Do you people actually play civ?

Do you actually play civ?

  • Yes I play SP and MP

    Votes: 6 12.0%
  • Yes but only SP

    Votes: 41 82.0%
  • Civ??? I'm only here for the forums

    Votes: 3 6.0%

  • Total voters
Why would I want to play with other people?
It takes the whole point out of locking yourself in a dark room underground, and cackling evilly.
That, and I don't have MP and the upgrade doesn't seem to work for me, but those are just minor matters.
I just don't want to engage in any furtive tapping of keys and clicking of mice with another person.:p
Never heard of it - is it good? :lol:

I only play single player because my Playstation doesn't cater for multi. Maybe the PS2 will allow you to play Civ 3 multi with its internet connection, but I don't even know if it's been commissioned yet. It took ages for Civ 2 to be adapted onto the PS so I'm not holding my breath. Besides, if it did come out then it'd probably be cheaper for me to pay for my computer to be fixed and play Civ 2 classic again than to buy a brand new PS2 just to play Civ 3.
When Civ3 has MP I'll definitely play against others! :yeah: But since it's not there yet, and Civ2 MP is boring (sorry Woke), I voted the second.

By the way, I don't think that anyone who doesn't play Civ should be here in the first place. :rolleyes:
It actually took me a while to figure out what "SP" and "MP" meant.

I play Civ at home, against my PC.

Some of us don't work at a university or other place that allows us to play on a LAN, and most of us aren't dedicated/insane/rich enough to build a LAN at home just to play computer games.
I used to play Civ but I really can't find the time or patience to play a game that requires tens of hours to complete. Also, since I enjoy playing larger maps with numerous opponents, my computer requires about three minutes to process a turn. Three mins may not sound like much but just try sitting in front of your computer for 180 seconds and maybe you'll understand a bit.

This forum is like my home, except my family doesn't live here, I rarely feel comfortable and I don't love any of you. This is the home of my cynicism.

- Maj
But I don't play Civ 3 anymore...

But I still play alot of Civ 2 MP.

I just seems that nobody else does these days, unless it's the ladder.

There is still a small group of people who play it for fun, but not many. (MP, that is)
I just play SP. I tried MP a few years ago, but didn't really enjoy it.

My biggest problem is scheduling time to play. (I *have* a life outside of civ.) This is also the reason I haven't (yet) played in a succession game. My turn might come up, and I won't be able to play within the time limit.:(
Been playing Civ 3 alot recently but I haven't started posting in the Civ 3 forums because they are crowded with newbies. Kitten of Chaos is the only regular that I have seen posting in Civ 3 GD.
I did play Civ3.....for a couple weeks.

I generally only played Civ2 MP and am waiting now for the Civ3 team to get their heads out of the a$$e$ and get us MP.

Playing against the AI is pointless and boring.
Originally posted by Matrix

By the way, I don't think that anyone who doesn't play Civ should be here in the first place. :rolleyes:

Oh, so it's a Country thing is it? Like a, a, a, a Country thing is it?

No Actually i only play SP
Originally posted by Matrix
Well, seriously, isn't this the forum of Civilization Fanatics' Center?

Yes it is.
I don't play civ III as much as a play Civ II ,simply because i rather like to play scenarion's than complete history game's.

I guess that everybody here ,especcialy the regular's play civ a lot. (or have played it a lot ,and play it now from time to time)
Most of the regular's i know here are true Civ deity's of the finest grade.And a lot of moderator's here ,like Suntzu and AoA ,are scenario reviewer's and as thus must play civ a lot.
I've been playing Civ ever since i got my hands on CivNet (That was years and years ago. That was a really cool game (I really miss the feature where you can make the face of your leader.) I've wasted many a night playing Civ. I have never played any multiplayer games. Well I couldn't be bothered an plus my internet connection is about as reliable as Windows LOL. However I only recently found this forum so that is why I haven't been registered for that long
There is a limit (for me) to how much I want to talk about (as opposed to playing) Civ.

I'm still playing Civ2 (I haven't really been inspired to buy Civ3, although I will eventually) and enjoy the scenarios. Which reminds me, I will have to review T4srgold - if you like historical medieval scenarios involving Byzantium play this one - it's good.
I don't play Civ2 MP. Schedule's a big problem with me because of school work and sometimes my parents actually want to get phone calls. ;)
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