Dec. 2020 mafia signups (or is it singups?)

if RRRaskolnikov or Arakhor join we already have enough for a Dethy.
Will sub but if one person is needed to fill, will in!
May or may not need to be reminded in Discord XD
Unless suddenly half a dozen people show up, a mini-mafia it is! I've been put in charge of festivities for some reason so I'll be offline for a couple of days. My postcount shall suffer but it shall be healed in due time.

I plan on starting in the weekend if everybody's fine with it.
After playing two dethies this year, I'm not sure if I'm up for a third. :lol:
I can switch to in if it starts after the 4th of january.

Merry Christmas all.
How about everybody else?
You traitor!!!!!

That's currently 4 players + Raskolnikov if he decides to join.
I wouldn't mind at all. 5 players is still a Dethy, unless more people join.
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