokhara 3N-2NW

    2390BC - discovered Writing
    - traded IW to Arabia for Myst

    2350BC - founded Fergana 3W-1SE

    2270BC - traded Myst to China for 92g

    2150BC - traded Myst + Write to Korea for Math

    2110BC - founded Merv 3SW-1W

    2030BC - founded Tashkent 8SE

    1990BC - discovered Philosophy got free tech
    - discovered Literature

    1950BC - Bede says I'm most advanced civ!!
    - met Russia

    1830BC - founded Kabul 6SW-2S
    - met Persia traded Phil + Math for HR

    1700BC - founded Urgench 4NE-4N
    - founded Herat 4S-1SE

    1575BC - gave India HR when demanded
    - discovered Code of Laws
    - traded Phil + Lit to China for Curr
    - traded Phil + CoL to India for Poly
    - traded Phil + CoL to Korea for MapMkg + 16g

    1500BC - founded Kandahar 9NW

    1475BC - founded Ispahan 8S-2SE on coast

    1425BC - gave Arabia Lit when demanded

    1400BC - founded Shiraz 12NE-3N on coast

    1325BC - gave Korea Lit when demanded

    1275BC - founded Mosul 6S-3SW

    1125BC - traded Wines + Incense to China for Silks
    - founded Tabriz 7N-5NE on coast

    1100BC - founded Tiflis 6N-3NW on coast

    1000BC - founded Kunduz 10NW-3N on coast

    975BC - discovered Republic began revolution
    - traded Rep to Russia for Const + 77g and entered MA
    - traded Feud to Russia for Eng + Mono
    - traded Rep to India for 52g
    - traded Rep to Korea for 71g
    - traded Rep to Arabia for 79g
    - founded Bamian 4NW-1W

    At 1000BC:
    -16 cities
    -~30 pop
    -2 gran, several libs

    Well I did way better in the Ancient Age than I expected. Entering the MA I was still the most advanced (tied with Russia). Since I had to play farther to meet Byzantines, I'm now a good ways into the MA and I don't expect to last much longer but that's for the next spoiler. At least I started well, probably should have built more military though. Unfortunately I forgot to save at 1000BC, and i completely forgot to take a screenshot. Oh well, next time.
  18. archimandrite

    archimandrite Chieftain

    Oct 31, 2005
    Considering how new I am to Civ III and that this was to be a Deity game, my strategy was to survive pure and simple. I rather regret that now, since survival turned out to be surprisingly easy. Now I am left not really knowing where to go next.

    The AI seemed rather placid (setting?), but the downside was a blistering research pace dominated by Persia and Arabia (for some reason), and over which I have no control. They had all the tech and all the money and for some reason an utter lack of interest in Polytheism.

    Won't bore you with a lot of details from your resident newbie. Samarqand was settler pump (begun worker warrior warrior granary). Bokhara (next to the E cow) was 2nd settler pump (irr cow & irr floodplain), and Khiva (above W wheat floodplain) was a sort of "worker pump" (irr wheat -and- irr flood plain).

    I would have posted my newbie regrets at losing the wheat in the far NW to the Russians, but I see a similar outcome in several other cases.

    Reached Middle Ages in 925 with 15 cities settled, gaining engineering immediately in a trade. Have 16% of world pop (vs 14% Arabia) but 7% of world area to Arabia's 8%. Could have reached it earlier had I been prepared to pay Arabia's ghastly asking price for Polytheism at the time when they alone finally acquired it.
  19. twinmfg

    twinmfg Chieftain

    Sep 10, 2003
    The Great Nation of Texas
    I'm in the same boat, never having played Deity before. I'm stuck now not knowing what to do, and... Well, that has to wait for the 2nd spoiler.

    All you experts out there, when did you start building troops? Did you use your 2nd, 3rd, 4th city, etc? I was constently outnumbered. And how on earth do people get 20k/100k culture victories?
  20. killercane

    killercane Deity

    Nov 30, 2004
    The AA went fairly well. I beat everyone to philo after CoL... everyone except for the unmet Byzantines. Ugh. MA date around 1100 IIRC. The only real highlight is nabbing some gems from Persia. Im a bit unsure of VC, I might go for space.

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