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Factions You'd Like to See

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by tecumseh23, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. SinisterSamurai

    SinisterSamurai Chieftain

    Feb 15, 2015
    Yesssss. We need a more overt criminal group.

    Tanegashima-gumi Zaibatsu

    Extremely rough outline: A heavy industries Zaibatsu and a Yakuza group that merged to subsume Japan. They'd be self-legitimized, coercing the government to/or installing a government that approved of them. A Yakuzaibatsu, if you will. They could have minor flavor nods, IE, wouldn't have a CEO, but they'd have a Boss or a Head of the Family instead.

    While the gameplay traits could be raiding-based (Japanese Vikings, that's pretty funny), I think the Black Market is more fertile ground for a counter-Hutama. One is good at actual trade, and the other could be good at illicit trade. Maybe gaining production, science, or culture instead of just Diplomatic capitol or something from sales, or discounts bonuses to purchasing from the Black Market.

    Or it could be based on raiding, or it could be based on whatever concept Expansion 2 introduces.

    Basis of concepts:
    Zaibatsu: is a term for a form of almost monopolistic corporation that holds a huge sway over Japanese politics. Newer ones were referred to as Shinko zaibatsu, but for the most part the term is dissolved, and keiretsu (basically is a conglomerate instead of a more singular entity). The Great Mistake could be the springboard for the reemergence of a zaibatsu. This seems very fitting for Beyond Earth's themes.

    Tanegashima: Overtly, Tanegashima is an island. The clever bit is that it's the current HQ of JAXA with the Tanegashima Space Center. It's also considered the introduction point of european trade goods to Japan, most notably the rifle. Rifles were referred to as Tanegashima for a looooong time, many decades if not a century or two. Tanegashima is basically credited as a place where Japan discovered an(other) outside world and was influenced by it for a long time, and is also the place in Japan most trying to reach outside of our world. It's a good thematic name for basically any semi-fictional Japanese organization that has to do with bloodshed, culture shock, and space travel.

    Gumo/Kai/Yakuza: Yakuza groups are often named with gumi/kumi or kais as a suffix, which basically mean group. Yakuza are also not completely criminal, although they are pretty criminal. The biggest one, currently, is Yamaguchi-gumi, and during a disaster or two, including the recent Tohoku Earthquake, they have overtly and publicly provided relief efforts. No reason to assume something similar can't happen after the Great Mistake. Firaxis can't exactly venerate or glorify a particular real-life criminal organization, but it'd be easy to fake one. A lot of CivHeads or History Buffs seem to suggest a return to Imperialist Japan as the twist, but I think this would be a lot more interesting concept.

    The name is pretty flexible. Including Gumo/Kai isn't neccesary. It could be a Heavy Industries or even a keiretsu instead of a Zaibatsu, (I just like the concept and word). Only part I'm really sold on is Tanegashima, for thematic reasons.
  2. Barathor

    Barathor Emperor

    May 7, 2011
    Omg, yes, yes! An aquatic-flavored Japanese "pirate" (or organized crime) faction would be awesome!

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