Dec. 2020 mafia signups (or is it singups?)

A 20% increase in the playerbase in just two days!
I'd rather do a 7 player game than a 6 person game bc I think that the 7 player setups that I'm aware of are typically better than the 6 player setups.

I'm happy starting now/soon. I'm not confident in this filling to 9 sadly
Yes, that's why I'm asking, 5 or 7 or more is good, six-player setups are awful.
I would rather wait a bit more for at least 7.
OK, so four people still in and wait for 7 players seems to be the consensus.

With Nagisa and (at some point?) the Triple R that would be seven signups and a 5-2 mafia game.
I'm up for whatever. I'm more cramped for time now though compared to xmas but yeah.
Sign me up if you have a free spot. And let me know on Discord, when the game starts, please.
SEVEN PLAYERS! This is an agglomeration!
There's no upper limit.
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